The Week That Was – September 28 — October 4

Sunday, September 28 — In at 8:20, sunny, breezy, cool. Had one visitor while I wrote a long letter to a friend from Sauk Rapids, Minnesota who mailed me some early flying model kits. The visitor was too casual for a brochure, stayed less than two minutes, and I didn’t offer him one. Worked upstairs 9:30 to noon. Moved the rest of the surplus to the new room, bagged and inventoried the remaining built models and left them for sorting where they had been for months. This is more significant progress. Stopped at 12:25 for lunch: leftover muffins from yesterday’s AHEC meeting. Was visited by long-time medevac EC-130 pilot who’s leaving in about a month to fly Aerospatiale Dolphins in Urbana, Ohio — I LOVE that airport! Photog’d him with the EC, later phot’d a departing T-45. Did not talk with the crew. Posted one picture. Closed down rooms upstairs and went home at 7:20.

Monday, September 29 — Well scrubbed and into AKM at 6:24. Spent half an hour photing 183rd gate guards floodlit in foreground with dawn arriving in background. On another morning I’ll visit in total dark with a tripod and phot in floods and ambient light only. Good fun, calm and cool outside. Processed the new pictures for awhile. Upstairs about 8:30 and worked on the new Fevell/Aurora/Monogram RAM Room which will display all plastic kits from those manufacturers and give more room in the Kits Room for better displaying the rest. Moved 90% of the Monogram kits in and will continue this week with the rest. May combine with Chronology of Flight Room. Work was okay. No George to get in the way. FINISHED all the article culling and connecting copied pages to the rest of the articles and now must initial-sort the scraps, starting Tues. Worked on preparing the five new airline postcard for the press production until 6:40. Finished two; three to go tomorrow morning. Left at 6:45 to have a conference with upstairs renter to discuss her pending least until April, 2015. I NEED FOR THIS TO HAPPEN!

Tuesday, September 30 — In at 8:25, calm, cool and light fog out. Worked upstairs most of the morning moving Monogram kits to the new Monogram Kits Room which eventually become the Aurora, Monogram and Revell Kits and possibly Comet Kits Room. Initially it will share space with the slowly evolving Chronology of Flight model display Room. Sorted scraps at employer and had a decent day, but he’s STILL NOT paid me SINCE AUGUST DAMMIT.

Wednesday, October 1 — It’s been a rocky night. Into AKM after to bed about 9 and up and awake since 1;30, somewhat traumatized by the upstairs renter moving out unexpectedly and my resolve to commemorate National Dead Poets Week at Vachel Lindsay’s grave site at Oak Ridge Cemetery this Saturday at noon. Will spend most of this morning working upstairs. Arranged ALL the Monogram kits in the Monogram Kits Room. With the expanded shelving arrangement I created, they occupied less space than I thought they would. This is a good result because they’ll be easier to see and appreciate. Phot’d a visiting UH-60 that landed for a quick repair and fuel en route to Springfield, Missouri to pick up another 60. Three of the crew visited. Didn’t have time to phot their departure; Had to go to work. It was HORRIBLE. Soon after arrival, Chuck produced the airline postcards I sent him last night. They came out GREAT! After that I was TERRIBLY DEPRESSED, almost catatonic most of the day. I indexed ONE avmag all day! Almost 95% of the rest of the time I sat absolutely still in my desk chair, eyes closed a lot of the time and might have drifted to sleep for a few minutes a few times. George sympathized with me Avoided reading my Fb messages all day because I’m sure at least one is Shannon’s reply to what I said about allowing extra days for her to move out despite her offer to pay me something. I intend to have the locks re-keyed Thursday, her quarters and mine after I write a home equity loan deposit for my checkbook. Did not set an appointment with Dave the locksmith; want to see how things go with Shannon, I absolutely DREAD tomorrow. Departed for IPA Chapter meeting at 6:45. Will probably come back to AKM after it and go home close to 10:00. The IPA meeting was a drag. Boring, uninspiring almost hostile but I stayed until the end and returned to AKM. Piddled, looked at pictures from today but edited not one. Departed for home at 9:00. I am so FREAKING SAD. I MUST SNAP OUT OF THIS! I can feel myself disintegrating inside.

Thursday, October 2 — Rough night. Up from 2:30 to 4:00 and arranged the second bedroom at home so I can do AKM work on long winter stretches at home. Still in shambles mentally over the departure of upstairs renter. Back up and into AKM at 7:55.Took V-22 CD to post office to mail to Major K. Took out a home equity loan since I have no rent from her. Back to office and phot’d a Sabreliner and Lear 35A. Both crew of the Lear visited AKM and signed guestbook. Work was okay most of the day, thanks in part to an upgraded attitude about life in general. Indexed several aviation magazines. Back at AKM processed pictures from yesterday. Accomplished a LOT of processing, including the 35A and Sabre 65 from today. Departed for grocer at 9:20, satisfied with the day.

Friday, October 3 — Had locks re-keyed at 428, totally devastated by the devastation Shannon Smith left behind after she took three days to move out and left her key in my mailbox. Went straight to employer and visited AKM half an hour after work. My brain and heart are drowning in the flood of regret I feel for having known her

Saturday, October 4 — Came in briefly in the morning and accomplished nothing. Spun my wheels tidying the Intake Room, went home moved trash to the upstairs ground floor vestibule.

Thanks for reading this post.

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I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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