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Our First Tourist

At about 4:30 Saturday, July 23, the people pictured here drove to the airport for one reason and one reason only: to visit AeroKnow Museum. They were not acquaintances from the poetry and visual acts communities.  They were not journalists … Continue reading

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Photos of Airplanes, the First Priority

B-17 “Aluminum Overcast” #3 propellor close If someone had asked me my prediction of what would occupy most of my time a year after starting to set up AKM, I would have said responding to requests for information.  Circumstances have … Continue reading

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A Phone for AeroKnow Museum

AeroKnow Museum’s office at Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport has something I don’t have at work and home: air conditioning. I have a window unit at home, but I’ve not installed it this year because more than 50 percent of the … Continue reading

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DSC00103 Originally uploaded by Job Conger This is a Piper Cheyenne III owned by Family Video, photographed in Springfield, IL some years ago.

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