The Week That Was – June 22 — 28

Sunday, June 22 — Sunny & cool, in at 7:45. Worked a LOT on the F-16, snapped a few pics of the Aerostar 602P/Aerostar 700 I had seen here last week and a red 182 with an engine idling that rasped like a loud bullfrog with brochitis! Worked a little upstairs in research room and scanned several pictures, saved to zip drive. Departed for grocer to get a side dish for an outdoor cookout and guitar jam with some friends. If felt very out of sorts today, but I look forward to the cookout.

Monday, June 23 — In at 7:05, overcast, threatening rain, almost cool. Processed pictures and pictures. Took pictures of nothing. Worked upstairs filing in the Research Room for more than an hour and worked on the Springfield Chapter Illinois Pilots Association newsletter. Work was warm but okay finished a big part of the current sorting project. Back at airport, finished the newsletter and sent it in. Departed for yome at 9:45.

Tuesday, June 24 — In at 7:10 . . . warm. Worked on the IPA newsletter and sent it to Brian. Very busy all day. Very discontent because employer told me strongly he does not want me to deposit the paycheck he wrote to me MAY 20th! That mens the last time I DEPOSITED a paycheck was about MAY 5TH! Work was very warm with more visits from customers than usual — fine with me; I enjoy chatting with customers — but no pay for so long BURNS ME UP WITH RESENTMENT! I am going without too much TOO DAMN LONG. I asked him two MONTHS ago for a statement of how much I was paid last year and he KEEPS PUTTING ME OFF, saying “Gee sorry, Job. I forgot . . . Later this week for sure,” and HE NEVER FOLLOWS THROUGH! I SHOULD HAVE HAD, COULD HAVE HAD my surgery on both eyes to remove my cataracts and improve my night vision so I COULD LEGALLY DRIVE, but it has not happened because of the owner’s neglect! Stopped by the grocer after leaving AKM at 8:45. Had another nice salad and lots of wine. I’m drinking too much wine and this is doing me no good. But I slept fine.

Wednesday, June 25 — In about 8:40. Corrected the IPA newsletter typos Brian caught and emailed it to him. W Went to work, arrived 9:30 because George told me he NEEDED me there because the guys were off to a morning installation. But he is avoiding “happy talk” with me because he knows what is on my mind about no money from him for more than a month and no delivery of what I asked for from his accountant. AND HE REFUSES TO TELL ME WHO IS HIS ACCOUNTANT; says it’s “priviledge information.” WHAT A CROCK. Didn’t see him or hear from him all afternoon and accomplished a LOT for AKM! But I wrote him a note, left it on his desk saying I am cutting WAY BACK on my hours UNTIL HE PAYS ME WHAT HE OWES ME and DELIVERS THE PAY INFORMATION FROM HIS ACCOUNTANT. I was in a fouil mood for the model club meeting with five of six of use talking convivially enough, but I concentrated on model building. I felt like I wasn’t really there; like I was a fly on the wall, eavesdropping.  Back to the office about 9:20 and departed for home at 9:35 for another healthy boxed salad and lots and lots of wine! 😦

Thursday, June 26 — In at 8:05 with a shelf for upstairs Research Room, a peanut butter sandwich and an apple for lunch. Won’t be starting work today until noon. Maybe THAT will expedite action re my request for an earnings statement from employer. Put away things from the model club meet last night. Welcomed Bob and Curt, connected to a Hawker 800 brought into Standard Aero across the airport. Big tour of AKM, work was okay. PHoto’d a departing Jet Ranger. Departed for home at 8:05, very satisfied with the day.

Friday, June 27 — In at 8:10, warm and muggy.  Processd pictures. I want to reduce content saved on the hard drive and transfer pics to CDs according to specific aircraft — Piper Navajo, F/A-18, Cessna 310, etc. It was very warm again at work, but I accomplished a lot of AKM sorting. Brought guitar to play at an open mic in Chatham after work.

Saturday, June 28 — In at 9:08, no employer today HOORAY. Processed pictures from yesterday, phot’d a Citation III from the fence. Went upstairs and better arranged the Process Room and Research Room. No filing or modeling; just tweaking the looks of things and generally cleaning up the clutter throughout the rooms upstairs. It was WARM and obsessive work — lots of nit picky things that added up to a LOT OF IMPROVEMENT up there. Worked in old clothes and didn’t come down for lunch or even a second cup of coffee or a drink of water. Took pictures of the neater rooms and processed pictures from about 3 to 5 when I departed with camera to attend an artists’ reception at Prairie Art Alliance downtown.

Thanks for reading this post.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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