Review of AKM activity the Week: October 6 through 12

Sat, Oct 12 — Slept late; in at 6:10 and phot’d a Lear 35. Worked on pictures starting 6:25. Worked sorting email pics and posted CIPM club pics to club blog with Fb link. Work was another hard time. At G’s direction, I really worked up a sweat dusting damn near everything. It was depressing as hell. Made progress organizing AKM scraps for about an hour. GJ told me to leave at 1 since he was going to be there anyway. Back to AKM and worked from 1 to 6 filing and sorting clips upstairs. It was a MARATHON on my feet with the file cabinets and sorting. Also worked on some models, including B-52, SR-71 X-1, Skyrocket. Took a little time in office about 4, and planned to leave at 5, but I felt good about the progress I was making and didn’t stop until 6. Could barely walk down the steps my legs hurt so much coming down. Thank God for the hand rails that kept me stable. VERY PRODUCTIVE DAY! Departed for home at 6:10.

Fri, Oct 11 — In at 5:20 and phot’d a Bombardier Challenger 300 on the ramp. Processed the pics and posted at AKM Gallery of Flight (AKMGOF) and a link at Fb. Good progress pasting Lockheed scraps at TGG and a reasonably sane, productive day. Back at 5:15. Worked on ac pics getting more from originals in Corel to Airplanes file.  Almost left at 6:30,  but then got involved with sorting email and processing more pictures. Finally headed for grocer and home at 8:00, well satisfied with the day.

Thu, Oct 10 — In at 5:10 and processed pics from the clinic’s groundbreaking yesterday. Tried to email 10 pics to Jay L., but the file was too large. TGG was okay. Finally finished pasting F-16 clips and began organizing and pasting Lockheed scraps on paper. Made excellent progress. Back to AKM at 5:15 and loaded a DVD with clinic pictures. Processed CIPM pics.. Big surprise when I exited office for home at 6:15 – Todd called “Hey Job!” and handed me a Wall Street Journal. I set it onto my office desk and wished him and Dallas, “Have a good evening gentlemen.” and smiled as I went out the door. PROGRESS!

Wed, Oct 9 — In at 5:20, phot’d a Falcon 2000 and new Cessna Skyhawk, processed pictures. Photographed a local clinic’s groundbreaking and went straight to TGG for the rest of the day. It was okay. Back to AKM for the model club meeting that actually started when I arrived. Departed for HOME at 9:20. Had a DECENT day.

Tue, Oct 8 — In at 6 after the bathroom light wouldn’t turn on brushed my hair in the FBO restrroom. NO COFFEE either! Short time later, Bob M had made a pot in the break room, and he stuck his head into my office; offered a cup to me, and I accepted gladly. Posted an H&Q ((Honey & Quinine, my personal blog.)) about Dead Poets Day at Oak Ridge Cemetery. That took my entire morning until time to go to work. That was a major pain. HORRIBLY depressing. The only reason my “owner” doesn’t cut my hours there (I’m guessing) is that if he sent me away early, he’d have to close the store, and he’d rather leave early. That’s fine. I NEED THE MONEY! Back to AKM at 5:15, intend to leave at 6:00 and pick up another jug of “Sominex” going home tonight. Worked on aviation pictures processing until 6.

Mon, Oct 7 — In at 5:40. They’re out of regular coffee, dang it. Worked on Dead Poet Observance pics from yesterday afternoon. Departed at 9:10 for errands and dentist for help ka-CHING $125 and $300 needed for permanent solution. I’ve lost weight and the upper plate isn’t fitting as it should. Back to AKM to pick up AAHS Journal articles I printed this morning but have not proofread. Will do that at TGG.
Which I did and sent them to editor. Back to AKM at 5:15. Worked on blog and went home at 6:50.

Sun, Oct 6 — In at 10:30 after cleaning up at home, washing dishes, arranging the home office. Beautiful out sunny, cool and windy. Posted the first weekly report at the AKM blog. Sorted pictures shared by groups I subscribe to. Departed at 3:10 to recite at a Dead Poets Remembrance Day event at Oak Ridge Cemetery. It was over by 5:15 and I went straight home.

— end ==

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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