The Week That Was – August 17 — 23

Sunday, August 17 — In at 7:15. Calm and moderately foggy. Saw a silhouette of a large transport as I approached the intersection before turning left into General Aviation parking. Calmly took my Cyber-s to the area after I parked and phot’d a KC-135 on the ramp on the northwest side of the terminal; not on the 183d FW ramp because that ramp is full of parked trucks. visiting KC-135  from Maine Air Natioal Guard <–visiting KC-135 from Maine Air National Guard  — Later I saw him taxiing out and I jogged to the far fence, but I was not in time. DAMMIT. Made another trip to the far fence on foot when the Challenger took off. Discovered earlier I had disengaged autofocus on the telephoto lens. No wonnder the pics came out so bad! Worked upstairs more than four hours organizing the files and getting horribly hot and despondent even with the windows open to the moderate cool outside. Did a little tidying in the process room but my lower back was hurting and I was way too warm. Returned to air conditioned office at 4:10 and sat DOWN. Felt a little better. Posted the AKM blog from last week and departed for home early — 5:45 — for me. Took my guitar to practice for next Saturday at Clayville.

Monday, August 18 — In at 7, cool, significant fog outside, one ac on the ramp: Rod Egizii’s Cessna 310.Worked on pics in office and upstairs in the Intake and Process Rooms. Went home about 7 and practiced for next Saturday’s Clayville Folk Festival. I am still HOBBLED in the aftermath of an event that cost me some friendships and even more hobbled by being unable to speak of it to a living soul. The friends who walked away from me can’t hate me if I say nothing and disliking me is much easier on me. It sickens my sorry soul.

Tuesday, August 19 — Ran two loads of laundry after leaving bed at 8:00, to post office for stamps, and to Hyperion Reconditioned Computers where I bought a reconditioned Apple iPad for AeroKnow Museum. $540.52 but I believe it will foster the future of AKM. Work was hot and miserable, depressing as hell, but I’m simply glad to be working 11:00 to 5:00 these days. Glad to be back at AKM by 5:20. Deleted several aviation photo albums, pictures from the AeroKnow Museum page at Fb. I can’t spend so MUCH time on FB where the administrators can SELL my pictures. I’m angling toward  offering access to future airplane pick on a Flickr account only to AKM supporters as a membership incentive for joining Abe Lincoln’s Air Force. Started for home by way of grocer at 7:30.

Wednesday, August 20 — In under clearing sky and calm at 6:35. Rain hit very hard soon after. Worked 2.5 hours getting things ready (cleaned up, neatly arranged, lessening the clutter) for the Chamber of Commerce visit nextMonday. Made excellent progress in Miscellaneous and Research Rooms. MUCH left to do. Work was okay despite the rain. It was tolerably moderate. Accomplished a lot of clippings organization and pasting of Grumman and Gulfstream files. Had a terrific visit with Kurt Melcher who donated a wonderful piece of aviation art he made while convalescing from double hip replacement surgery some years ago. He promised to return to see the entire museum soon. Departed for home at 7:35. A VERY GOOD DAY!

Thursday, August 21 — Another rocky night. Awoke at 3:30,, could not get back to sleep. Piddled with Facebook and email, finally beck to sleep about 5:10 and awoke at 7:40 , just in time to dress and head out to meet a friend I would follow to a shed to pick up some donated file cabinets. We arranged to meet in the parking lot of Cracker Barrel but I COULD NOT FIND THE RESTAURANT. Asked at a gas station. No wonder. I could not see the place from Toronto Road which was where I told him I wanted to MEET him: at a RESTAURANT I COULD SEE FROM TORONTO ROAD. I was able to get there, thanks to the help and I hadn’t waited long when he pulled up. I followed him to his friend waiting at the storage place and we loaded three office chairs, a  book-case and a regular file cabinet into my pickup truck. Easy trip to airport but a BEAR unloading and bringing everything in BY MYSELF. My friend offered to follow me out and help unload but I declined, I thought I’d have help at the FBO. I did. Three people held doors for me. I was happy to get THAT. Left file cabinet on the ground floor to move later when I can have some freaking HELP.
Heard what sounded like two UH-60s taxiing onto the ramp just outside. Went to the office door and saw ONE V-22 Osprey in USMC Quantico, VA colors taxiing in! Grabbed cameras took many pictures on ground, taking off and flying low down Runway 31 in airplane mode. V22-3 Great visit and great pictures. Processed only two before I HAD TO go to work and arrived about 12:50 and was MISERABLE the rest of the day in the un-airconditioned showroom. JUST FREAKING MISERABLE. Had great reaction on Fb to the two pictures I posted. Had a late, lingering customer at employer and did not return to AKM until 5:50. Drenched with sweat and tired. Worked on V-22 pics. Made good progress, but far from done. Departed for home at 7:45 . . . WHAT a fripping DAY!

Friday, August 22 — In at 5:25, 79 degrees, dark, calm, but I saw lightning flash in the west coming out. Worked on pictures. Work was hot as the dickens with no air conditioning and I ran out of AKM things to do. But I lived. Back to AKM and processed more V-22 Osprey pictures from about 5:30 to leaving for dinner and home at 7:40.

Saturday, August 23 — In at 6:40, calm, warm, very humid, ground fog approaching the airport. Condensation on the inside picture windows at Horizon. YUCK!! Processed more V-22 pictures and had a productive board meeting with the Aviation History Educational Center group. Then off to Clayville Folk Festival where I played six songs over the course of almost six hours during the interludes between other bands taking down and setting up their sound equipment in 95 degree air. Then to a gallery reception where I took some pictures. I was totally tired when I arrived home and slept well. I’m close to giving up the guitar and poetry totally for a year starting the day after my next birthday, September 5 when I turn “39.” I can’t keep my promises to the John Thornton Walker family re the book project, and run the AKM rodeo AND spent time with the arts community. If I can’t keep real friends in the arts, I would rather hang with people who appreciate what I’m doing with aviation, even though the goal continues to be to engage fans who will volunteer more than one time. I am seriously considering changing to a different breath mint to see if it solves anything.

Thanks for reading this post.

Have a terrific whatever you want to have.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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