The Week that Was — March 16 — 22

Sun, Mar 16 — Arranged the house most of the morning and arrived AKM 11:30, brought a box of Krispy Kreme donuts for the counter, customers and lunch. Walked right into a medevac heli pilot friend who introduced me to a drone developer. Gave him the complete tour. Took about an hour. He was in no rush because the weather is horrible. He’ll fly an American Eagle ride to Dallas if it doesn’t moderate so he can fly his 172. Finished talking with him about 12:40. Grabbed a few donuts and ate lunch; then into the day. Rearranged some models in the office, the Victor & Vulcan together, the XB-35 and B-2 together, C-119 & F9F together. Culled some articles from today’s SJ-R. Spent about an hour writing the John Thornton Walker book Introduction and start of Chapter 1. I intend to work longer as I begin to build momentum. Worked on Gallery and ALAF blogs, greeted four more visitors. A very productive, positive day. Departed for home at 6:00.

Mon, Mar 17 — In at 7:30 and worked on Air Tractor pics. Image


Work went okay. Back to AKM and met a UofI CFI and student doing a cross country from Urbana in a Piper Archer, phot’d their takeoff. Pretty quiet around here and I’m tired. Departed for home at 7:15.

Tue, Mar 18 — In at 7:55, cool, sunny. Processed Air Tractor pics. Work went very well. Copied a BUNCH of culled pages. Contacted Springfield Fire Dept about JTW’s dad. Back and processed a bunch of plastic model club and Hawker 850 pics. Left for home at 7:05, happy with the day.

Wed, Mar 19 — In at 7:15, cool, apparently there was moderate rain last night; nothing on the windshield. Finished a new poem for an event after work. Worked on the Air Tractor pics from last week. Work went okay and stapled a lot of culled and partly copied articles together. Returned to AKM only to lock the door to the museum office and head downtown. The open mic reading was a mixed bag. The food and service at Robbie’s Restaurant was fine. Departed mildly disappointed though the reaction to the poems I shared was okay. I could barely hear most of the other readers who don’t know how to use a microphone. I need to look into buying a hearing aid. Home about 8:30, ate a few chips, drank a little wine and was in bed by 9:45. Slept very well.

Thu, Mar 20 — In at 6:10. Worked on AKM Gallery and personal blogs. Posted them and departed about 9:00 to run errands in town and report to work at 11:00. Ran out of time and did not get to library to search for Springfield Fire Dept. info about John Thornton Walker’s dad, whom the family has believed was chief of the department. A division manager told me two days ago, there’s a plaque in the building that lists all the SFD chiefs, and there is no Walker on that list during the 30s. Work went fine. Made MANY copies of culled av article pages. Back at AKM, processed a bunch of pictures and sorted many to get the arranged and onto CDs. Departed for home at 7:35.


Fri, Mar 21 — In at 8, calm, overcast outside. Piddled with correspondence, spent about 20 minu8tes upstairs with files. Work went okay. Encountered two F/A-18Ds PERFECTLY PARKED in the PERFECT place on the ramp and almost ran to the office to get the Cyber-shot and took a BUNCH of pictures and processed a lot. Then went out as the sun sank below the cloud base and took some more pictures. Very good results. Departed for home and dinner at 7:55.


Sat, Mar 22 — BUSY day with the AHEC Board meeting and photographing visiting four F/A-18s who had come in to fly a formation at a fellow pilot’s graveside service near Peoria, IL. Four T-6A Texan IIs also visited, part of a cross-country flight.Image Took a gazillion pictures and had a fantastic time! Attended a history trivia night at the Old State Capitol and had a good time, though I was embarrassed over how little trivia I knew. I took brochures about AeroKnow Museum and my Vachel Lindsay performances and passed them to everyone I knew at the tables during breaks and a few at the table (number 4) where I sat. MUST REPORT I was AGHAST when I read a multiple choice handout, part of the new round of questions, and discovered SOMEONE HAD MISSPELLED THE NAME OF MY HOMETOWN AIRPORT. It was spelled “CAPITOL AIRPORT!” Anyone who doesn’t drag his or her knuckles on the ground when walking SHOULD KNOW the CORRECT SPELLING: C A P I T A L Airport. The incident really soured me regarding history trivia games sponsored by the Sangamon County Historical Society.

Many pictures from the F/A-18 visit will be posted at the AeroKnow Museum Gallery of Flight blog when time permits

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I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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