The Week That Was — April 20 – 26

Gang, it’s been a nutty couple of weeks with obligations to locals and it ain’t nobody’s picnic where I work, That saps my focus and determination  I feel terrible that I’ve made no progress with the John Thornton Walker book project lately, but things are settling down, I’m going to schedule more time off from my employer, and I will resume in the next few weeks of May.

Sun, Apr 20 — For the first time in a long, long time, I did not visit the airport museum. I didn’t leave the house. Didn’t even sit on the porch. I spent most of the day learning how to configure my new Windows 8 computer I HATE WINDOWS 8; love the computer. KNEW I should be working on the IPA newsletter, and I did feel a little bit rotten about letting it ride, but I neglected it anyway.

Mon, Apr 21 — In at 5:50. Worked on the IPA newsletter. Sent it to Brian a few minutes before leaving for work. The day went fine at TGG, culled many articles from new Sport Aviation magazines. After the rain nearly all day went away, had a few customers. Back at AKM revised the newsletter and sent it to Brian. Worked on Part 5 of AAHS trip blog until the internet connection was lost. Don’t know why. Went home at 9:15.

Tue, Apr 22 — In at 7:20. STILL no internet access! It was restored about 9:50. Ran some errands away, returned, caught up with some correspondence, arrived at employer at 11:30 and accomplished a lot more AKM action. To Edgar’s coffeehouse at Goodwill in Chatham, rode with DD and had a fine time, took many pictures of REAL talented, good people, despite a few lugnuts in the salad. Back to AKM at 9:15 and phot’d an Eclipse floodlit on the ramp.

Eclipse business jet

Eclipse business jet

Went home at 9:40.

Wed, Apr 23 — In at 6:05, calm, cool and clear. Phot’d the Eclipse on the ramp in mid dawn light.  Ecl-fEcl-h  Processed pictures from last night’s open mic in Chatham. Big thrill to find a P-51 on the ramp, pilot gave me permission to phot it and the takeoff.  P51-Q I ran out of memory card just as he was leaving the ground. BITTER DISAPPOINTMENT WITH MYSELF! Also phot’d Corky Joyner’s 172 that’s being repainted in Taylorville in a few days. The sun at the moment threw a shadow from a light pole right over the nose of it and really hurt the result. Work was okay, accomplished a lot for AKM, trimming clippings. Back to AKM, met Bobby Cole, Jr. from Mississippi who came down from Lincoln with Mark H. Showed him around the collection and sat in on most of the model club meet though I didn’t touch plastic. Sang some songs and played guitar. Had a decent time, but I REALLY should have been in my office working on pictures. Everyone was gone by 9:15. I left at 9:40 after sending some pics to Bill Larkins. Stopped at grocer, had a nice salad and chips for dinner and was in bed by 11.

Thu, Apr 24 — In at 7:25, nice outside. Processed pictures until time to go to work, accomplished a lot for AKM there, got along okay. Returned and finished part 5 of my trip to LA series. There will be a Part 6: Impressions and Aftermath. Posted pics from last night’s model club meeting

Central Illinois Plastic Modelers club meeting

Central Illinois Plastic Modelers club meeting

and departed for home at 8:00.

Fri, Apr 25 — Near sleepless after 3:30 last night. Got maybe another hour in before arising about 7:40. Sunny and calm out. Not one airplane on the ramp. Worked on pictures from Tuesday’s open mic. Work went okay. Back and worked on pictures until 8:30. Dead tired and home. Didn’t stop for wine though I’m out. I can live one night without it.

Sat, Apr 26 — In at 5:50. Worked on pictures and posted a blog about last Tuesday’s open mic in Chatham in office, brought AeroKnow website dates in history area to current . . . until work at 10 which went badly. Back at 2:15 and stayed until 8:30 working on processing pictures from earlier in the year, getting things caught up. Napped almost an hour, head on a couple of books on my desk, elbows on my knees in the closed dark office. I was BEAT. Phot’d an EC-135 flown by Jer Nelson departing SPI.

Eurocopter EC-135

Eurocopter EC-135

Stayed until I was damn near exhausted and headed for grocer before going home.

Thanks for reading this post. Have a nice day.



About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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