The Week That Was — September 7 — September 13

Sunday, September 7 — Up at 8:40 and did a LOT of picking up around the house, good progress. Into AKM on sunny cool morning, light breeze. MUCH to do today. Will not touch a picture. Worked upstairs with file cabinets noon to 2, came downstairs and overheard Rusty ask someone else if that was a MiG that had landed. I walked out to the airplane with him and learned it was Randy Ball and his beautiful MiG-17. Photo’d him later signing the Guestbook and departing SPI. Returned upstairs for awhile to work on organizing the Miscellaneous Room and files, came down to proofread some AAHS material and didn’t; processed pics instead and went home at 7:30.

Monday, September 8 — In at 5:45 and phot’d the moon and a Mooney M-20. Proofread AAHS articles. Worked upstairs. Work went okay, culled articles from a bunch of avmags. Not too hot. Photog’d Hangar III extensively on arrival back at AKM and went home at 7:30, satisfied with the day.

Tuesday, September 9 — In at 10 after depositing last rent check from Shannon and paying real estate taxes. Overcast and light rain. Bought 125 hanging file folders over the I-net. Work went fine, almost perfectly cool. FINISHED culling articles from the av mags donated last week. Back to AKM where I finished a personal blog and off to grocer and home at 6:30. I am tired.

Wednesday, September 10 — In at 8:10 in moderate rain all the way at the peak of our early “rush” hour, a miserable trip in with windshield gradually fogging. Worked upstairs most of the morning until time to leave for work. Very rainy, too damn warm. spent most of day organizing months of emails I had not read and deleted or kept. NO CUSTOMERS ALL DAY. Not a word from owner until 3:30; no idea where he was. Accomplished a lot for AKM. Discovered my postcard rack had been sent to wrong address. Rob F will work on this tomorrow. There’s a chance the rack is on the north side at IDOT. Phot’d a visiting Hawker 900

Thursday, September 11 — In at 8:02, much cooler and overcast. Logged finances notes, worked upstairs more than an hour in the Research Room and the Intake Room. Found a terrific letter from a pilot who visited AKM on March 1, 2010 and e’d me after. Posted it later in the AKM blog. Accomplished a LOT of copying at work. Didn’t have a SINGLE CUSTOMER. Loved the cooler temperature, on the cusp of TOO COOL. Back to AKM and worked more on finances and reduced my arts presence at my Facebook aviation presence. Departed for home at 7:10.

Friday, September 12 — In at 6:10 and wore my bomber jacket from AAHS for the first time. Chilly out for the first time since summer. Tried to save emails to CD; could not do it. Must find a way. Mark H visited with his excellent choices for airline pictures of mine he wants to see as postcards. I will work on that next week. Logged checks as set up a better way of accounting for AKM expenses and income. Work was chilly but okay. Made a lot of article page copies for AKM. Back to airport. Photog’e hangar 3 in cloudy but dry weather. The floor is cleaned up now and more than half the roof is off. Model club meeting was okay, but I was a mite depressed and it showed a few times. I REALLY need to be out here FULL TIME at AKM! Played a few guitar tunes everyone enjoyed. Everyone was gone by 9:15. To home via grocer for more salads and wine. Ate and went straight to bed. Slept okay.

Saturday, September 13 — It was important to be rested because I’m playing/singing at a benefit for an Alzheimers Association. Made it into AKM on a sunny morning at 9:50. Put things from last night away. Moved recently donated book cases from hall to Miscellaneous Room. Also logged more checks. Very productive morning. Had to leave 12:30 to play and sing at a benefit fundraiser for an Alzheimers Disease organization. Then home and off to a gallery reception where I bought a terrific painting. Home about 9 and had a fine night’s sleep.

Thanks for reading this post.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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