The Week that Was — February 23 — March 1

Sun, Feb 23 — In at 8:55, cold and calm outside. Very productive day, saw a few airplanes but nothing that really grabbed me. Photog’d a Family Video Cessna Citation 560 CesCit560-a just to make the pilot and passengers curious about who was taking pictures of THEIR airplane they had chartered for a flight to Florida.

Accomplished a LOT upstairs, first un-boxing a gazillion culled articles from Aviation Consumer, Sport Aviation and Antique Airplane Association publications and simply making piles of them in the intake room, discarding and rearranging the clutter. Ditto the research room: eliminated a lot of accumulated clutter by rearranging and putting things where they needed to be. Then spent more than an hour in the miscellaneous room at the end of the hall, redistributing and filing Many,many articles, making a DENT in the clutter there. Started to produce the Illinois Pilots Association Springfield Chapter Newsletter, but I’ve haven’t heard from a key contributor, and could only go so far. Didn’t say so much as BOO to a living soul out here today, and though this bothers me, it doesn’t disappoint me a lot because I accomplish more when I’m NOT jabbering to be “nice.” — not that there’s anything wrong with that. Finally called it a day, closed the rooms upstairs and went home via grocer at 7:00.

Mon, Feb 24 — In at 7:10, clear, chilly, calm. Phot’d Cessna 340 from fence. Ces340A-aArranged some more upstairs, good progress. Work was fine. After, worked on Aviation History Educational Center (AHEC) mailing list and the Illinois Pilots Association Springfield Chapter March newsletter from 5:20 until 9:08. It’s been a long day but production. Departed for home 9:10.

Tue, Feb 25  —  In at 6:10, just a hint of dawn in the east, light snow (one inch) had fallen, very cold and light snow, I could have blown it off the windows with my breath. Street crews were already doing a wonderful job with salting the hills. No problems at all. Arranged the new Surplus Room and revised the IPA/SPI newsletter; sent it to Brian before 7a. The returning cold weather streak (2 degrees above zero predicted for tonight has something to do with the onslaught of mild depression, but a lot of it has to do with almost no communication from my friends at AAHS. I’m probably setting my expectations too high, but it’s a bummer and tonight I’m leaving for home at 6:50. That’s record fast for me. Life goes on.

Wed, Feb 26  — In at 5:45 total dark, light wind and very cold. Photog’d Raytheon Hawker 800XP three times, spent most of morning processing pictures. Haw800XP-c Haw800XP-d Haw800XP-pMoved more surplus books, kits, magazines to Sell Room. Work was sans George who was in Chicago picking up slate for a customer. Worked on AKM article culling all but say 20 minutes. Had an excellent phone call from JBnCA! Departed late from work and had a real problem with the BRIGHT SUN IN MY EYES, just DAMN BLINDING! Back to AKM at 5:30. I’m in no mood for the model club meet, but I will stay because it is my freaking destiny to stay. Everyone but me had fun. Martin M. Eric D. Kevin & son and Kevin P., a good group. I was in tired and hungry and depressed. Worked on arranging combat groups files that I’ve ignored for years, a necessary task to respond to a request from afar. DSC09267After the meet, Kevin P helped put things away upstairs and departed. I left the building at 9:50. Had potato chips, peanut butter on a bread knife and wine for dinner. Sleep came easy in bed by 10:45.
Thu, Feb 27 —  In at 6:55, still dragging. Must climb out of this hole but have no great expectations for dealing with George and work today. We shall see. Must pay less attention to pictures and more to getting and keeping things here organized and neat, presentable. Accomplished a lot with the article culling at work, but I was crushed by the lack of interaction with the owner. NO conversation initiated by him unless he wanted something to be done and even then it was HEY JOB, I WANT YOU to . . . . . . It was a day of sullen silence and it ate away at me. I am TEMPTED to tell him I want to work only afternoons. But I won’t. He finally PAID me for work done from Feb 3 — 15 which had me not working both Saturdays and off a snow day and a half. So I cleaned out MOST of my aviation material and brought it back to AKM. PHotog’d a Eurocopter after chatting with pilot Jerry in the lounge. EurEC-b EurEC-d gees-cPosted pics on FB — MORE time wasted for no significant net gain! I feel DRAINED. Almost nothing to eat at the house, but it’s more than nothing. Put some magazines and culled articles away upstairs, worked on the US Navy combat units files in the office. Departed for home at 8:35. I’ll drink my dismay to sleep tonight.

Fri, Feb 28 —  Deposited 1st paycheck in a while and $635 of what upstairs renter owes, bought fuel and arrived AKM 8:30. Prepared for the Home Builders Association Home Show downtown and departed for that about 1:30; had a decent time until going straight home at 8:30. Grocery shopped en route because of a forecast of major snow Sunday. Arrived home tired at 9:15 and went straight to bed at 9:30.

Sat, Mar 1 — Up at 5:30 and into AKM at 6:00. Arranged USN combat group files and departed for Home Show at 7:45. NOT looking forward to tomorrow’s snow. Had  “Breakfast Horseshoe” at Lindsay’s restaurant at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel next to the convention center and spent almost the entire day on my feet working the Home Show and having a pretty good time. Attended John McLellan concert after and enjoyed it a lot.JohMcC-s Learned Illinois Times printed my letter about John Thornton Walker
09RomeExpress (2)
and my search for people who remember him. EXCELLENT. Home by 11 after a 17 hour day of committed time, ate some chips, drank some Burgundy and slept very well.

Thanks for reading this post.

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I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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