The Week That Was – September 21 — 27

personal note: When the renter — who had proven to be a consistent  pain when the sun doesn’t shine changed her mind about continuing to lease the upstairs half of my duplex home and vacated with one DAY’s notice and left the quarters in a state of MAJOR disrepair which will cost me a few thousand dollars to repair, her antic threw my outlook on life into a tailspin! I’ll spare you the details. Suffice to say, I have a three-bedroom upstairs in search of an honest and mentally balanced resident. Visit my personal blog Honey & Quinine for details and updates about this. My capacity for concentration and progress with AKM has been severely compromised. But I understand that regular progress is better than no progress at all, and I am committed to the cause.

Sunday, September 21 — In at 9:05, sunny, calm & cool. Proofread a horrible article slated for the next AAHS Journal, then worked upstairs for two hours arranging the Miscellaneous Room. Walked to terminal and bought some vending machine snacks and a bottle of apple juice for lunch at 1:30. Worked on IPA Springfield Chapter newsletter for an hour and returned to work upstairs. Made WONDERFUL PROGRESS, but I really SWEATED up there despite the cool room, felt edgy and I don’t know why. By the time I stopped about 6:35, I could barely walk (slight exaggeration). Posted a few pictures of a Falcon 50 on Facebook and departed for home at 7:00. WHAT a DAY!

Monday, September 22 — Another rocky nght. Went to bed about 8:30, awoke about 11:30, was up until 2 on the computer, back to bed and up about 8:00, Into AKM at 8:30. Sunny & calm. Brought my broom and dustpan for cleaning upstairs. Correspondence re AAHS newsletter then up to Miscellaneous Room and sorted things until 10:30. What a MESS! I am still short a BUNCH of file cabinets. Worked up another cold sweat. But I put another DENT in it. At work addeded another box of VCR movies to the inventory list, worked on connecting copied pages to the rest of respective clipped articles and made good progress. Another friend e-mailed me apologizing for not doing what he promised to do two weeks ago. No problem. I’m reneging and procrastinating re promises I’ve made too. It’s the new society of GeewhizI’msorrybut. I’ll get used to it. I hope my friends will become as used to my “good intentions sans actions” as I am becoming used to theirs. Worked upstairs about 45 minutes but I was tired. Moved large photos from calendars around. Also moved empty sink boxes to the new room that will be my Surplus Room. Piddled around on email and Facebk and left for home via grocer at 7:50.

Tuesday, September 23 — Another rocky night. Didn’t buy any wine at the grocer last night so I was AWAKE longer than I wanted. Didn’t even turn on the radio, thinking there would be no music to distract me from sleep, but it didn’t work. Into AKM at 8:25, sunny, calm and cool outside. FINISHED the IPA newsletter; sent it to Brian B for proofing about 10:10. Up to Misc. Room and installed a card table in the shower stall where I will store the oversize posters & prints until I can do something better. Moved a lot of kits and magazines from the former Surplus Room, to the new Surplus Room Took more VCRs to work and added them to the inventory. Will be done tomorrow with that. Work was fine: more proofreading AAHS Journal material, attaching copied article pages, reasonably cool. Phot’d Hangar 3 which now has all sheet metal and the side doors removed, Processed pics and posted before leaving for home at 8:00. I was tired, but grateful for the cool.
Wednesday, September 24 — Up at 4:05 and did laundry, began moving empty model kit boxes out of the basement and upstairs, ultimately out to the new “Room With the Empty Boxes” at AKM. Also moved a kitchen cart out to the truck and arrived AKM at 5:55. Sent a PDF of the IPA/SPI newsletter to Traci at SAA for printing and distributing hard copies. Later checked by visiting her office. All is good: they will produce and distribute hard copies. Worked upstairs until leaving for employer. Accomplished a lot of AKM processing there. Back to AKM and the model club meet started fine but became a real drag with too many people for too little space. Trying to build a model was out of the question. It was like trying to do homework in a college gymnasium on a night when it’s basketball tournament time. I was incredibly disappointed with the anarchy but said almost nothing. I just left the room with my material to go where I could accomplish something. I asked them to be gone by 9:00 and said I would check the meeting room after that. They were gone by 8:45. I departed by 9:15, pretty disappointed with the night.
Thursday, September 25 — Had a decent dinner and slept fine. Up at 5:30 and into AKM at 6z15. Worked upstairs in the Misc. Room all morning & made good progress . The same with culled articles and the last of the VCR tapes cataloged at work. En route to Chamber of Commerce meeting blew a right front tire hitting a blunt street curb at an intersection. Arrived at Chamber thing LATE, everyone was about to go home. Called friend who took me back to tire place, drove home. Didn’t even eat real dinner; corn chips & wine and almost straight to bed. George S. had sent me kits of a rubber powered Gee Bee and a Stinson SR-9 Berkeley kit. BEAUTIFUL. Slept well.
Friday, September 26 — Took tire man’s key chain back and out to AKM. In the door at 8:25 with more empty kit boxes. Talked with a former A-7 pilot who flew with the early, underpowered engine. Fascinating fellow, didn’t take a brochure. Also Bell 406 pilot. No one had time to talk, dang it. Work was fine. George was out of town. Accomplished a lot of AKM action with culled articles, brought a bunch back to AKM. Worked upstairs, rearranging Process Room workshop area so I can have a donated table ready to use at the model club. PROGRESS. Departed about 7:30 very satisfied with the day.

Saturday, September 27 — In at 8:15 with many empty kit boxes. Quiet outside. Phot’d a Smith Aerostar 601 from behind the fence. BUSYBUSY day. Major progress upstairs, AHEC meet. Friend and Springfield Economic Development coordinator Mike Farmer toured the whole museum — great fellow! Signed the guestbook. More work upstairs moving things from old Surplus Room to new one, arranging the revised Process Room processed pictures and posted a model club report at LOTS ACCOMPLISHED. Went home at 7:05.

Thanks for reading this post.

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I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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