Activity Report, Nov 24 — 30

Sun, Nov 24 —  In at 8:50, sunny and cold, maybe 15 out there  Phot’d a departing CH–47, later Mike G’s DA-42, Processed pictures virtually all day and ate lunch of 2 pb&j sandwiches. Overall it was a glum day despite the sun. Had a visitor who had flown his Cirrus in to meet a CFI who flew his Seminole in to give multi-engine instruction. Did not work upstairs at all as planned.  Very cold in the intake room. Departed about 5:00.

Mon, Nov 25 — Bought fuel at Air Jiffy. Now I’m down to my last $50 if a donation doesn’t come in, but I have enough peanut butter, bread, jelly and a final prepared salad to take me through Friday. Not a WHISPER of rent from upstairs! Two visitors with a CJ-1 spent 25 minutes talking with me and savoring the models and I didn’t shoo them off because I THOUGHT they would donate something to the jar. I did not offer to take them upstairs because I knew after a few minutes I was going to be late for TGG. But it really BURNED me they didn’t even put a few coins in! I understand I’m over-reacting, but it was a pain. I drove to TGG in a huff. Work was okay. I’m indexing AWSTs from 2006 & 2007, and they are more of a challenge because they are thinner with fewer longer mentions of thing of interest to AKM. George spent a lot of time in the showroom, and we got along fine, but he depresses me. Fast out the door at 5 and here by 5:15 and met a Navajo Chieftain pilot, had a good conversation, and I wanted to ask him to walk me out the the airplane so I could take a few more pics, but his taxi arrived and he departed. I worked on my H&Q blog.  . . . . MUST GET HERE CLOSE TO 5 Tuesday. I’m most productive in the mornings. Posted the blog and posted some CH-47 pics and an F-15 pic at Combat Aircraft on Fb. Practiced my guitar and songs for 40 minutes and went home at 8:35.

Tue, Nov 26 —  Slept from about 9:30 to 3 in the living room chair and once awake could not get back to sleep. Rearranged my home office with the goal of having room to work on AKM material at home during the winter when the roads are bad and I can’t get out. Arrived AKM at 7:40 after napping about half an hour in my rearranged home office.PipNav-e At AKM phot’d the Chieftain I had phot’d the night before. A friend Fb asked me “Don’t you ever sleep?” and I spent most of the morning explaining my schedule. Work went fine with peanut butter on a knife for lunch. Indexed the rest of the 2006 AWSTs and started on a box of 1981 issues. Back to AKM at 5:15. Worked on AHEC Board meet agenda. Did it, sent it out and went home at 7:10.

Wed, Nov 27 —  A semi-rocky night. In at 8:30.Straightened things up in office, no time to do more. Work went very well. Was dismissed at 3:10, given Friday and Saturday off. This will be about the most time off since I started it and i NEED it. MAJOR trouble with upstairs renter! Called bank to find how much is in my checking account today: $20.36! MAJOR DISMAY! I told George about my trouble with upstairs renter. He told me I will be paid MONDAY, and loaned me some $$$ for food and fuel. Thank you George! Thank you God. Back to AKM at 3:30, clipped articles from Wall Street Journals aid straightened up the office some more. Took some indexed AWSTs upstairs. Processed a bunch of pictures from early October and have a loooong way to catch up. Was visited by a 90 year old former B-17 instructor pilot (more than 1,000 hours in type) who held a B-17C model and I took a few pictures.

AK112713-cHe and his wife had to land here because of bad weather en route to Minneapolis, MN. They will finish tomorrow. Great folks! Eric E. came by thinking the model club  was meetinDiaDA42-bg tonight, but he hadn’t gotten the message. We talked awhile as I phot’d the DA-42 on the floodlit ramp but he had BLANK response when I told him how much I need a volunteer to help here. Continued processing pics until 7:15 when I left for home via Shop N Save.

Thu, Nov 28 —  THANKSGIVING! In at 7:25 and will be here until 12:45 when I leave to have a feast with friends who invited me over. Clear as a bell and still outside, a visiting 172 and Cherokee on the ramp already. I brought Krispy Kream donuts for the counter. The crew here have been mighty nice to me this past year especially. Worked on pictures. Don and Susan Newman arrived had a fine talk and I phot’d them & Bonanza. BeeBonV-a

BeeBonV-bClipped clippings & posted AKM blog about their visit. Departed about 12:50 for Thanksgiving dinner with friends and went home after that

Fri, Nov 29 — In at 8:00. Processed pictures until about 11, good progress. Organized scraps in intake room until 2:05, excellent progress. Photo’d a SkyWest taking off. I expected him to depart on 22, but he surprised me on 13 & I came up short. Worked upstairs intake room and spent an hour working on models, the ATL-98 Carvair mostly, made good progress. Back down to process pics: a particularly long string of 183d ac on pedestals and visiting UH-60 from October 26. Three visitors came in, a brother and two sisters, one named Jill. It was a wonderful visit. Jill made major eye contact with me, — she’s visiting from Abu Dabi, but she’s originally from Michigan, she never met anyone named Job before, and we could have talked for an hour, but the others wanted continue flying to Tulsa. Before she left to join them waiting at the exit door to the ramp, she gave me a HUG, and I hugged her back. It was terrific. I will think about Jill for the rest of my life. I continued with the picture processing . . . . Left for home at 8:20 after a final hale an hour processing pictures.

Sat, Nov 30 —  In at 8:50 sunny & calm. Intend to scan a bunch of slides today. First a few donuts & coffee… A slow but productive day. Scanned several pictures from slides and prints. Posted one at Fb Combat Aircraft. Also worked on models and model stand from the plywood. No visitors. Didn’t take any pictures. Spent about an hour BEGINNING TO WORK ON THE JTW BOOK. Visited the file and printed some pictures. Barely scratched the surface of what needs to be done. I need to build some momentum with this. Went home at 6:45 just a mite depressed but okay thanks to the Thanksgiving with friends and Jill’s wonderful hug and smile.

Thanks for reading this! Have a great day. 🙂

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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