The Week that Was — December 8 — 14

Sun, Dec 8 —  In at 8:55 with a LOT to do today! Sometimes the obligations and priorities are a burden. Other times their calling is music to my heart and I delight in engaging them. Today there is no music, but I shall engage. The soldier who battles only when he’s in a good mood is in the wrong line of work. In the main, I know I am in the right line of work. A MUST-WRITE letter to a friend, then most of the rest of the day with the John Thornton Walker book and a blog about it. . . . . . .I wrote the letter to my friend in Sauk Rapids and blogged about it on Honey & Quinine. I ate the Polish deli bread peanut butter & strawberry preserves sandwich I made at home before coming out and it was excellent. FINALLY waded into the JTW book and worked a good two hours before I heard activity in the lobby through my open door (NO VISITORS intruded on me, a mixed blessing I reckon.) and learned they were about to launch a Lear 60. So I took pic of it and the fabulous takeoff, processed the pictures and returned to JTW for the rest of the day. Made SOLID PROGRESS, but I’m becoming dismayed over how little I know about him. I will have to look far and wide — Springfield High, the local newspaper, maybe a note to the Illinois Times editor. Finally put a ribbon on the JT work and spent more time processing photos. Departed for home and a tasty salad at 5:50. Roads are icing up. Cross fingers….UPDATE — The drive home was slow, very careful, but I made it.

Mon, Dec 9 —  Didn’t come in this morning. Awoke fearing the roads, thinking I probably would stay home from work, but there was no new snow on the truck, I talked to employer who said roads were fine, and I drove to work with no problems. Still, driving in rush hour traffic to the airport shivering cold with LOTS of bright oncoming headlights was a challenge and I was nervous as hell. Arrived AKM 5:18. Very cold outside. Nothing has melted. Even my office was chilly. Worked on JTW book. Had 3 1/2 SOLID hours working on the BOOK. Posted a blog update, went home at 9:15. A SOLID GOOD DAY!

Tue, Sec 10 —  In at 7:25, sunny & clear, 12 degrees and WINDY! They predict 3 degrees tonight and major snow Friday. DANG! Piper Twin Comanche on the ramp arrived last night from Alabama flown by Frank Albright who’s a farmer and flies a turbo-prop Ag-Cat at home. Loves the Twin C, visited AKM leisurely, staying at the Hilton for a conference here in town. Nice guy. So I waited for a higher sun to photog the Piper.

Worked on JTW book, squeezed a lot of progress in before WORK which went well too. Indexed half a year of AWST. Back 5:15, good drive toward nice sunset on horizon. Worked on AHEC Board Minutes, then JTW. Sent the minutes to Gene B. Worked on JTW sorting notes into the text chronology files and departed for Shop N Save and home and dinner at 8:35.

Wed, Dec 11 — Good night’s sleep! Visited CWLP and convinced them to delay turning off my electricity until December 18. I should  have a paycheck and dollars to pay the $143 due by then. To AKM at 8:45 to gather my medical bills from last Jan 13 and take them all to Memorial Medical Center to try to determine how I can pay for all those services. Began taking all the bills out of their envelopes and creating file folders for them. Decided to continue this at WORK so I can be paid for my  time. I’ll have to visit Memorial next week.  I can’t believe I’m only two weeks from Christmas! If the overdue rent does not come in I will have NOTHING in my bank account on that day! Had a decent day at work and returned to AKM for the model club meet which went well and then discovered Chuck Yeager had “Liked” a comment I had put on his Fb page. It’s 9:20 now and I am going home to eat dinner.

 Thu, Dec 12 — In at 5:25. One degree outside, very still. Worked on JTW book and processed pictures. The old fence, inside the new taller fence has been taken down. Phot’d FAA Lear 60.
Work was a challenge after GJ & I had more unhappy discussion. Still, I indexed several AWSTs. Delivered two boxes of indexed AWSTs to upstairs AKM and did not stay. Went to Shop N Save and purchased the four remaining salads they had and went home in rush hour traffic and darkness. NOT FUN. No activity after dinner either. I was a mite depressed and spent the entire evening hiding in slumber, first in the recliner in the living room. Arose about midnight and spent the rest of the night in bed.

Fri, Dec 13 — In at 7:50, sunny & calm. MAJOR SNOW forecast for this afternoon. Worked on JTW book the rest of my time here. I don’t expect to come here from work after the snow starts and probably won’t be here or at work Saturday. . . . . UPDATE — I left work about 3:15.for home. Hadn’t noticed the weather coming in, and it was snowing hard when I locked up. Still, it was daylight, thank God. Snow was building by the minute, and streets were covered by the time I reached Jefferson. Made it home in one piece. Huzzah, huzzah!

Sat, Dec 14 —  The snow fell lightly until around noon, and I didn’t leave home. I worked on the T book and posted a Honey & Quinine about the Springfield High School memorial service for those grads who had died in the military, Sunday at 3 pm in May ’46. It was a quiet, very deliberate and sober, productive day.

Thanks for reading.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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