The Week That Was – June 29 — July 5

Sunday, June 29 — In at 7:55, warm and overcast, threatening rain. Took some models back upstairs. Decided that my office is too chilly for using the airbrush and model making so I’m going to MAKE the Process Room upstairs “work” for model building. Processed pictures from last night’s Prairie Art Alliance reception (where I had a good time talking to people, handing out AKM and folksinger cards). Wrote a Honey & Quinine about the open mic at Chatham Goodwill. Sorted clips and scraps in Intake Room. Ate an apple for lunch. I’m fine. I’m grateful for it. More would have been too much. Worked on models from 5 to 7:22 and went home to spend an hour trimming away the overgrowth around my house and the yards.

Monday, June 30 — In at 7:05 windy, thundering threatening heavy rain. Later it rained barely enough to wet the concrete. Processed pictures until leaving for downtown at 11 to mail some things, deposit the first paycheck I’ve deposited since MAY 5! Arrived at employer at 11:50 and had a horrible, hot time. Argued with George and came closer than ever to packing up and leaving permanently.   I do NOT expect to last through JULY with him as my employer! It was incredibly hot in the showroom. No air conditioning and the window fan on the floor blowing directly at me and the ceiling fans didn’t help a bit. Ate an apple and peanut butter off a knife for lunch. Purchased three new short sleeve shirts and some file folders in transit back to the airport. No airplanes on the tarmac, windy, HOT and overcast. Posted Honey & Quinine blog of pictures from the Prairie Art Alliance’s Saturday night reception. Gradually cooled off. Finished the H & Q post at 8:15. Did not go home to mow grass. Went home to eat dinner and go to bed.

Tuesday, July 1 — Hit the day running: two loads of laundry, mowed front and back lawns, deposited rent check from upstairs, to Ace Hardware and bought outdoor sweeping broom, Drano, plant killer concentrate, a gallon hand pump spray tank apparatus, small branch clipper and arrived at employer — no time to visit airport — at 11:55. Had many customers at work, spent only 20 minutes with AKM tasks. To new hobby shop down the street from work but bought nothing. To AKM at 5:30. Tired and sad. STILL no statement of last year’s income from my employer. This relationship will kill me if I don’t find a different source of income soon. My entire outlook is going downhill fast. I was in no mood to do anything at AKM. Departed for grocer and bought food and wine. Once home, I was happier. Used my fantastic small branch trimmers to trim a LOT of front yard overgrowth around my porch and two trees. The weather was moderate, thank God, but I was bathed in sweat when I finished and into a stuffy house for dinner (half a chicken, half a pot of iced tea and peanut butter on a knife for dessert.) I was angry and wasted time until 1 am before going to bed very unhappy.

Wednesday, July 2 — Out of bed, finally, at 8, into the shower and out to the airport by 9:05, still feeling grim about my employer and life. Overcast and heavenly COOL outside; not much wind. Worked around AKM. Am much closer to setting up a practical sorting arrangement in the Process Room. Discarded some old boxes, combined sorting bins; it’s looking much cleaner and less cluttered up there. Worked on the 1/32 Hasegawa F-16 — that was fun. So much to DO up there if I only had more extended periods of time when I could concentrate without having to go to work! A family member of the owner whom George treats him TERRIBLY callously and disrespectfully, a nice fellow who knows a LOT about vehicles and the mechanical operation of the business told me George told him that if he ever again asked “When will you have a paycheck for me?” . . . . George would FIRE him.   I said “It would take me all of two seconds to ask him “When will you have a paycheck for me?” and we chuckled, but the perverted chemistry in that work environment is pathetic. Late in the day, George gave me the two paychecks he owes me (HE FINALLY CAUGHT UP!) and then told me I could cash only one. He will tell me when I can cash the other,, probably next week. We shall see. Back at AKM, I’m going to process a few pictures and leave for home about 7. There is no sense of JOY out here — still no volunteers, very little aviation traffic on the tarmac this week. THANK GOD the weather is much better. If I quit my “employer” and lived only on Social Security, that would be a net loss in monthly income — before Soc Sec began — of $400. I can’t quit the “employer,” pure and simple. The rent situation upstairs at the duplex is not certain. She may move out in August or September when the lease is due for renewal. I dread getting the place rented again!

Thursday, July 3 — In at 7:30, calm, cool and overcast, predicting sunshine. So am I; not so glum, anticipating Friday, Saturday and Sunday away from “employer.” Phot’d a visiting Cozy from the fence that came in about 10. Pilot and wife from Springfield, Missouri. Work was busy but okay. Not much time for AKM. Cozy-1
Took more pictures of Cozy after work and departed for home at 7:40. A decent day. 🙂

Friday, July 4 — In at 8, glorious sunny, cool and calm. Worked in the office and took a few pics of the Cozy and a Piper Navaho.

Cozy the next morning.

Cozy the next morning.

Piper Navaho departing over Runway 4.

Piper Navaho departing over Runway 4.

Posted a blog announcing plans for a new, model airplanes only, Chronology of Flight room upstairs if I can recruit some help to pay for it. Had an excellent Terryaki chicken salad from the Subway in the terminal and spent from about 1 to 7:30 pm working on models upstairs, Relaxed, no anxieties, no resentments, no inhospitable angels riding on my shoulder. Departed for home at 8:05.

Saturday, July 5 — Had a ragged night: awake and out of bed, on the computer, from 3 to about 6 when I went beck to bed and slept until 9, showered, back to computer and out to Staples. Expected to buy more than I bought and arrived AKM at 12:25 overcast and light wind. Phot’d a Hawker 125 on the ramp, an early machine.

Call any bizjet that looks this way a "Hawker" and people understand, even though the first production aircraft were designed and built by DeHavilland and designated DH-125.

Call any bizjet that looks this way a “Hawker” and people understand, even though the first production aircraft were designed and built by DeHavilland and designated DH-125.

Processed pictures in the morning. Also produced, from Avery postcard-making card stock purchased today at Staples, my FIRST AeroKnow Museum POSTCARDS. One of an Ercoupe at Southwest Airport in 1962 — one of the first pictures I ever took, and en excellent picture — and a row of F8Fs at the 170th TFS open house in 1952 color from a slide donated by a friend. All postcards I produce (multiples of 4 at a time) will be taken of locally owned aircraft OR aircraft from elsewhere visiting Springfield. THIS IS A MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT. I hope I can raise some funds with this. Ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich brought from home for lunch and worked on models upstairs all afternoon. Drowsy from the ragged night before. Went home tired at 7:30.

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I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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