The Week that Was — February 9 — February 15

Sun, Feb 9 — In at 8:45, took a few pictures of the new light snow on the airport, no planes around. Put my coat upstairs in the process room so it doesn’t clutter the office. Worked VERY HARD getting the heavy desk we had damaged when we moved it in some years ago OUT of the process room and the  big top into the intake room. The upstairs was totally unheated and a bother to work in, but it’s free, and I’m glad I put the sweat into the effort. Made big progress there. Also revised the AK website, removed JB’s kits disposal list as per his mail note. He sold them all to a fellow out east. I SHOULD have purchased them to sell at AKM.  Began a first AKM Gallery blog of pics from Chino visit. E corr with Jerri B and Paul M. Another terrific day! Departed for grocer and home at 5:40.

Mon, Feb 10 —  In at 8:30 after depositing part rent from S and paying house insurance. Very cold and sunny out; minus 12 predicted for tomorrow. Had a cold but okay day at work, culling articles from EAA Sport Aviation magazines, busier with employer work than usual, but no complaints at all. Back to AKM at 5:20. Worked on trip pictures and wmail. Went home about 7:55.
Tue, Feb 11 — In at 7:45, just in time to photograph an Aeromot AMT-200 Super Ximango that hangared at Horizon Aviation last night.
DSC09077 DSC09078 DSC09088 DSC09091
He started his engine just as I walked into MINUS FIVE DEGREES air with no gloves on so I could take pictures. He took forever to warm up and taxi. My fingers hurt like heck! Spent the rest of the morning processing them and posted 3 to Fb, then to work which was HORRIBLE,  just trying to stay out of owner’s way. I did accomplish a LOT culling data from Sport Aviation but I was tired from a lousy night in which I slept part of the night IN MY BED instead of the recliner. This was the first time I slept in my bed (instead of the recliner I had moved into my ultra-cozy home office) since December 27, 2013. It had just been easier to be WARM in my office and I could tolerate the recliner chair. It had been a ragged night with no wine. I was pretty damn depressed all day despite bringing two sandwiches. Heading back to AKM the setting sun was a real problem, almost blinded me a few times. Starting Wednesday, I don’t leave work until 5:30 if it’s a clear sky. I DAMN near had an accident! Back to AKM 5:25 with a TON (BIG BOX) of articles culled from Sport Aviation over the past few weeks. I am ragged tonight. Still happy to have received email from Bill Larkins; great inspiration to me over the years. Worked on my AKM blog about the trip.

Wed, Feb 12 —  In at 8:20 after visiting the bank. Phot’d a Challenger on the snowy ramp.

Bom-dWork was AKM productive and the Central Illinois Plastic Model club meet went well though I hardly touched a model. I just wasn’t in a model mood, a little depressed by the constant chatter that I could barely hear. Stopped about 9:15 and had visitors from a Beech 200 med transport bird. Departed for home at 9:50, tired . . . . . chips and peanut butter and Rossi for dinner. Slept very well in bed.

Thu, Feb 13 —  In at 7:15. Processed pictures. Culled more articles from Sport Aviations at work and was busier with stone customers than usual. Five cookies and coffee for lunch. Back at 5:25 and worked on AKM blog. Finished it and departed for home at 8:05.

Fri, Feb 14 —  In at 6:45 to work on revised AHEC brochure. Sent the revision to Board and Contacts. When I looked outside about 8:40, discovered snow falling hard and accumulating. Called GJ and cancelled my coming to work and he agreed. Worked arranging process room with the heavy steel desk in hall and arranging its top for a sorting area in the intake room. Made decent progress. Photo’d the Bonanza A36 alone on snowy ramp from fence, Posted at Fb. Worked on AKM Gallery pictures Parts 1 & 2, finished work on the AAHS cards I had proposed to Jerri. Back to work upstairs, cold but I was okay. Later phot’d a Cessna 421 and late in day phot’d Gulfstream G-100 that had to be de-iced, a procedure that took longer than expected. The airplane sat on the ramp, people inside, burning fuel, waiting for the de-ice truck that took forever while it de-iced an American Express Embraer. Took some decent pics of G-100 de-ice and posted several to Fb.

3 2 DSC09154 DSC09159 The day went longer than I wanted because I stayed late to post SIGNIFICANT pics to Fb. Departed to spend $20 at grocer for food that will last through Sunday. The streets were 90% snow covered but traffic was light. There were no problems or tension going home. Home about 7. Still no internet connection!



Sat, Feb 15 — In at 1:15 after not attending AHEC meet because I’m disappointed with how it’s going. My alibi was that I HAD to work at employer, and then when he cancelled me for the day, it is that I was concerned about icy roads and stayed home until later in the day. Was VERY DISAPPOINTED I HAVE NO AKM work to do at HOME! That means I have nothing at all to do at home. Tried to set up DVD player in office. No success; can’t figure it out. Tried to get tech help with my computer. No luck. Tech support doesn’t work weekends. MUCH TO DO HERE at AKM! Overcast and very glum around here. Posted Part 1 of my Visit to Chino at AKM Gallery.
DSC09165 PipNav-a PipNav-c PipNav-f
Phot’d a Robinson R44 and met owner & IP; also Chuck M and his co-pi refueling a Wings of Hope Piper Navaho Chieftain with a family heading south for daughter’s medical treatment, would have been 12 hours by car. Great mission. It was snowing pretty hard so I left at 5:45. Wanted to stay longer, but couldn’t risk it. The streets were fine, no problems. I should have stayed longer.

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