The Week That Was — May 4 – 10

Sun, May 4 — In at 6:15. Worked on fixing photo processing software Corel Paintbrush Pro X4 and FINALLY got it reconfigured after a few weeks of having a hard time with it. At 7:30 closed office to get ready for Wells Breakfast in hangar. The day went great.
AKCWB-L AKCWB-g AKCWB-bAK5414-b AKCWB-mWarmer than yesterday, not as windy, and at breakfast early before the rush. Met Facebook friend Gary Trone, nice fellow, travels with nice friends too.  CWB54-gProcessed pictures ALL afternoon until leaving for home at 7:30. Will put away and sort models this week.

Mon, May 5 — In at 6:45, calm and sunny. Moved trays of models displayed over weekend to new upstairs sorting area; will inventory, organize and separate intact from “to repair.” Straightened up office. Met with Mike G and Jim V re a writing project for a display case at Air Combat Museum. Was shocked to find my digital recorder not working and I had to take notes! YECCH! To work at 10:30 and worked on the MG/JV project and e’d MG with the result. back at AKM after work processed pictures until leaving for home at 8:00. I’m very low on wine, but it will be enough for tonight.
Tue, May 6 — In at 7:15, phot’d a Falcon 10 in and out.

DasFal10-a DasFal10-e DasFal10-f DasFal10-q DasFal10-v DasFal10-yCanCha600-b CanCha600-d CanCha600-m CanCha600-n CanCha600-p CanCha600-s

Showed pilot, former Cessna test pilot (Citation VII & X) the office. Nice fellow! Phot’d it departing. PHot’d a Challenger 600. Work went okay. More progress for AKM. On returning, processed pics from Wells breakfast, also photog’d the Challenger departing ramp and taking off. climbing toward camera. EXCELLENT PICS! WOW. Departed for home via grocer at 8:00.

Wed, May 7 — in at 7:15, cool and sunny, calm. Logged in new model kits, processed pictures. phot’d a sleek Lear 45. Lea45-cAccomplished a LOT for AKM with clippings. Phot’d an IAI Westwind IAI1124-b but not much. Processed pictures until 7:30 and went home tired.

Thu, May 8 — In at 9:40, great start to the day: paid house insurance, deposited rent check from upstairs, bought stamps for a friend, paid house utility bill and photog’d a Citation on the ramp after opening the AKM office! The old confidence is coming BACK. Processed pictures for half an hour and worked upstairs half an hour before going to work. Upstairs began loooooooooong process of sorting and inventorying built models. This will take weeks. Work went fine. Processed pictures until leaving for home at 8:30. I walked out into a raging thunderstorm, returned to lobby and waited a half an hour until it calmed down.

Fri, May 9 — In at 6:55. A ragged morning, overcast, seems foggy out, very light rain, light wind,probably 70 outside. Feeling crushed by the need to replace BOTH central air units for upstairs renter, cost $5,000! More frikking agony, dammit! And I can’t act until next Tuesday at the bank because I’m committed to full days at employer. On the positive, I finished processing the pictures from the Wells breakfast last night. Work was HELL most of the day. All future references to my present employer will be shared as the Dirksen Parkway Circumstance (sometimes as the DPC). I have not wanted SO MUCH to walk out the door and ever come back since I started there. At 5:01 I left the building and began cooling off en route back to the airport. I still have to get my head clear. Do you know people (often employers) who consistently defecate into the bathroom bowl and never FLUSH? (This comparison is a similie. He’s fine with whatever he does in the bathroom.) I know that kind of person. He employs me. I haven’t been paid since April 4, this year. Why? Ask the man who shits but does not flush. You will find him at the Dirksen Parkway Circumstance. On the positive side, since my head was in a rare “I can’t focus on airplanes” mood FINISHED writing a new song and practiced it with my guitar untill 7:50, then left for home via grocer. Will to bed early and get an early start Saturday morn for matters aviational and AKMal at the airport . . .

Sat, May 10 — In at 7:20, cool, calm, clear and only a Piper Archer (Mark W’s) on the ramp. Stuffy in my office and my head. Designed and produced (at work) sorting guides for filing articles and clips from media. Good progress. Back to AKM at 3. Phot’d a Cessna Skycatcher   Ces162-a Ces162-c Ces162-g Ces162-h Ces162-j Ces162-mand posted to AKM Gallery pictures of last December’s Beech Starship visit. Went home at 6 p to mow the lawns and do an early dinner and bed.

Thanks for reading this post. Have a nice day.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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