The Week That Was – June 8 — 14

Sunday, June 8 —  In at 8:40, sunny, cool and calm. Only a Rockwell 112 with canvas cover over the Plexiglass on the ramp. Later I was taking pictures from the fence and he came up and introduced himself; showed me the airplane.

Rockwell 112

Rockwell 112

Eric and his Rockwell 112

Eric and his Rockwell 112

Roc112-h4 Eric promised to return and see the AKM. Ditto his friend Joseph. Both are members of the 183d ANG across the airport. Worked upstairs arranging file cabinets and straightening things until 1:30. Processed pics from last night’s reception and posted on Honey & Quinine. Processed pictures until 8:30 and headed home after a VERY productive day. I’ll catch up upstairs in the morning

Monday, June 9 —  In at 7:25, sun, cool, calm. Busy morning on the ramp. Worked upstairs awhile, had a good day at work. Phot’d IAIGulfstream G.100 on ramp

IaI/Gulfstream G.100, also known as the IAI Astra

IaI/Gulfstream G.100, also known as the IAI Astra

McDonnell Douglas MD-83

McDonnell Douglas MD-83

and a Falcon Airlines MD-83 departing on Runway 13. Spent 10 minutes working in the Intake room before resuming airplane photog’ing and processing. I’m a little hot, a little itchy and hungry and am going home at 8:10.

Tuesday, June 10 — In at 7:02, misty rain and calm. Worked in Intake Room until leaving for employer after phot’ing 737 through fence pulling away from terminal Boeing 737-800

and a few quick shots of IAI Grumman G.100 IAI/Guilfstream G.100before leaving for work. Work was fine. Stopped at Hobb-e-Mart and bought a kit of the USS Hornet and some metal shade lacquers. Left AKM brochures. After, worked on 1/48 models of PT-17 and K5Y trainers until going home at 8:15.

Wednesday, June 11 — In at 7:05. Overcast, calm and threatening rain. Phot’d a Cessna Citation Excel, Cessna Citation Excel worked Intake Room upstairs. Accomplished almost no AKM work at employer for the first time in several MONTHS. Instead transcribed contact info from yellow pages that he will use to build business. Still no paycheck for almost a month now. Also showed new hobby store manager some granite we can give him for his rock crawler project at his shop. If no money comes into business, paychecks can’t be written. Model club meeting was terrific.

Central Illinois Plastic Modelers club meeting at Horizon Aviation

Central Illinois Plastic Modelers club meeting at Horizon Aviation

Traded for several new kits. Departed airport 9:40 to grocer and dinner by 10:30 and bed by midnight.

Thursday, June 12 — In at 6:58 and put away things from the model club meet last night. Worked to better arrange the Process Room, assembled a few parts of a long-uncompleted Monogram 1/48 F-4C. There was nothing photo-worthy on the ramp, but I did download model club pictures. Work was okay, and back at AKM, processed more pictures. Departed for home at 8:00.

Friday, June 13 — Did not visit airport in the morning; did laundry and visited an agency which may be able to help with my overdue cataract surgery. Into employer at 11:30 and had a fine day. Owner was out of town. To AKM after late customer, logged recently acquired model kits from Wednesday’s club meet. There was no activity on the ramp. Went upstairs and cleaned up the clutter in a storage room, discovered a BUNCH of pictures (color and b&w prints) from childhood and college. Must scan and share. Departed for home at 8:30, WANT TO GET HERE EARLY SATURDAY and continue organizing and optimizing.

Saturday, June 14 — In 9:10 and spent the day upstairs in the Intake and Process Rooms arranging things, cleaning up, building models. Major progress on 1/8 Stearman by Revell (first exterior painting) and started the old Lindberg PT-17 kit to display built models side by side. Major progress with 1/48 Otaki kit of K5Y trainer. Painted the B-52 underside black. That is a MAJOR accomplishment, delayed more than a year due to obsessive procrastination. Put orphaned (unboxed) kits into boxes that held other kits and labeled them with new contents. The line crew made no coffee after the morning pot, and I didn’t make a pot since I was the only one likely to drink any. They told me no major flights to the FBO were anticipated. I did take time in mid morning to phot a very ancient (maybe 1956) Cessna 172 parked close to the fence

I believe it's a 172 but it may be a 182.  Did not verify on FlightAware before posting this.

I believe it’s a 172 but it may be a 182. Did not verify on FlightAware before posting this.

and a CRJ-200ER departing from Runway 13. DSC09876

Canadair CRJ-200ER

Canadair CRJ-200ER

Wore old worn out clothes I had brought from home. I could not enjoy modeling with good clothes and risk spilling paint on them. So I changed from cut off shorts and an old, old shirt with frayed pocket and cuffs upstairs. Changed back to street clothes when I came down to take pictures of the airplanes. Had a full day. I cannot remember the last time I spent six HOURS building plastic models. It was great fun. Returned, in street clothes to office at 8:40 to check email & Facebook. Went home at 9:15.

Thanks for reading this update.

Have a “scrumpdillyishus day!” (from a Dairy Queen TV commercial many years ago. Some words I never forget, even when I don’t know how to spell them.) 🙂

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