Weekly Log November 17 — 23


Sun, Nov 17 — In about 9:15 in strong wind with my main guitar. Soon after, tornado warnings. One struck Washington, IL and did major damage. Worked on AKM blog, processed pictures, nothing to eat all day, three cups of coffee. Logged a LOT of financial records. No airplanes landed or took off all day.  Worked most of afternoon upstairs in Intake Room sorting scraps and organizing files. Also straightened up Research Room. Intended to leave about 7, but on a whim, I decided to practice guitar and practiced more than an hour, getting ready for First Friday at Gallery II downtown December 6; really looking forward to my first playing/singing in public since early last summer, a self-imposed thing. Departed for home at 7:45 very happy with how the day went.

Mon, Nov 18 —  Was late getting away after visiting my back yard for the first time since last spring. There was wind damage: a fallen branch over the phone lines to upstairs. The back yard and especially the area behind the fence with the gate open was horrible. I must spend time away from the museum and work back there before and after work. It’s really horrible. Into AKM at 7:50. Took some AWSTs to the truck to index today. Sorted scraps in Intake Room from 8 to 8:40; back to office. Went home about 6:30 and started working on my yards, but it was too dark to accomplish much. I have to see.

Tue, Nov 19 —  In at 8:29. First I worked cleaning up the back yard for 40 minutes after another rocky night with little sleep after my after dinner nap. Last night I worked out there for 1 1/2 hours, raking leaves in my front yard, trimming some trees in the back. I am numb. Had a visitor — Phenom 300 pilot who used to fly Sabreliners and visited Garrett across the airport alot. I put a $2 into the donation jar which I will never spend.  DSC08416 (1)Off to TGG and had a so-so day. For the first time at work I had no lunch of any kind, even though I brought my jar of Jif Extra Crunchy from home. I just didn’t want to eat more peanut butter, knowing I’m going to take it BACK home to have for dinner tonight. I INDEXED another YEAR of AWSTs and started on another year. Asked George if I could deposit the paycheck he gave me last Friday and told me NOT to deposit for a few days. He said “yes,” thank God. Back to AKM at 5:15 and updated the AeroKnow web site for the first time since August. Went upstairs with some magazines, stayed and worked on Carvair and X-1B models until departing for home at 8:15.

Wed, Nov 20 — Raked and cleaned up in the front yard from 6:30 to 7:40, deposited TGG paycheck — all of it at bank,  cleaned up and arrived AKM at 8:30. The ramp was empty. Posted a long one at Fb, took a box of AWSTs to index and went to work. It was a HORRIBLE DAY WITH GEORGE. He told me I’d better start looking for another job because  we weren’t communicating as we should. Later he called to apologize and told me he’d never fire me because he considers me a friend. I told him I was telling anyone I know that I need to find employment as a writer and/or photographer. Told him that chances are good that when I walk through the door to the showroom, I will not be going to another job; I will be going to another DIMENSION. He said I was “talking wierd” and blew it off, but I’m not blowing at all. I was the busiest I’ve been with WORK work in months. Still, I indexed about 30 AWSTs before leaving in light rain for AKM; arrived 5:20. Printed all song lyrics from the computer files for my songs I intend to sing in a few weeks. At 7 I was ready to go to Shop N Save until I was led to practice what I had printed, which I did for almost an hour. I also posted my poem Scan Human at Facebook and good friend was the first to LIKE it. THAT was terrific! At 8:15 I left for groceries and home, the day redeemed between 7 & 8.
Thu, Nov 21 —  Good night’s sleep, awake about 6:15 but didn’t bother looking out a window because rain had been predicted and I believed it. So I didn’t work outside on the yards. Arrived AKM 7:25, skies threatening more rain all day today. Worked on the IPA/SPI newsletter. PDSC08423hotographed the new Horizon Aviation logo on the shirt Bob M was wearing to include it in the IPA pub.  Had another busy day at TGG, finished indexing 1979 AWSTs and started to proof AAHS Flightline. Back to AKM at 5:15. Worked on the IPA/SPI newsletter, sent it to Brian and departed for home at 7:20.

Fri, Nov 22 —  In at 7:10, good sleep last night. Chilly and spitting light rain, threatening more. Finished IPA/SPI newsletter and sent it to Brian B. Processed  earlier pictures. Visited by one of the FAA King Air crew who had visited before. Posted a pic at Fb that proved well-liked by several. Work was pretty busy and AKM-productive. Finished indexing another year of AWST. Back to AKM at 5:15. Practiced some songs, photog’d some ac on the ramp and went home at 7:40.

Sat, Nov 23 — In at 8:45, sunny  & calm but very chilly. Had a decent F15-dmorning working in the VERY COLD Intake Room with no heat. Was doing fine until I heard/saw an F-15 in the pattern and stopped everything to phot it. Work went well. George bought lunch, bless him. Processed pictures starting about 2:15. Showed the office to a family flying to Santa DSC08444Monica, CA in a Garrett-powered Twin Commander. A CH-47 that had departed before 2:15 returned with mechanical DSC08457trouble. The Chinook and crew will be here overnight. Piddled here posting F-15 pics at Springfield Skyways blog. Didn’t want to go home because I know it’s COLD there. Must stop at grocer en route. Departed airport at 8:00 after a VERY PRODUCTIVE and enjoyable day!

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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