The Week that Was — December 22 — 28

Sun, Dec 22 — Didn’t come out to AKM; stayed home all day. There, I transcribed an April 7 1940 JTW column in the Illinois State Journal. It will be useful to have legible, larger text. On balance, following a ragged Sat/Sunday night, it was a ragged Sunday. But it was okay. ++ additional thought: I will post the transcription here at this blog early into January. I want to know whether you find it interesting.

Mon, Dec 23 —  Into AKM at 8:25. Took some trash out, brought some models (Hasegawa AH-64 and OV-1) down from upstairs to work on in the office. Work went okay. Clipped things from an avhist book I’m cutting up. Departed at 5:30 for AKM. Traffic behind me was much better than at 5. Oncoming lights were a little improved but not much. Had a quiet time here and went home at 8.

Tue, Dec 24 — Worked on JTW book at home 8 to 9:30. Drove to Hammer’s Hobbies to wish them a merry Christmas and found them CLOSED. They deserve two days off in a row. I’ll visit Thursday. To grocer and bought food for tomorrow’s big meal; left it in “Anne” with a window cracked open so it will stay cool. Arrived AKM 11:15. The new coffee maker was installed. Processed pictures from last night. Very productive day in office until about 2:30 and upstairs n process room, mostly until 3:50. My hands were cold, but I had fun. Departed for home at 3:55 very satisfied with the day.

Wed, Dec 25 — In at 7:26 after washing every dirty dish in the house and cleaning the stove top and counter. There was a light dusting of very cold snow, not enough to affect driving, but enough to whiten the parking lots at the airport. Bob M. offered the two remaining bagels and Honey Walnut spread from Panera Bread that had been at the counter behind the counter since yesterday morning, and after 30 seconds in the microwave in the back lounge, they were terrific. Posted a Christmas tree picture and best wishes on Fb,

worked upstairs in intake room and process room. Accomplished a lot upstairs moving models into work area for completing and repairing. Moved a metal shelving unit to process room for storing kits. Photographed the ONE VISITING AIRCRAFT by 4:45, a Lear 60.
Stayed past 2:00 because I wasn’t hungry and the day was going well.
Started taking AWSTs to periodical room, but I BELIEVE I’m going to make room for all second-string avmags in
storage boxes down in the intake room and pitch more partially completed and broken plastic with no long-term future here. We shall see. Departed for home at 3:55. Gloomy gray outside but my heart is semi-sunny and satisfied with the day here.

Thu, Dec 26 — Busy morning. To bank to deposit $40 into the AKM account. To Memorial Hospital to talk about dealing with my surgery bills. To Social Security offices way out southwest to do the same. To Hammer’s Hobbies to buy some glue, paint and ONE model kit. Mark Hammer was very nice. To Pawn King pawn shop where I gave Brett Hunter an F-94 model kit along with an AeroKnow Museum card which he promised to pass onto his dad, local commercial property developer Bud Hunter, former USAF. To downtown bank to look into getting a direct deposit account. Cost of my time at Memorial Hospital, not counting the surgeon’s, anesthesiologist’s and cardiovascular physician consult and home care was $41,000. I haven’t looked up the other charges, but I kept and arranged all the bills. Now that there is hope at the end of the tunnel, I will look up the information and share it at H&Q. It was a vital, ESSENTIAL first step. No lunch except for a solitary Hershey’s chocolate kiss left behind Tuesday on my desk. I arrived back at 1:10 and went right into action with letters to a nephew Dr. Stephen Shymansky and a long-time friend Ed Wahl after pouring a big cup of coffee and checking email and Fb. Sunny, cool and reasonably calm outside; beautiful day.

Fri, Dec 27 — In at 7:00. Wrote a long letter to my nephew Steve. Partially completed forms for registering AKM with Illinois Secretary of State for 2014. Very quiet on the ramp a 172 and local Citation II; nothing photo-worthy. The light was wrong anyhow. Departed about 10 for the Illinois Secretary of State’s corporate division, completed and filed the forms. AeroKnow NFP is up to date with registration and fees for 2014.  To JC Penney to use the two  bank plastic cards from United Community Bank which Springfield Business Journal had given me and learned that one was unusable. Thank you Springfield Business Journal and United Community Bank. Ha ha. Even so, with a little help from the incredible shrinking checking account I bought a pair of new brown loafers and a pair of new black loafers, tan Levi’s and blue jeans Levi’s. First new clothes in three freaking years and first new shoes in four. Had a great visit at J.C. Penney. The young women were VERY nice. Back to AKM by 1. LOTS to do here. I MUST get out here before 5:30 am TOMORROW AND SUNDAY. Departed for home at 4:05.

Sat, Dec 28 —  Did not make it here early. In at 9:00, worked on finances. Went up at 10 to check PBY files for an insignia in response to a request from American Aviation Historical Society and arranged the workshop room. Accomplished a lot but was unsuccessful in the his attempt to ID a unit marking for the unusual Catalina. The all-day plastic modelers club build marathon began at noon. Eric was the first to arrive about 1. Brian also came. A good time was had by all. Processed pictures and departed for home at 7:20, very happy with the day.

Thanks for reading.



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I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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