October 6 The Week that Was

Starting October 6, I’ve begun posting my daily log from the past week. It’s important for YOU to know what I’m accomplishing at AKM in the hope that after you better understand what’s going on, you will want to volunteer to help accomplish even more.  If it works, you simply need to comment that you want to learn more about helping, and I will write to your email address. As the blog originator, I can see that info. If it does not work, I hope you enjoy reading about AeroKnow Museum, and that you have a terrific day.

To help YOU understand what’s happening, I am adding details between (( )) brackets that are not part of the original posts. Personal names affecting my life away from the museum are abbreviated to ensure their anonymity.

Sat, Oct 5 –In at 5:10, breezy outside, perfect in the office. Sorted e-mail. Printed pics to send to George Stanley. Worked in Process Room, restoring KC-135 to display in office. Moved more models in process to Process Room. Pitched a few damaged models I don’t intend to repair. Posted Lear 45 pic at Fb. Printed George Stanley ALAF cert Member 000052-1013. (( Abe Lincoln’s Air Force membership certificate.)) Storm was coming in so I departed for TGG (( abbreviation for my employer ))at 9:45. On the day I decided to start posting my daily logs in a weekly Sunday report, I did not return to AKM. Spent the rest of the day at home pretty well deflated by a hard hard day with my employer.

Fri, Oct 4 — In at 5:35 after a rough night. Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and potato chips for dinner and wine. I was asleep before 6:40 in the living room chair. I awakened at 6:55 to total dark and rain outside. Posted a whine about dark at 7 and piddled with reading the Anne Sexton bio until 8; went to BED and stayed there tossing and asleep until 5:03 when I arose and came to the airport. This is not fun. Worked hard upstairs arranging new shelves in the process room, determined to FINISH and REPAIR a bunch of models. Made excellent progress but worked up a real sweat doing it. It’s going to be hotter than hell at work today, and I really DREAD this. I will go because I want to get paid. Work was as hot as any I’ve been through this year. Air conditioning? Not a chance. I FINISHED the 41-page indexing project I’ve worked on off-and-on since May. WHEW. Proofread most of the AAHS Journal articles for the Fall issue. Back to AKM at 5:15. Cool in the office.  Sorted old e-mail until leaving for grocer and home at 6:35. A decent day except for the heat. (( Anne Sexton is a poet whose poetry I like a lot.))

Thu, Oct 3 — In at 5:20, checked the wastebaskets for Wall Street Journals. I am sorry to suspect the counter guys are pitching them though they know I want one, DAMMIT. Work went okay, but it was uncomfortably hot. Did significant ADIF work. Back at 5:15 and left at 5:40 with the severe weather visible from the window.

Wed, Oct 2 –In at 5:20, rain predicted but calm.  I FORGOT MY GLASSES AGAIN! I’m not blind without them, I can see what I’m typing, but I have to strain, and I don’t like it. The Citation X was moved further out from the fence on the ramp yesterday. Don’t know why. Maybe it flew and returned. Took some pictures and posted a blog with pics in fog and out. Chris from CRM visited with his friend Dan O’Hara who lives in Hannibal, MO, VERY into aviation! Both great guys. Showed them around, took some pictures and the departed at 10:15. I went to work late at TGG at 10:22. Work went well with NO customers and 2 phone calls. Worked on ADIF and got very tired doing it  ((ADIF is a project of transcribing subjects of articles of magazines I’ve indexed into individual subject files. Example: From the 44 pages of indexed magazines that I compiled earlier this year,  I know that the 24 issues of Scale Aviation Modeler International that I indexed in that 44 pages have six articles about Messerschmitt Me262s and three articles about how to apply metal foil to plastic models for natural metal finishes. I work on this project and many other AKM projects during slow time at my employ with complete approval of my employer.))

Tue, Oct 1 — In at 5:30 and discovered all the Flying magazines were gone! I missed taking one because I wanted to be nice to the other visitors and staff. I even looked in the dumpster behind the building and couldn’t find one DANG IT! Phot’d the Citation X sitting in a bright flood light on the ramp. Worked on a letter to Geo Sta to thank him for his $500 check — which I’ve not yet deposited — and the second mailing that came in Monday’s mail to home. Arranged office and files all morning. To TGG and FINISHED THE BOBNOV! Back to AKM and 5:30 and piddled with pictures until leaving for home at 6:24.

Mon, Sep 30 — Didn’t come to AKM in morning. Deposited $500 rent check from ShSm and kept $50 cash. Work went okay. Finished rewriting another chapter of BobNov. ONLY ONE CHAPTER TO GO NOW. Tomorrow come hell or high water FOR SURE I WILL BE DONE WITH IT. Back to AKM at 5:15 and phot’d Gibson Farms Robinson R44. Worked on retrieving pictures that were on Sony’s memory card. Achieved some success but there was no way to stay with it because it’s getting dark and I want to go home. Departed for home at 6:45.

Sun, Sep 29 — Showered and into AKM at 8:45. Proof-read AAHS Journal bluelines after checking e. It was a CHORE. Finished 2:30, drove to Air Jiffy for a sandwich, ate it here. Rearranged around the desk. Spent a LOT OF TIME trying to learn how to save pics on internal memory to a memory card, using the instruction manual, and I could NOT figure it out. Went home tired at 6:00.

– end –

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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