The Week That Was – May 11 — 17

Sun, May 11 — Awakened by a thunderstorm about 2 and had a rocky rest of the night. Into AKM at 7:40. Posted log from last week, worked on check records. Updated AeroKnow web site. Tried to eat the four muffins from the Zonta Club bake sale at last weekend’s fly-in and found areas of mold on the top. After I scraped the mold off and ate two, decided they weren’t that delicious and pitched the other two. The ramp activity was very NORMAL, and I took no pictures of airplanes, though the weather was sunny, breezy and warm. Worked upstairs for at least SEVEN HOURS, despite very warm (but acceptable) organizing clips and filing articles. Have not done so much work in a year here. Also worked on MODELS for at least an hour and made fair progress with a Monogram 1/48 F-4C, Mach 2 PBM and a few others. Began repairing the SR-75 model that lost one of its canards. Returned to downstairs office at 6:40. Processed pictures. The goal is to get saved aviation pics to separate DVDs by ac type (P-51, Cessna Citation VII, Piper Navaho, etc.) It takes a lot of keystrokes. Departed for grocer and home at 7:55.
Mon, May 12 — In at 7:45, sunny and too warm out. Predicting 86 high today, 66 high tomorrow. Feeling sweaty and I just arrived in air-conditioned office after quick trip to get my coffee cup. Went to Sangamon County WELFARE office to apply for help with cataract surgery which I MUST HAVE. Also visited with bank person to be sure I can cover cost of new central air units for the upstairs duplex and real estate taxes due in June. Work was okay. Worked at AKM after until 8. A normal evening working on picture processing.

Tue, May 13 — In at 8:25 after depositing an early rent check at bank to set up replacement of TWO central air units at the house. YIKES. Mike G came by about 9:15 and discussed my writing for a display case about a former employee, great fellow. Airport leader M. Hanna visited about 10:15 to discuss a writing project for the terminal building. Worked on the Mike G project most of the early day from 12 to 3, sent it to him via e, worked on sorting charts for AKM until quitting. Very little WORK work for employer and he was gone most of the day. A few minutes before closing rec’d a call from American Aviation Historical Society President Jerri B. who apologized for poor communications since my visit to Los Angeles. GREAT to hear her. I reckon I’ll be spending more time as their “answer man” after I get some other things out of the way. Back at AKM, worked in intake room until 7:15 and model workshop until 7:45. Made progress with an old Frog Gloster Javelin. Went straight home at 8:00 pm for dinner of peanut butter & margarine sandwiches with chips and iced tea. Third evening with no wine in the house and that’s okay. I don’t need the compromise of control over how I feel.
Wed, May 14 — In at 7:20 and phot’d a Swearingen Merlin 3 that came in last night.

SweMet3-gOff to work about 9:10. The day at work was fine. Back at AKM processed pictures and for the first time in months, brought kits and attended the model club meeting. Had a good time, worked on a 1/48 Cessna Skylane floatplane and showed some recently purchased model kits, played a new song I’ve written. The meeting ended about 8:45 and I stopped at grocer going home. Bought and drank my first wine in three days. I hadn’t missed it, but I needed it — along with some food (soup salads, dressings, bread) — and I bought it. I still intend NOT to lean on wine. To bed about 11 and slept very well.

Thu, May 15 — In at 6:40. Posted new song — “Gina” at my personal blog and invited comments. Work went fine. Back, processed pictures and was drowsy — almost fell asleep sitting at my desk — when I encountered a Cessna 400 pilot about to exit for his airplane that had just been pulled out of the hangar after the afternoon of rain. Photo’d it and processed the pictures — wide awake — and posted some on Fb. Ces400-eWent home at 9:20.

Fri, May 16 — In at 7:20, overcast and chilly/rainy. A Beechjet was shutting down as I arrived. Phot’d an FAA Ces400-tLea60-q3Lear 60, after work a departing Allegiant airliner.
The long-sought Heller kit of the Breutkung Irbuter 3 arruved from a Facebook friend; also an incredible leather jacket from JB of AAHS. You could have knocked me over with a feather! Posted a group mail to people at AAHS. Left for home at 8:15.

Sat, May 17 —   In at 8:50 and right to work slightly rearranging the office. Planned to fly with a friend to a gathering in Rochelle, IL this morning, took the day off from “employer” but when I learned who else would be aboard, I begged off the trip. I will not be confined to the interior of a Cessna 210 with someone who drives me crazy. I had every reason to believe I would jump out of the airplane without a parachute and die early to avoid another minute with that person. I’m still taking the day off from work, but I’ll have a happier, more productive day here at the museum. It was a VERY productive day. Worked on an American Aviation Historical Society project until 1:00, worked upstairs transferring pictures from old Zip drives to my SAR computer after replacing the old Springfield Air Rendezvous monitor with a newer one a modeler friend donated about a year ago. Major progress upstairs. Stopped at 8:45, returned to office and went home at 9:00.

Thanks for reading this post.
Have a great day!


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I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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