The Week That Was – May 18 — 24

Sun, May 18 — In at 6:40. Had a VERY productive day. Processed pictures. Worked upstairs with model making. Moved culled articles around in the Intake Room. With absolutely ZERO help here, I’m not going to touch the miscellaneous subjects articles and clips. My first priority is processing and filing US aircraft, followed by Brit, France, Germany, Italy, Soviet, Japan, Multi-national, smaller countries and homebuilt. John B brought out a terrific donation of av mags and several terrific kits I had asked him to hold until I could write him a check, We had a fine visit. Phot’d a visiting Beech C-90 King Air inside and out and the crew visited the AKM office, had a nice talk, longer and friendlier than many.  DSC09478 Worked a LOT on models and had good fun all day. Headed for home at 8:15.

Mon, May 19 — In at 7:40, calm and overcast. Not a plane on the ramp. E-mailed a request for information about John Thornton Walker’s time with the Illinois Army National Guard to the Camp Lincoln Command Historian Adriana Schroeder. Hope to hear from her soon. Got a lot of AKM work done at employer. Indexed many Warbird EAA mags. Met with Mike G. re a writing project and scanned several of his photographs Phot’d a Diamond Da-42NG he owns part of on the very windy ramp. DiaDa42NG-c3Processed pictures of the Da–42 and the scans and went home via grocer at 7:25.     DiaDa42NG-c5I’m tired.

Tue, May 20 — In at 7:10, hazy and calm, predicted 85 high today. Processed pictures. Worked 9 to 5 and indexed SEVERAL FlyPast magazines. George was okay. Back, worked on pictures for a display case Air Combat Museum is doing for a friend. That took almost all night. Had intended to leave for home at 7:30 or 8, but decided to accomplish more so I could come in later Wednesday. Scanned some slides of E-4s. scan0270 Sent pics to display maker. Did not leave for grocer and home until 9:15 and I was TIRED! Had a boxed salad and chips and wine and went to sleep; out like a light.

Wed, May 21 — In at 6:15, calm and too warm outside, overcast, threatening rain. Worked on pictures for the friend’s display. The day became sunny and very warm outside but okay with a ceiling fan inside. Processed many clips, articles and scraps from the waiting pile. Attended an open mic afterwards and had a decent time, sang my new song “Gina” for the first time in public. To sleep by 10.

Thu, May 22 — In at 6:15 and in perfect morning cool, even light, photo’d the lone airplane on the ramp (Cessna 150). Also phot’d a Hawker in a modern paint scheme. DSC09519Researched Hockaday Comet files for an AAHS request for help. Accomplished a TON of clip and scrap processing at work. Amazing! Owner & I got along too. Back, phot’d a Phenom 100 I think. Departed for home at 7:25.

Fri, May 23 — In at 6:10, calm, cool, clear, no plane on the ramp. Worked on Mike G. project. Work was excellent. FINISHED trimming the scraps and clips I had brought several weeks ago and began sorting the scraps. To AKM and sent some more pictures re Mike G’s friend to display people and posted first airplane pics of the week to Fb. Finished revising the text for the display. Went home at 8:00.

— Sat, May 24 — In at 6:30, worked on pictures an hour and worked in Research Room an hour filing clips and straightening things. Work was fine, more great progress with clips and scraps. George brought me lunch from McDonald’s (grilled chicken sandwich, good, and fries, which I ate five or six of and discarded. Visited new hobby store a few blocks south of employer, was very impressed and promised to come back with some brochures next week, bought two kits. To AKM and tried to view some pictures a model club friend had brought me on a few CDs and it gave me fits with SLOW processing. The pilot of a Citation X visited, and I was about to leave with him to see the airplane on the ramp when two English friends, Trevor and Gillian Marshall arrived.  TnG-1 TnG-6 CesCitX-d4 CanCha300-3We went out and looked at the X as another Xojet, a Challenger 300 arrived, and we toured that also. Trevor brought some av mags from England and I will pay him later this week. It was an excellent visit. I continued working in office until 7:45 when I drove to grocer for food for the next few days, dinner, read some of the av mags and went to bed about 9:30. A VERY GOOD DAY.

Thanks for reading this post.

Have a great day.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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