Weekly Report – October 27 – November 1

Sun, Oct 27 — Slept very well. In at 8:30 after gathering some more items (clippings, a paperback book, a souvenir from the USAF Museum from the 60s, packaged colored silk for flying models. correspondence) to file in AKM. Cool and cloudless sky. Very productive day! FINiSHED sorting and deleting old emails after doing nothing but that for about three hours today.  Straightened up the office and intake room some more. I’ve taken all the Cessna files back up to the Research Room. Was visited by a Cessna Citation CJ3 pilot who didn’t know about the Hamburger Fleugzeugbau HFB 320 Hansa Jet before I showed him two factory booklets that explained it in some detail Phot’d the CJ taking off and a pretty Piper Tri-Pacer. Late in the day, worked on models of Carvair, Skyrocket and X-1. Had nothing to eat during the day, and that’s okay; I’ll eat tonight. Went home at 6:21.

Mon, Oct 28 — My frequent routine of napping after dinner, awakening between 11 and midnight then going to bed is getting to be a real problem. I cannot get to sleep in bed for HOURS after I lie down, maybe because I insist on listening to the  radio. Slept from about 4:30 to 7:30 and did not come into AKM; went right to work and really dragged through the day. BUT I did a lot of scrap pasting for AKM, a productive afternoon. To AKM at 5:15 and processed pictures awhile. Posted some B-17 pics on a specialty Fb page. Fb friended Peter Montreul who wants to join ALAForce. Departed for grocer and home t 6:17. I am really tired.

Tue, Oct 29 — First night in years without radio on at bedtime. Went right to sleep and slept well. UP at 5:20 and into AKM at 5:45. Processed pictures and posted a few B-17 pics at a Fb 17 fan site. Diane and John C, who had contacted Norm W about donating MANY Aviation Week & Space Historians were referred by Norm to AKM, and they delivered them at 9 am, right on time. We had a terrific visit after unloading them into the AKM office, but I didn’t get to TGG until 10:40. Also had a great AKM day at work processing scraps of French and German ac. Back to AKM at 5:20 in drizzling rain. Processed pictures until 8:10, took several donated AWSTs and went home at 8:20.

Wed, Oct 30 — In at 7:15. Slept straight through from about 11 last night but I’m dragging. When I was on my hand and knees last Saturday, I tried to lift part of my bed to put a shim under one of the posts that used to have a wheel, and I felt something CRACK in my upper rib cage close to the sternum and I felt movement between two bones or bone and cartilage, don’t know.  There was pain, but nothing excruciating. But it increases anytime I inhale deeply, turn left to right and lie down. I can’t afford an X-ray. I’m just going to have to tough it out and hope it fixes itself. I will try not to accidentally strain the area. I’ll also be sleeping in my living room recliner chair tonight and give it another week to start to get better. So I’m a trifle depressed over this . . . Processed pictures. Work at TGG was excellent for AKM scrap sorting and pasting most of the day. We had the most severe rain I’ve seen throughout mid and late afternoon. Calm by the time I returned to AKM at 5:20, just misty. Photo’d a Cessna Citation. Note to Gene B re AHEC meeting minutes. Began producing minutes from the last AHEC meet. Stopped to phot a Piaggio Avanti, later a Pilatus PC-12, processed pics.

Rob told me he bought the FBO from Landmark. Sent a note to Brant Mackey at Springfield Business Journal offering to write a story about it. I DON’T expect him to write back. VERY productive day. Left for home at 8:33.

Thu, Oct 31 — In at 5:50, light rain and almost warm outside, no wind. Worked on AHEC minutes. Work went well for most of the day. Developed an inventory form for AWST — MAJOR deal — and printed calendars for the years 1947 — 2018, another MAJOR DEAL. Back to AKM at 5:2DSC080180 in light rain, phot’d a CJ2Plus and met one of the passengers. Processed pictures until 7:45 when I left for grocer and home, pretty tired but satisfied with the day.

Fri, Nov 1 — In at 7:10. There was no hurry getting in, but I slept in the bed last night, and was slow getting going. Clear skies. Took some pictures of the Landmark sign outside and enjoyed the party atmosphere with Rob and crew. There were no planes on the ramp, and that concerned me. No planes on the ramp after a decent day at TGG when I returned at 5:20. A few minutes later a Mooney Mark 20 arrived. I took a few pics. Processed pics from September. I MUST get caught up! Discovered when trying to check e-mail that I no longer have an internet connection so I couldn’t check Facebook or my email. Processed pictures from the B-17 visit and became so bored and tired I had to stop. Spent 20 minutes of focused effort on the JTW book, but I was too tired to concentrate. Departed for home at 7:50.

Sat, Nov 2 — In at 8:15 and worked on AHEC minutes, then processed B-17 pics from Sep 2! I HATE to be so far behind with the pictures! To TGG at 9:45.  Had a good day re AKM work. Back at 2:20 and processed pictures. Had a great visit with Tim who toured everything but the magazine and book rooms and donated a very nicely produced F-16A in early 183d markings. NICE WORK.
Processed pictures until leaving for a classical guitar concert at 6:45.

Thanks for reading.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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