Better An Hour Given Gladly than Six Hours Postponed

It’s hard to deal with the unseasonal chill that impedes my progress getting AeroKnow Museum into visitor-worthy condition. A solid 60% of our resources are in the basement. Collected clippings of articles brought “home” in a rush, just to get it out of the airport, are taking hours a plenty as I sort them and begin a process of distributing them to file cabinets waiting to receive them. These articles are the real meat of what waits for AKM users.

To make more space for them, all files — those established and those being sorted — are being thinned: extra copies of articles are being pitched to dumpsters. It burdens my heart to say goodbye to second copies dating back to the 30s. Future visitors wouldn’t have to settle for xroxes . . . . . but I need the space. About 70% of the foreign aircraft articles are being surplused to File 13, and dealing with that part of the collection is totally set aside for finessing to perfection when time permits. YES, files about DeHavilland Otters will be available, but only those of ac flown stateside by US operators and those flown by US military.

It’s chilly in the basement even today! Files are moved upstairs to where I can endure nominally less chill; also to my part-time, employer where, with his consent, I process files sometimes four hours out of five, four days a week. The progress is steady, but slow.

The model display room is a last concern these days. Arranging glass shelves, begun last October, haven’t been touched since.

Engaging only the built models brought back from the airport, I could fill every shelf that will be arranged in the chilly basement. I will be narrowing the scope of models displayed when things warm up down there. Again, I will hate to dispose of MANY built models, but there is only so much room. Almost all will be of US aircraft/

Big issue lately is sharing pictures with you. When I was posting regularly on WordPress, it was easy to share pictures. Now I’m up against a wall. I don’t know how to do what I did all the time. I will pursue picture capability and have some results by the next post.

See you next time.

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Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

During a visit to SPI (Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport, Springfield, Illinois) in late April 2019 I photographed two of the Stellar Aviation line crew while the nearby CJ3 received some TLC to make right the partially uncowled engine.

Effective May 3, I am resuming regular posts here at the same blog where for almost eight years I posted almost daily. After a gloomy, painfully chilly and long-lasting winter, the warmer temps are infusing my outlook with renewed determination to develop AeroKnow Museum, in a way that concentrates on revised expectations.

When I began building this enterprise in about 1964, what has become the Internet was not even a dream. Today, I find modern technology allows many aspects of current and historic aviation to be served almost instantly with a few keystrokes. In 1970 and for the next 30 years, web presences were established by organizations and specialists, ready to help people with questions to receive answers with minimal delay. Wikipedia, and modern search engines facilitate this ease. As this blog resumes, I will describe changes made as well as activities engaged daily, or at least two or three days a week.

AKM is no longer present at SPI. It now occupies most of a duplex on a quiet street in the center of the city: 428 W. Vine, 62704-2933. The address is not “zoned” for commercial activity so I am not inviting the public to visit.

I am resuming the near-completed process of relocating resources from our location for just about eight years to present location. Still very much alive is my hope/ dream/belief/expectation that AKM WILL RELOCATE in donated publicly accessible space from which we will continue our mission. Your ideas for accomplishing this are welcome via email to

To keep in touch with me in a less formal way , please look for me, Job Conger, on Facebook and send me a friend request. Search for the AeroKnow Museum presence and “Like” it as well.

Our next post will explain how the scope of our focus is changing and why.

See you then. 🙂

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Ongoing August 22, 2018

AK428--5I am sorry for creating the impression that AeroKnow Museum has disappeared. AKM and yours truly are still here, still getting settled into AMM428, Obvious at this time are two new “realities:”


The first is that even with a shoehorn I cannot arrange AKMground (ground floor at 428)  rooms of wide hall, reading room and local history nook (formerly a breakfast nook) to accommodate all resources slated for the low-humidity part of our new home. The FBO signs once displayed on the outside of the FBO where we were based are now part of the living room/front room. Furniture there has been  moved forward so that many large boxes full of kits may be stored behind. When we install TWO dehumidifiers in 428down (basement) those boxes will be relocated. In the unlikely event that friends who are NOT connected to aviation come to visit, most of the flat materials in that room will be moved out of the way elsewhere.


The second is that we will not discard the thousands of magazine clippings related to aircraft built beyond the USA. To concentrate on what matters most at this time, the sorting and filing of those materials will remain on low burner. First priorities remain as first considered: US aircraft, modeling, Springfield and Illinois history, people,  combat groups and aircraft carriers.

Most of the aviation books are roughly sorted and arranged in the reading room THAT MUCH is done NOW. Most aviation magazines published before 1961 and not already discarded remain arranged in cabinets in AKMdown. Humidity is a concern, but having them arranged is the greater benefit at this time.

There is limited space in the reading room for built models. Most will be displayed in down, on the same glass shelves used for years at AKMSPI. I have not yet found the ideal way to display them. I intend to concentrate on that challenge after making more progress elsewhere.

When lighting is better at AKM428, I will take more pictures. For now, this is the best I could do late August 22, 2018.

YOU are invited to visit AKM as it is if you will email Job Conger —, State the day and time you want to stop by —  at least a day’s advance  notice is essential. Your comments and suggestions are welcome anytime.

Thanks for checking in.

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Springfield Air Rendezvous: Dates, Performers, Notes

Springfield Air Rendezvous airshow Dates. Acts, Notes
compiled and posted by Job Conger, Director, AeroKnow Museum

1983 – September 17 & 18
Cynthia Posegate, president
Bill Bordeleau, announcer
Golden Knights US Army Demo Parachute Team
Chuck Carothers aerobatic CAM Special monoplane of his design/construction
Earl & Paula Cherry Stearman pilot/wing walker
Herb Cox, comedy airshow act from Mt. Vernon, IL
Ed Johnson, Bede BD-5J Microjet, sponsored by Republic Airlines
Northern Knights, two Pitts Specials
Bob Russell, DeHavilland Super Chipmunk, “Steller Flight”
Betty Stewart, Pitts aerobatics
Charlie Wells, Pitts Special aerobatics
Ryan “Spirit of St. Louis” replica of EAA flight demo, fly-bys
Wright B Flyer replica scheduled but did not appear

1984 – September 8 & 9 – 2nd
Cynthia Posegate, president
Hal Biestek, announcer
Duane Cole, announcer and performer
Pat Ford, announcer
Thunderbirds USAF flight demo team – SUNDAY ONLY
Eagles Aerobatic Flight Team, three Christen Eagles
pilots Charlie Hillard, Tom Poberezny, Gene Soucy
Leo Loudenslager and Budweiser Light Laser
Jimmy Franklin Waco aerobatics with Johnnie Kazian wingwalker
Royal Canadian Sky Hawks Parachute Demo Team
Duane Cole, aerobatic Taylorcraft
ZAR –Jimmy Franklin aerobatics in all-black Aerostar

1985 – September 7 & 8 – 3rd
Gary Stevens, president
Bil Bordeleau, announcer
Jim Driskell, announcer
US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team
Bob Hoover aerobatics with P-51 and Rockwell Shrike Commander
French Connection, Mudry CAP 10
Art Scholl DeHavilland Chipmunk & night aerobatics
Leo Loudenslager, “Bud Light 200” Laser 200 aerobatics
Bob Bishop, “Coors Light Silver Bullet” BD-5J
Barnstormers Ron Shelly & Bill Fitzsimmons, Stearman aerobatics/wingwalker
Oscar Boesch “Silent Sky” Schleicher AS-W15 sailplane aerobatics
Pepsi Skywriter, Susan Asbury-Oliver and Travel Air D4D

1986 – August 23 & 24 – 4th
Gary Stevens, president
Bill Bordeleau, announcer
Thunderbirds USAF Flight Demo Team
Eagles Aerobatic Flight Team
Charlie Hillard, Tom Poeberezny & Gene Soucy flying Christen Eagles
Red Baron Squadron, three -Stearman aerobatic team
Bob Bishop, “Coors Light Silver Bullet” BD-5J
Charlie Wells, Pitts Special aerobatics
Pepsi Skywriter Team
Suzanne Asbury-Oiiver, Travel Air D4D and mascot C.B.
Bill Leff, T-6 aerobatics
Earl Adkisson and 1908 Demoiselle replica – IN SPONSOR BOOKLET and SOUVENIR PROGRAM – DID HE ATTEND AND FLY????

1987 – August 29 & 30 – 5th
Cinda Schien, president
Hal Biestek, announcer
Ron Shelly & Bill Fitzsimmons, Stearman pilot & wingwalker
Snowbirds, Canadian Armed Forces flight demo team
Holiday Inn Aerobatic Team
Pepsi Skywriter, Susan Asbury-Oliver, Travel Air D4D
Coors Light Silver Bullet, Bob Bishop and BD-5J
Charlie Wells, Pitts Special aerobatics
ZAR, Jimmy Franklin Aerostar
Jimmy Franklin and Johnny Kazian, Waco UPF-7 aerobatics and wingwalker

1988 – August 27 & 28 – 6th
Judith Meiron
Danny Clisham, announcer
Mid-American Sport Parachute Club dkydivers
Blue Angels, USN flight demo team
The Northern Knights, Steve Soper & Delmar Benjamin in Cessna Super Skymasters
Coors Light Silver Bullet Mini-jet Team, Bpb Bishop & Dave Hoover, two BD-5Js
Holiday Inn Aerobatic Team, four Pitts Specials
The Royal Albanian Team (in Exile), comedy aerobatics with three Pitts Specials
Julie Clark and Beech Mentor aerobatics
Dave Dacy, modernized Bucker Jungmeister aerobatics
P-51D “Moonbeam McSwine” flown by Vlado Lenoch
Pepsi Skywriter, Suzanne Asbury-Oliver, Travel Air D4D
Charlie Wells, Pitts aerobatics
Joe Frasca, FM-2 Wildcat flight demo
Steve Powell, “Miss Expressss” Pilatus B-4 sailplane

1989 – August 26 & 27 – 7th
Ralph Hurwitz, president
“Legends to Life” bombing simulation of Ploesti raids
Bill Bordeleau, announcer
Liberty Parachute Team
Golden Knights US Army parachute team
Team America, three SIAI-Marchetti SF-260s
flown by Chuck Lischer, Barney Register and Frank or Brian Sanders
Julie Clark, “American Aerobatics, T-34 Mentor
Charlie Wells, Pitts Special aerobatics
The Royal Albanian Team (in Exile), three Pitts Specials
Marion Cole, Taylorcraft aerobatics
Pepsi Skywriter, Suzanne Asbury-Oliver, Travel Air D4D
Pepsi Skydancer, Steve Oliver, DeHavilland Chipmunk aerobatics
Manfred Radius sailplane
Red Baron Squadron, Stearman team
183rd TFG F-4 & F-16 fly-by salute
Gene Littlefield, Stearman aerobatics and Cheryl Littlefield, wingwalker
Rockwell B-1B flown by Springfield native Captain Chuck Barnett, static display

1990 – August 25 & 26 – 8th
Dean Brent, president
Bill Bordeleau, announcer
Liberty Parachute Team
Blue Angels, USN flight demo team
ACME Duck and Air Show Company, Piper Cub comedy
with Krashbern Throttlebottom (Brian Lansberg), Duck Lady (Nancy Lansberg)
and Ace the Wonder Dog (Jessie)
Tim Nealey, Extra 300 aerobatics
Sid Nelson, clipped-wing Taylorcraft aerobatics
Earl Cherry and the Roll Models, Stearman aerobatics & wingwalking
Julie Clark “American Aerobatics” T-34 Mentor aerobatics
Dave Dacy, modernized Bucker Jungmeister aerobatics
Ray Ban Gold Aerobatic Team, three Pitts S-2Bs
flown by Bill Cowan, George Kirbyson, Al Hauff
Charlie Wells, Pitts Special aerobatics
Vlado Lenoch, P-51 demonstration
Pepsi Skywriter, Suzanne Asbury-Oliver and Travel Air D4D
Pepsi Skydancer, Steve Oliver, DeHavilland Chipmunk

1991 – August 24 & 25 – 9th

Jay Davis, president
Bill Bordeleau, “The Talk King of the Sky” announcer
Jerry VanKempen “The Total Airshow Entertainer” announcer
Liberty Parachute Team
The Littlefields, Gene and Cheryl Rae, Stearman aerobatics/wingwalking
Tim Nealey, Extra 300 aerobatics
Sid Nelson – clipped-wing Taylorcraft aerobatics
Otto, the helicopter, Schweizer 300 flown by Bob Hosking
Coors Lite Silver Bullet Jet Team
Craig Hosking and the Amazing “Doubletake” inverted landing Pitts
Pepsi Skywriter, Suzanne Asbury-Oliver, Travel Air D4D
Pepsi Skydancer, Steve Oliver, DeHavilland Chipmunk
Manfred Radius, Salto H-101 sailplane aerobatics
Red Baron Stearman Squadron
Les Shockley, Shockwave Jet Truck
A-10 Flight Demo
Dr. Max Shauck flight demo in Ethanol-powered Cozy canard homebuilt
Lockheed F-117 Blackhawk stealth fighter static display

1992 – August 29 & 30 — 10th
Gene Nottingham
Frank Kingston Smith, announcer
Golden Knights US Army Parachute Demo Team
The Misty Blues skydiving team
Patty Wagstaff Extra 260 aerobatics
Lima Lima T-34 Mentor team
B-52 fly-by
McDonnell-Douglas AV-8B Harrier flight Demo
F-15 Eagle flight demo
Earl Cherry and the Roll Models, Stearman & wingwalkes
Otto, the helicopter, Schweizer 300
Pepsi Skywriter
Pepsi Skydancer
Steve Soper, legless aerobatic pilot w Cessna Skymaster
Les Shockley & Shockwave jet truck
special souvenir program tribute to Captain Donald E. “Lumpy” Leckrone
who died in July 31, 1992 crash of 183rd TFG F-16

1993 – August 28 & 29 – 11
Gene Bennenga, president
Misty Blues, all woman skydiving team
Soko Galeb, Mike George flight demo
“MiG Magic” MiG-17 Bill Reeseman aerobatics
Lear 24B “Lear Lightning,” Bill Reeseman aerobatics
Bill Massegee, Su-26 aerobatics
Yakovlev Yak-11. Don Talley aerobatics
Steve Alcorn, Piper Cub lands on 1969 Pontiac Catalina
Bud Light Micro Jet, BD-5J flown by Jack Ekl or Bill Beardsley
Pepsi Skydancer, Steve Oliver, DeHavilland Chipmunk aerobatics
Pepsi Skywriter, Susan Asbury-Oliver, Travel Air D4D
Les Shockley, Super Shockwave Jet Truck
F-15 Eagle flight demo
F-16 Fighting Falcon flight demo
remembering Charlie Wells who died previous Sunday performing at
Prairie Air ’93 Air Show, Bloomington, IL He was scheduled to appear
at SAR 1993
NOT appearing, but planned: Russian Test Pilots Su-27 jet demo team

1994 – July 30 & 31 – 12th
Sharon Paul, president
Steve Brown, announcer
Frankfort Skydiving Exhibition Team
Blue Angels, USN jet team
C-130 “Fat Albert” of Blue Angels flight demo
Lima Lima Fight Team, T-34 Mentors
Jack Ekl, Bud Light BD-5J Micro Jet aerobatics
Ole Olsen EA 230 Extra Special aerobatics
“Serana’s Song” tethered hot air balloon for people with disabilities – DID THIS APPEAR AT THE AIR SHOW??
Bill Leff, T-6 aerobatics
Sid Nelson, clipped-wing Taylorcraft “Nelson Special”
Tim Nealey, Extra 300 aerobatics
Jim Tomasino, Christen Eagle II OR Pitts S-2B aerobatics
A-10 flight demo
CH-47D flight deom
183d TFG, IL ANG fly-by

1995 – July 15 & 16 – 13th
Harry Holesinger, president
Steve Brown, announcer
Thunderbirds, USAF flight demo team
US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team
Pepsi Skywriter
Pepsi Skydancer
Lima Lima Flight Team T-34 Mentors
Leo Loudenslager with Bud Light Laser 200 aerobatics
Ole Olsen, EA230 Extra Special aerobatics
Sid Nelson, aerobatic Taylorcraft
Stu Moment, Pitts S-2B aerobatics
183d TFG, IL ANG F-16 fly-by
CH-47 flight demo
UH-60 flight demo

1996 – July 27 & 28 – 14th
Yvonne Brandis, president
Steve Brown, announcer
Blue Angels, USN flight demo team
C-130 “Fat Albert” Blue Angel JATO takeoff and flight demo
Indiana Skydiving Exhibition
Matt Chapman in Mudry CAP 231EX DID HE SHOW/PERFORM??
Otto, the helicopter clown, Schweizer 300
Ole Olsen, Extra 300 aerobatics
Manfred Radius, H 101 Salto sailplane aerobatics
Freebird 300 uprated Laser 300 flown by George Andre DID HE SHOW/PERFORM??
Swift Magic Team, three Globe Swifts and solo performance
Bobby Younkin, Samson aerobatics
UH-60 flight demo by Army ANG from Decatur & Peoria
F-15 Eagle flight demo
183rd Fighter Group, IL ANG fly-by
Pepsi Skywriter
Pepsi Skydancer

1997 – Friday July 11 & Saturday July 12 – 15th
“Super Nova Night Show,” TWILIGHT performances
– Opened at 5:30; performances started at 6
Yvonne Brandis, president
Steve Brown, announcer
Aerial Allstars Skydiving Team
Les Shockley & Shockwave Jet Truck
BF Goodrich ™ Bill Leff & T-6 “Starfire Night Sky Show”
performance dedicated to SAR founding board member Bob Hartwell
Bobby Younkin & “Samson” replica stunt biplane
Jimmy Franklin, Kyle Franklin, Waco UPF-7 “Mystery Ship” solo & wingwalking
Ole Olsen “High G” comedy act with Extra 300
Pepsi Skydancer
F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter static display
A-10 “Warthog” flight demo
AV-8B Harrier USMC flight demo
183rd TFG, IL ANG fly-by
Illinois Army National Guard demonstrations

1998 – July 11 & 12 – 16th
Commemorating 50 Years of Service
by the 170
th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 183rd Tactical Fighter Group
Tim Huelsing, president
Steve Brown, announcer
Aerial Allstars Skydiving Team
Red Baron Stearman Squadron
Swift Magic Aerobatic Tteam
Lowell Sterchi, Duane Upton & Michael Kennedy
The French Connection, Daniel Heligion and Montaine Mallet, Mudry CAP 10B
Essell and Faulkner Quicksilver Wingwalking Team,
Bob Essell pilot, Jon Faulkner wingwalker
Jim LeRoy, Pitts “Bulldog” aerobatics
Otto, the helicopter clown, Schweizer 300
Stu Moment, Waco Taperwing aerobatics
AV-8B Harrier USMC flight demo
F/A-18 Hornet flight demo
F-16 “Viper” flight demo by 12th AF Demo Team
Pepsi Skywriter
Pepsi Skydancer

1999 – September 25 & 26 – 17th
Dr. David A. Wolf, NASA astronaut Honorary Chairman
Don Gamble, president
Herb Hunter, announcer
Aerial Allstars Skydiving Team
Bob & Pat Wagner Stearman aerobatics and “wing rider”
Red Baron Stearman Squadron
Sky Fighters Airshow Team
Tom Klassen & Sukhoi Su-26 “Tiger” aerobatics
Eric Beard & Yak-54 “Russian Thunder” aerobatics
Stu Moment “Elvis Lives On” Pitts aerobatics
Sid Nelson “Sentimental Journey” clipped-wing Taylorcraft
Pepsi Skydancer/Firedancer, Steve Oliver
183d Fighter Wing F-16 fly-bys
A-10 “Warthog” USAF flight demo
F/A-18 Hornet USN flight demo
UH-60 Black Hawk US Army IL National Guard flight demo
Tom Seydel’s “Hawaiian Fire Dept. Jet-Powered Fire Truck”

2000 – September 30 & October 1 – 18th
Harry Holesinger, president
Herb Hunter, announcer
Aerial Allstars Skydiving Team
Thunderbirds, USAF flight demo team
Jim LeRoy, Pitts “Bulldog” aerobatics
Swift Magic Team, three Globe Swifts
Kent Shockley & Shockwave Jet Truck
Bob Frasco Schleicher ASK 21 sailplane aerobatics
John Mohr, ”Barnstorming,” Stearman aerobatics
F-15 Eagle West Coast Demo Team demo
183rd Fighter Wing, Illinois ANG fly-by
US Army National Guard helicopter flight demo
“Remembering the Forgotten War” salute to Korean War veterans

2001 – May 12 & 13 – 19th
Harry Holesinger, president
Herb Hunter, announcer
Aerial Allstars Skydiving Team
Blue Angels US Navy flight demo team
C-130 “Fat Albert” Blue Angel flight demo
Lima Lima Flight Team, T-34 Mentors
Bobby Younkin, Samson
Bob Frasco, Schleicher ASK-21 sailplane aerobatics
The Firebirds, Extra 300S, flight demo team
flown by Jack Knutson and Jae Walker
Eric Beard, Yak-54 “Russian Thunder” aerobatics
E. Tison “Ty” Englehardt, Aviat Pitts S-2C aerobatics
CH-47D Illinois Army National Guard helicopter demo
F-16 flight demo by Ninth AF Demo Team
183rd Fighter Wing fly-by

2002 – October 12 & 13 – 20th
Harry Holesinger, president
Herb Hunter, announcer
Liberty Parachute Team
Canadian Snowbirds, 431 Air Demonstration Squadron
Bill Leff, T-6 aerobatics
Iron Eagle Aerobatic Team, Bill Gordon and Billy Segalla,Christen Super Eagle II
Jim LeRoy and “Bulldog” Pitts aerobatics
Liberty Parachute Team
Lima Lima Demo Team T-34s
Jimmy Franklin and Kyle Franklin, Jet-powered Waco aerobatics and wingwalker
USAF F-16 flight demo
USMC F/A-18 flight demo
Scott Shockley & Super Shockwave Jet Truck

2003 – September 20 & 21 – 21st
Harry Holesinger, president
Herb Hunter, announcer
Bobby Younkin & Samson aerobatics
John Mohr Stearman aerobatics
Otto, the helicopter clown, Roger Buis, Schweizer 300
Dan Buchanoan “Flying Colors” Hang Glider
Team Red Nanchang CJ-6s & Yak-52,
pilots Bob “Kilo” Watts, Terry “Pumper” Calloway and Roger “Demo” Modglin
Bob Carlton’s “Silent Wings” Salto sailplane
and “Thunderbolt” Steen Skybolt biplane
Kent Shockley & Shockwave Jet Truck
A-10 West Coast demo team flight demo
Raytheon T-6A Texan demo team
Vlado Lenoch, P-51 Mustang
F-117 Night Hawk stealth fighter static display and fly-by
Heritage Flight with Vlado Lenoch P-51 & A-10
183d Fighter Wing ANG four-plane fly-by
UH-60 Blackhawk, IL Army National Guard flight demo

2004 – September 11 & 12 – 22nd
Timothy Weaver, president
Herb Hunter, announcer
Otto, the helicopter clown, Schweizer 300
John Mohr, Stearman aerobatics
Untied Team – mid-air transfer from Stearman to Otto by Todd Green
Jim LeRoy, “Bulldog” Pitts
Jimmy and Kyle Franklin, Jet Waco aerobatics & wingwalking
Kent Shockley & Shockwave Jet Truck
X-Team Masters of Disaster
Jim LeRoy, Jimmy Franklin & Shockwave
183rd Fighter Wing, IL ANG fly-by
B-25H of Weary Warriors static display/ride opportunities
P-38H Lightning “Porky II” flight demo by Steve Hinton
w Planes of Fame Museum
F-16 West Coast Team flight demo
F/A-18 Hornet flight demo
Raytheon T-6A Texan East Demo Team flight demo
North American AT-6 Texan flown by Jim Greeson solo aerobatics
and fly-bys with Raytheon T-6A
Heritage Flight with P-38 flown by Steve Hinton and F-16s
B-25H Mitchell “Barbie III” of Weary Warriors Squadron, Inc. static display

2005 – April 30 & May 1 – 23rd
Timothy Weaver, president
David A. Wolf, space-walking astronaut, honorary chair
Herb Hunter, announcer
Blue Angels US Navy demo team
C-130 “Fat Albert” of Blue Angels flight demo
F-15 Eagle USAF East Coast team flight demo
Team Red – Nanchang CJ-6s & Yak-52
Jacquie Warda, Pitts aerobatics
Skip Stewart, “Prometheus,” Pitts aerobatics
Jacquie Warda challenge to Skip Stewart battle of sexes fly-off
Bobby Carlton, “Silent Wings”
AV-8B Harrier flight demo
E-Team Skydivers (Elvis and Marilyn Monroe imitators)
Air Force Reserve Jet Dragster “Above and Beyond” demo
Scott Hammack, performer
183rd Fighter Wing, IL ANG four-aircraft fly-by
US Army National Guard CH-47 fly-by
F-15, QF-4 Phantom and P-51 Heritage Flight

2006 – June 24 & 25 – 24th
Timothy Weaver, president
Herb Hunter, announcer
US Jet Aerobatic Team Fouga Magisters
US Army Silver Wings Parachute Team
Dan Buchanan, “Flying Colors,” Moyes Sonic (built in Australia)hang glider
Red Stars mass formation fly-bys
Team Red solo Terry Calloway
Lima Lima four plane flight demo
Mark Hager “Dangerous Moments” stunts & car ramp jump
Vlado Lenoch P-51 flight demo
F-15E Strike Eagle & P-51 Heritage Flight
F-15E Strike Eagle flight demo
F/A-18 Hornet of VMFA(AW)-224 flight demo
US Army National Guard UH-60 and CH-47 demos
183d Fighter Wing, IL ANG two-aircraft fly-by


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The Days Dwindle Down

The latest news re the future of AeroKnow Museum is that  asbestos removal in the back hallway of Stellar Aviation will begin the BEFORE the end of April. The date I do not know. When I confirm the scuttlebutt to be true, the AeroKnow downstairs Welcome Room and Models on Display Room, instead of being the LAST areas relocated . will be relocated starting the week of April 8. The LAST OPPORTUNITY FOR ANYONE to see the nitty=gritty of all we have stood for  since May 27, 2010 will be MONDAY , April 9 from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. If you want to visit that day or before, it is imperative that you e-mail me —

Details of what is happening out here will be explained when you visit and in posts at this blog starting April 10.  If you care to visit, perchance to support this enterprise, NOW IS THE TIME.

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Looking for New Home for AKM

Now in process are plans for a new driveway into the public part of Abraham Lincoln Capital  Airport, home of AeroKnow Museum (AKM). As a result we are looking for a new home in Springfield, Illinois. It is HOPED that following demolition of older hangars and offices, there will be made available to AKM. At BEST, if such space is made available, it will be significantly less space than was provided since 2010 when we began. I will talk with management at Standard Aero, the FBO which has generously allowed AKM to remain essentially where we started since a branch of nationally-known company moved in in 2017. I will also try to meet with friends at Springfield Airport Authority to see if there is  space for just a  single office that will permit greatly reduced  scope of AKM focus while continuing to allow our continuing PRESENCE  at the airport which would permit not only visits from curious travelers and citizens from beyond the typical airport community.

Plan B is to explore possibilities in downtown Springfield, within walking distance of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Illinois Historic Library, the restored Old State Capitol Building and the myriad of festivals and fine restaurants and gift shops.   We need a major patron to provide 2,000  square feet of floor space downtown.  At least 50% of the space will display model airplanes. The rest will be devoted to sharing Illinois aviation history and information about aircraft manufactured in the USA. I will be happy to explain what is need and how presence of AeroKnow Museum will benefit downtown Springfield and the city as a whole if you will email — — and share your phone number with founder director Job Conger. On February 25, 2018,  it appears we have no future at the airport where some excellent people  allowed us to grow and welcome countless visitors from all over the world and establish warm friendships that continue to this day.  Your suggestions over the Internet and over coffee or lunch in beautiful downtown Springfield are welcome. Please contact me soon.

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Catching UP

December was a disappointing month. 2018 begins with more promise,  but the future remains “the vast unknown.”

Springfield had / is having a major severe cold spell. Water pipes at the far end of the hall where AeroKnow Museum – Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport (AKMSPI)  is located burst and significantly damaged the un–occupied rooms furthest away from our Welcome Room and Models on Display Room. Damage to our “turf” was the industrial carpet floor here SOAKED by water that wicked in under the doors. Anything here touching the floor was damaged but not destroyed. It will all dry out — a little water-wrinkled but okay.  The cold spell — never warmer than 25 F outside — is still  going strong with no end in sight. Except for my small space heater which warms the calves of my legs but neither feet or the rest of me, there is no heat in AKM’s part of the building operated by our generous host, Stellar Aviation.  I’ve been taking work home to what I call AKM428.  A lot of tasks are getting done this way, most important: a MAJOR re-organization of aircraft photo negatives. I’ll explain this in the week ahead. I’ve spent more time  here at AKMSPI today than I did during most of  December and January to this moment.  I PLAN to resume the AeroKnow Museum Day to Day blog starting Sunday, January 14.

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Barry Tempest Returns to Lincoln Land Part 2

About the picture at the top:  After leaving AeroKnow Museum early into the evening, Barry and I visited the great American supermarket Hy-Vee on a mission of mercy: mercy for him because because he was out of cigarettes (Marlboro) and mercy for me because I was out of wine. Barry picked up the check for our tasty, unhurried dinner at Dynasty restaurant near my home. I had the Strawberry Chicken  It had been a few years since I last dined there, and I had forgotten how nice it is.  I must go back soon — as soon as I can find another friend with the financial wherewithal to pick up the check! Then is was off to my home, soon to be called AKM428 as materials presently at the airport are being moved to my living room and basement. Barry posed in the soon-to-be AKM Reading Room. Worth noting: the portrait on the left is me, drawn by internationally-known artist Ned Chase (friend of  Mom and Dad) when I was about four years old. On the book shelf is a 1950 Aircraft Recognition publication, and an empty Hawk Model Company kit box of the first and only American-made kit of the British Gloster Javelin all-weather interceptor. I had built that kit as a 12 year old. Because I had forgotten Barry would be in Springfield the 4th & 5th, I had not picked up and cleaned my home so it was a place of disarray en extremis, He was too kind to be outwardly disturbed by the grossly inexcusable “war zone,” and we muddled through okay. We return now to the ambling at AeroKnow Museum earlier in the day.

Pic top left was taken in AKM’s Books & Miscellaneous Room where our books and files of miscellaneous subjects (air shows, airports, airlines people, modeling articles) were maintained. As recently as 2006 the room was the office of Springfield Air Rendezvous, a major regional air show from 1983 to 2006. Behind Barry is a Bush/Cheney 2004 election bumper sticker which the airshow manager had displayed.  I had left the bumper sticker in place in the implicit home that the former manager would return and take it home, She never found time to visit AKM, but if she defies the odds and comes a calling., she may have it.  The poster by artist Steve Venters was produced for the 1985 event. I had some left, and was happy to give two to the well-esteemed world traveler.

More history drew us to the Periodicals Room across the hall.. There, Barry examined issues of the Luftwaffe WWII propaganda magazine  Der Adler (Stuka on the cover) and others dating back to 1910.  Over the years I have collected some (not many) LIFE Magazines and was amazed to share the September 21, 1939  issue with him, inviting him to leisurely page through it. Being able to connect that issue with gentleman Tempest  was an incredible honor for me.
In the course of our conversation, Barry shared his admiration for American Hollywood stars who risked their lives away from cozy movieland to participate in the shooting war in Europe. Clark Gable flew a tour as gunner with a B-17 unit. James Stewart rose through the ranks initially piloting B-24s and commanding a group. Again, wonderful coincidence: we found a LIFE which  featured  a cover photo and story  of Stewart’s return to the USA in  September 1945. I promised to scan the cover and story and send it to him. Photographing it may  be the  better option here at AKMSPI.

At home, after the delightful Dynasty dinner, Barry took a picture of the beverage purchased earlier at Hy-Vee so he could show his friends in England what REAL WINE — Carlo Rossi’s California Burgundy in  a U.S.-gallon glass jug) — LOOKS LIKE (ha ha ha)! What can I say? On my income, my “friend” Mr. Rossi is the best deal I can pour into  a glass, and sometimes I can’t afford THAT. Barry bought the jug when I introduced him to it at the store, and we shared it — in moderation — for the rest of the evening. BaTe-24

My furnace was still broken during his visit, but the sleeping bad he  had donated to AKM during his previous visit kept him warm as he slept on the “house sofa.” We arose for the day at 6 am, and by the time we made it out to my Dodge Caravan, the sun had arrived for the occasion. This is the last picture I took during his incredible visit.

In the course of just under 24 hours we packed in more convivial, constructive,, educational conversation than I have savored with another hummin’ bean in 10 years or more.  Barry shared suggestions in the hope that they might help keep AeroKnow Museum VIABLE as an asset to historic aviation. He also promised to write an article about his visit to the USA with due attention to my little rodeo at the airport. The happy fact that this internationally known professional pilot, air show performer and retired British aviation administrator found significant MERIT to what’s going on here SHINES in bright contrast to my ongoing incapacity to find solutions from Springfield and central Illinois citizens, people who by all logic, would be most inclined to  keep wheels turning here. His visit has infused my heart and soul with renewed resolve to seek solutions. With his help . . . . and YOUR help, I hope . . . . .in the  months to come we will FIND them.

Thanks for reading this post. Please support AeroKnow Museum.  Please comment below this post or email to to learn how.

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Kings Cliffe, England’s Barry Tempest Visits AKM

On Sunday, November 5, as I arrived in the Stellar Aviation  lobby on my way to AeroKnow Museum (AKM) down the hall, I was delighted to be greeted by long-time friend Barry Tempest of Kings Cliffe, England. I had been looking forward to seeing him since he shared advance notice of his plan to visit earlier this year. Somehow, I had spent the previous week totally unmindful of the day of his planned arrival. He had emailed his itinerary to friends, but I simply paid insufficient attention. What brought him back to the colonies for his fourth visit was his promise to attend his dear friend’s wedding in Wisconsin. From there he would drive (brave soul) south to Springfield and then to points east before returning home.

The AKM I showed him for the  following several hours was different from what he would  have seen had he come about this time in 2016. A gradual reconsideration of the museum’s  mission and how to accomplish it followed notice of the approaching renovation of the FBO (fixed base operations) facilities here at the airport.  The offices area where we are “installed” and two adjacent hangars are slated for demolition in the coming year, coincident with the change, in late 2016, of facility management. The area shared with AKM by Landmark Aviation, later the locally owned Horizon Aviation, was re-allocated and we were told AKM must find a new “home” in 2018. AKM was invited to leave the highly visible office that  opened to the FBO lobby and move into what, in some ways, has proven to be even nicer accommodation down, down, down the hall.  Concurrent and since that move, AKM made other adjustments which will be described in another post here, probably in December.

Barry  (as Britons say) was “VERY KEEN” on having a “proper picture” of his cap, so after taking the leading picture above,  I was happy to take a closer look . . .

He explained his  justifiably righteous pride  in looking forward to being the only octogenarian to fly in next year’s Vintage Aerobatics World Championships. This year he finished 11th from the large field who competed for glory. He flew a friend’s Stampe SV-4. Click on any pictures which follow for larger images. Captions will follow below.

Our first stop in the tour was the Models on Display Room where 1/72, 1/144 and 1/48 models are displayed. The book Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing was
authored by yours truly,  Job Conger, founder AeroKnow Museum . The large DC-9 model was donated by a local travel agency who supports AKM.  When he visited my home in 2004, Barry saw many of these models in humbler surroundings, and he was please to see them displayed as they deserve to be.

We also visited the AKM Welcome Room, which is usually the first room encountered, host of a gallery/repository of thousands of photographs preserved and displayed and  the  true “operations room” of AKM. We were  so busy chatting, I totally forgot to reach for my  camera. Pictures above were taken on the second floor. In the hallway ( left) the display of advertising loaned by a Springfield supporter caught his attention. “THAT is the advertisement that led to my taking up cigarettes,” he said smiling as he posed for a snap.  Right top was taken in our evolving  Reading Room. For the moment books have not yet been relocated here from the room at the far end of the hall. The 1/32 scale models did attract his attention. In the Surplus Room where material in  excess to the evolving museum are deposited, Barry found this paperback  edition of  French ace Pierre Closterman’s classic The Big Show  of interest, the first US edition  he had seen. AKM has the hardback first edition, so this book became the first of a few souvenirs he would take home with him, my gift to my friend. Closterman gained great fame with the Royal Air Force flying Hawker TEMPESTS! No wonder he likes the book!
He found two kits of the Beechcraft 17 Staggerwing, one of his favorite (favourite, if you’re an Englishperson) airplanes (aeroplanes if you’re an Englishman) and took pictures.  He was fully  aware that if he wanted to take home everything he wanted to take, there would have been no room on the flight home for HIM. So the Stagger’ kits remain at AKM.

We next visited AeroKnow Museum’s Kits Room, probably the closest we get to a “circus ride” for model builders, unanimously heralded by visitors as what they’d want to have if they were stranded on  a dessert island. We could have spent an hour in this room alone and probably came close. Barry noticed an extra kit of a Polikarpov Po-2 and mentioned a woman friend who flies a restored example of that classic flying machine. He wanted it so  much he spoke those five  magic words I love to hear — “I WANT TO BUY THIS” and he took it home with him. The Frog kit of the Spitfire is EARLYearly injection molded plastic model kit which  I acquired from England probably 35 years ago, and it was old at that time. It’s an ultra-rare piece of history, and if I  had not known, decades ago,  what I wanted to do over the future decades with the eventual creation of AKM, that kit would  not be in the USA today!

This is the end of part one of this two part story. Part 2 will be shared later this week. Please visit again and PLEASE SUPPORT AEROKNOW MUSEUM. Correspondence to is welcome.

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NEW – a page above that lists SURPLUS history books

Please visit the book surplus page and e-mail me if you  see items you want to read.

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