The Week that Was — February 16 — February 22

Sun, Feb 16  — In at 8:55, overcast, not painfully cold, puddles in the parking lot, light breeze. Updated, posted The Week that Was from the last three weeks, didn’t finish that until noon. Cupcake and coffee for lunch before working upstairs until 2:30 neatening the research room and process room, made good progress, and after a while, the cold didn’t bother me. At the end of the day after solid, wonderful progress upstairs, I received an email from the daughter of John Thornton Walker, the man I’m writing a book about. She’s losing patience with me, and all I have given here is no book so far. Anything else is a lame alibi, but it’s not as lame as I worry that she believes it is.  This TOTALLY SADDENS me! I WISH there were a better way! 😦  Departed for home at 6:45.

Mon, Feb 17 —  Tried to come in at 6:30 but it was sleeting with freezing rain that continued all morning. Finally started snowing about 1:30 and the weather began to warm up. Tire paths/grooves  in the streets were relatively clear. Arrived AKM at 2:00 in moderate snow. Stayed less than an hour before leaving for grocer and home, still depressed as hell. Let’s hope for much better Tuesday!

Tue, Feb 18 —  It was much better than Monday. In at 7:10 and took pictures of the snow and sunrise. Work went well, culled many Sport Aviation articles. Back at 5:20, took pics of a Falcon 10, Grand Caravan, Lear 60 and sunset. h Processed them and was visited by the passengers of the Caravan, execs with the electrical contracting business.
aNice fellows, very impressed with the office collection. Wrote about half of part 3 of the CesCar-bVisit to AAHS blog and shared a few pics from that effort at Fb. Went home at 9:15.DSC09196

Wed, Feb 19 —  Ran errands, picked up more file folders and printer ink for AKM printer. Directly to employer by noon and the day went well. Back to AKM by 5:15, phot’d a
Canadair Challenger 604 from the fence and got my new brown shoes VERY VERY muddy! But the pics were fine. Posted at AKM Fb page. CanCha604-ff
Was tired. Put some things away and felt a second wind coming on, so I FINISHED part 3 of the LA Visit blog and departed for home at 9:38.

Thu, Feb 20 —  Awoke to lightning and moderate thunderstorm. Into AKM at 7:20. Produced a pictures supplement to send to area print media about John Thornton Walker and wanting to talk with any reader who remembers him. Took it to work and wrote separate letters to the editors of the State Journal-Register and Illinois times asking them to print news of my effort. Mailed the letters before noon. . . . . . . . . . . . .I have been telling myself there is no point in writing to area news media about John Thornton Walker because no editor is going to see the value of a book about a local citizen who went off to war and never came home to Springfield, even after he died. But I finally convinced myself that I CANNOT continue putting the book together WITHOUT making the effort. Something might turn up. I’m simply sorry it took so long, sorry to Connie Thornton Strouse and her family, and sorry for the memory of John Thornton Walker. . . . . . . . Culled articles from more Sport Aviations, made good progress, had a fine day. Drove to AKM in strong wind that was terrible when I arrived. Gusting to more than 45 knots! Worked on AAHS correspondence and departed for grocer and home at 7:10.

Fri, Feb 21 —  In at 7:20, clear, chilly and windy! Work went okay. Culled many important articles from recently donated copies of Dedaeleus magazine and Sport Aviation. Photog’d another beautiful sunset and posted pics at AKM Airport Seen page and Fb. ad   Worked on spreadsheet for AAHS after work, Arranged things in the new book case Rob F loaned AKM, Also on spread sheet data response form for AAHS. Went home at 9:50.

Sat, Feb 22 —  Calm and clearing, in at 6:50. Solid start! Made major progress arranging the office and research room, but I have a long way to go, especially upstairs. The CIPM Modeling Marathon was SUPERB with Brian, Chuck, Eric and Mark. Made good progress on Soviet Stealth fighter and Grumman OV-1,   CIP22214-aMark showed me I was mistaken, when I thought the new memory card for the Canon didn’t worki! I was BLOWN AWAY by the proof! I COULD have taken all the pictures I wanted if I had given the camera a BETTER test run taking pictures before departing Springfield. DAMNDAMNDAMN! I feel like a stupid frikking IDIOT! Must put this behind me! Posted pictures at CIPM Fb site and will post Sunday at Plastic Times blog. No time for anything else today. Departed for home at 7:00 after a long and productive day.

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Have a great week!

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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