The Week That Was — March 2 to March 8

Sun, Mar 2 —  George gave me the day off from the home show, and though I was sorry to lose some pay for my 10 to 5 there, I was glad to know I wasn’t going to be on my feet all day. Washed some dishes, re-arranged home bedroom office and drove to AKM in moderate snow. With light traffic and DAYLIGHT, I can deal with it with no worries. Windy, significant drifting snow but okay. Arrived at 9:25. Very quiet day, Posted Honey & Quinine about McClellan concert, worked on AAHS material including proofreading FlightLine where a short piece about me serving as “TAM, The Answer Man” was included. Went home a mite depressed at 4:30.

Mon, Mar 3 — In at 6:35, quiet, calm and 0 degrees outside. Correspondence with AAHS people, phot’d a medevac heli taking off but had to look through the window glass and that ruined things. Eur-a
Lineman would not let me open the door to the ramp.
     Work was testy all day until GJ departed. Culled articles from the last of the Sport Aviations. Stayed late for a customer who hadn’t arrived by 5:15 so I punched out; arrived back at AKM at 5:30, but I am deflated and tired. Deleted old email, moved some of it to folders until 7:15 and went home.

Tue, Mar 4 — Up about 4 and worked to transform bedroom into bedroom office. The small bedroom will be a guest bedroom. Saw two ambulances with flashing lights at a house on Walnut as I headed north and doglegged east so I would not drive near them while the crews do their best to help someone in major distress. Into AKM at 5:30 am, calm and 15 outside. Photog’d a Cessna Grand Caravan amphib and posted a few pics. CesCar-rMUST do an AKM Galoflt. Work was testy until GJ left for the afternoon. Good friend from years past, John E. visited & we had a nice talk. FINISHED (I think) work with culling Sport Aviations — YAY! — and brought a box of AWSTs I THINK I have not yet indexed we shall see tomorrow. After work processed Caravan pics and little else. Went home at 7:50.

Wed, Mar 5 —  In at 7:20, cool , calm, overcast. Feeling a little numb, not from wine but from always having something going on. MUST attend the monthly Springfield Chapter Illinois Pilots Association dinner meeting because I produce the monthly newsletter and AKM will exhibit models at the scholarship fundraiser tonight. Decided to attend only one model club meeting of the two that take place here each month. I have too much to do with other material here, where never is heard an encouraging word.

Thu, Mar 6 — In at 7:05, clear and calm. CH-47 on distant ramp, part obscured by fuel trucks. Began work on a new “answers to questions” blog for American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS). Discovered on arrival at work that the power was out. We had neither lights nor heat, and it was COLD. Hung around processing magazine clippings standing at the counter because the light reflected from the western sky was better than what I had seated at my desk. Had to be 40 degrees in there. No warm coffee. Make okay AKM progress before the electricity came back on at about noon and had a pretty good day, working on the new AAHS blog and making slow but steady progress between passing interactions with  GJ and a few customers. Back to AKM at 5:20. Worked very hard on the new AAHS blog until leaving for grocer and home at 8:25, well satisfied with the day.

Fri, Mar 7 —  In at 7:20, sunny, clear and calm. Three ac King Air Citation II and Citation VII on ramp. Spent early morning arranging bedroom into bedroom/office. TOURED the Cit VII at the invitation of the pilot of the charter flight for some medical administrators. Nice fellow. Processed photos. . . CesCitVII-f
and worked on AAHS TAM blog. Departed about 10 to PC Doctor to pick up repaired laptop. I realized I didn’t have my checkbook with me so explained I’d have to go home, get checkbook and come back, and was told they don’t accept checks. Went home to get checkbook to take to bank and write a check for cash and also to pay insurance bill I’d forgotten about, but was due. Could not find my current checkbook so took a pack of the next set, wrote a check at home for cash. On way out of house decided to visit bathroom, and on entering, found my current checkbook on the floor. Picked up cash from bank, paid insurance bill, back to PC Doctor, paid bill, picked up laptop and went directly to work.   Work went okay. Tired after work but sorted clips culled from avmags and looked for info requested from AAHS’  The Answer Man. Went home at 6:40. The truck ran rough, and the fuel gauge told me I’d need fuel 1st thing Saturday morning. I had no cash and there was no fuel station close by where I could write a check! This was  NOT a good sign and I worried too much about it..

Sat, Mar 8 —  Up later than planned because I wanted to be sure the nearest fuel station would be open. Out the door at 6:15, and it was obvious from the sound of the engine I would NOT make it to the nearest gas station. Facebook messaged my neighbor asking that if he was awake, I needed to come over and borrow the lawnmower gasoline in his backyard shed to have enough to get to the station. Asked him to call me when he received my Fb note. He called back in less than two minutes that he was in Downers Grove, IL and the gas can in his shed still had some. I was welcome to it. Started looking for my checkbook in the rearranged bedroom office that was a real disorganized mess. Checked all my pants and shirts. No luck. Finally saw it in a corner of my desk. Then I looked for my partial denture and could not find IT. It had fallen off my desk was I was looking for the checkbook and I ALMOST STEPPED ON IT! CHEESES. Brushed teeth and went over to neighbor’s house, emptied the fuel into my truck and drove to Air Jiffy by the airport. Ran into a fellow who heard me recite poetry at Lincoln Library years ago and heard me play guitar at Jimmy’s Sub Shoppe. He told the clerks I have a great voice for poetry. NICE GUY. THAT REDEEMED MY MORNING. Then made me sad again. I MISS reciting poetry and singing!!!!!! Work at employer was sub-par; GJ pecked me to distraction with one small task interrupted by instructions for another small task forcing return to half-completed small task which was interrupted 3/4 complete with another small task, and as soon as a hot cup of coffee had cooled just enough to enjoy it, returning to peck away with another small task. I MUST find away to reduce my hours there! Headed back to the museum at 2:15, depressed as hell. The AIRPORT’s even depressing, cold and windy and not an airplane on the tarmac. CHEESES, I may go home early on a Saturday, totally unheard of for me . . . Left the airport at 3:15. I’ll be a hard-charging John Thornton Walker book writing-focused paen of propriety SUNDAY, tomorrow when the sun will come out, bet your bottom dollar.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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