Weekly Report: December 1 — 7

Sun, Dec 1 — In at 8:50, again, sunny & calm. Am determined to work on John Thornton Walker  book until NOON without a break, spend an hour doing something else and get another few hours on the book. . . . Worked on it until 2:30 and wrote an AKM blog post about the concentrated focus on the book. Then back to working on the book. Stayed with it until 6:00 then processed pictures. until 7:00. THEN I went home at 7:03 after a very productive day, the kind of day that any denizen of a monastary on the top of a mountain could relate to. After breakfast and lunch of two donuts for each meal I am ready for home.

Mon, Dec 2 — In at 7:50. Processed more pictures, worked on JTW book prep, posted the weekly report on the blog and Fb. Work went well. Wrote and printed NOTES from the Aviation History Educational Center Advisory Council meeting in November. Index many AWSTs. George bought a McDonald’s chicken sandwich a large Coke and fries. I’ve told him several times I don’t want or need the fries, but he brings them anyway. I set them aside I may microwave and eat them Tues for lunch. Not a big deal. Back to AKM at 5:15 and worked on JTW book until 6:30, a good hour. Then prepped for the AHEC board meet. It went okay. Airport Executive Director Mark Hanna attended. Returned to office at 8:45 and went home at 8:50.

Tue, Dec 3  — In at 8:25 after depositing all of my paycheck to my checking account. New current balance: $634.05. Funds on hand at time of deposit: 53 cents. It’s going to be an interesting December! No time to work on JTW book before work. TGG went okay, finished indexing 1981 Aviation Week & Space Technology magazines and started on 1986 issues, but it was chilly and I was tired. Nothing for lunch but re-heated French fries George brought in yesterday from McDonald’s. So I was hungry all afternoon. Back to AKM at 5:20.  I WANT to go home, but I’m committing to at least an hour working on the JTW book, so I did  and stopped at 7. Left for home at 7:15. MUST GET AN EARLY START HERE WEDNESDAY!

Wed, Dec 4 — Another challenging night re sleep, depressed as bejeebers! In at 7:40, foggy and rainy & calm out. Sang my Christmas parody “Oh Well, Oh Well” to Bob & Rusty in the lobby. Worked on JTWBook 8:10 to 8:45. Took pictures of new fencing going up outside between parking lot and ramp. HorAv-14
Work went okay, but I had to leave at 11:10 to go home to let heat repair guy into basement. Gone 40 minutes. HorAv-13Later wrote him a check for $400 and STILL NO NOVEMBER OR DECEMBER RENT from UPSTAIRS! Back at work, peanut butter on a knife for lunch.
HorAv-11 Was tempted to get lunch from restaurant across the street. Instead, I ate the last of the peanut butter. God knows what I’ll do Thursday. Indexed several 1986 AWSTs and clipped aviation articles several newspapers. Practiced guitar a little. Back to AKM at 5:15. Worked on JTW emails until 6:45. I was really tired during most of it, but I learned some things about him I had not known earlier, and that gave me a second wind. Posted at AeroKnow blog and left for grocer and home at 7:30.

Thu, Dec 5 — In at 7:50 windy overcast, threatening sleet and very cold. If it snows significantly, I won’t be back here until the streets clear, and I’ve told the art gallery that if it snows, I won’t be able to play and sing at Friday’s reception. I CANNOT drive my truck on snow, and since I don’t know who reads this blog, I can’t explain why this is so. Photog’d ramp, checked e and gathered things to work on at home since I won’t be here or at work on Friday with this forecast.
Took some kits glue and sandpaper, a box of AWSTs to index and went to work.
There I discovered that the laser
printer at my employer will NOT WORK with the material I sent to myself re JTW’s book! DAMN! Now I MUST BUY NEW INK FOR THE OFFICE COMPUTER!!. Very quiet day. Indexed the rest of the 1988 AWSTs and brought in a box I had intended to index at home. The weather was very ugly, threatening snow all day cold out, but nothing came from the sky. Back at AKM visited with a Eurocopter 130 pilot and then photog’d a G4 on the ramp, only plane I’ve seen on the ramp all week, but I’ve been away a lot.

The revised fence is going up fast, darn it. At 6:20, I’m going home. My work on JTW will have to wait for a better day.

Fri, Dec 6 — In at 9:10. Hadn’t planned to come out today after showering and arising about 7:40 after napping until midnight, bed until 2:30 and up until 3:50 in the office, back to bed with help from wine and up at 7:40 to shower. Bob M. e’d me that a Beech Starship was hangared but would leave later today. I called George I was coming, but I would be late and came out to AKM. Met the crew, phot’d it in the hangar. BeeStS-b
They told me they’d depart about 2 today, so with a supportive employer’s permission, I returned at 2 to phot’ it on the ramp and takeoff.  IMG_7853

Sat, Dec 7 —  In at 8:20 and worked on pictures from yesterday.
Work went
fine, and worked on pictures from yesterday — Beech Starship and Global Express. Busy, busy. DSC08614I MUST get in here at a decent hour Sunday so I can spend real time with the JTW book. Since I can’t print pictures and clippings — thanks to no dollars and the deletable expletive who STILL HASN’T PAID NOVEMBER and DECEMBER RENT (If you think it’s fun running your life and a museum minus $1,200 you’d be getting if you had rent money if you had a real human being living upstairs, TRY it, sometime!) I’m going to start transcribing facts into a text draft. I had started this process early into 2013 when I was back from the hospital, but I was (stupidly) side tracked by other priorities. I MUST STAY FOCUSED on the BOOK! Departed for home with my guitar to change pants and attend a writers club gathering at TC’s. Unfortunately there was uncertainty regarding whether or not I had been invited, so rather than upset respected apple carts by attending, I stayed home. Had several slices of bread and butter and a sliced turkey sandwich with bread given to my employer by a granite delivery man from Chicago who picked it up this morning from a Polish delicatessen, gave George two loaves and George gave me one. The spirit is alive.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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