The Week That Was – October 5 — 11

Sunday, October 5 — Did not come into AKM. Spent the entire day cleaning up my back yard. MUST get the yard presentable for new potential upstairs renters.

Monday, October 6 — in at 8:50 to meet Brian C re fundraising for AKM. Meeting was good. Processed pics from the weekend. Work was fine. Departed from AKM office at 6:30 for grocer and home.

Tuesday, October 7 — In at 6:15, evidence of recent rain. Worked upstairs until 10:40 and accomplished a LOT. The Reading and Video Room are clean, first furniture (table and chair) installed. Also finished what I can do with the Surplus and Room With the Empty Kit Boxes Room. Moved a bunch of model sorting work to the Intake Room for more attention later. Took pictures. Work was fine. Back to AKM & processed pictures. Departed at 6:00 pm to work in the vacated upstairs while the natural light is good.

Wednesday, October 8 — Major snafu at home — could not find keys to upstairs when I arrived early to remove more trash last night so had to stay home later than planned to try to engage locksmith to come over and change locks. Looked all over after arriving AKM at 9:45. No joy. Called locksmith and gave green light to go over & change locks. Worked on a poetry contest judging thing for 20 minutes. To work. On a whim I parked a few spaces away from my usual spot and looked for my lost keys. FOUND THEM! HALLELUJAH! I haven’t smiled so big in a week. Work was fine. Stayed half an hour to show around a customer who pulled in as I was about to get into my truck. Happy to help. STILL WISH I COULD DEPOSIT A PAYcheck. The last one I deposited was written about August 17. THIS STINKS! Back at AKM posted a note and pictures of the coming Reading and VCR Watching Room and left for home to work on the upstair before dark and dinner. VERY relieved at the outcome of this day.

Thursday, October 9 — In at 6:45 and threw myself into commenting about poems in a poetry contest I foolishly agreed to judge for a rock collecting organization. I was about to type the last sentence ween Jane and Marilyn from Springfield Airport Authority visited as we had planned yesterday. We had a terrific visit, showed them the entire museum at a somewhat frenetic pace but it was better than the usual 10 minutes and GOTTA GO NOW. Finished my comments after they left and was done with that by 10:15. Printed some copies of my comments to keep for future instructional use and off to work. Had a tired but productive day at employer for AKM clipping scraps from single pages set aside earlier to clip and a fair share of customers too. Was hungry for more than peanut butter sandwiches, but that’s all I had, and that’s all I ate. Still no paycheck from George. Back to AKM hungry and sad, a little chilly. Processed a few pictures. Departed for HOME at 6:05..

Friday, October 10 — In at 8:40, dark and threatening more rain. Local Lear 60 is the only bird on the ramp. Wrote a letter asking for payment and including the 90 AKM postcards that I walked over to the SAA office. Worked upstairs on Research and Intake Rooms; barely made a dent. Phot’d an Agusta A-109E parked and departing the ramp. At work finished all the clipping and scrap clipping. Will begin to sort them next week. The day was chilly and a moderate drag.

Saturday, October 11 — In at 8:57, processed pictures from yesterday. Logged kits from Friday night’s model club meeting until 11:45. DONE! 45 kits donated form Mark H! AND a pressure gauge of some kind from the instrument panel of a Mil Mi-24 encountered by a friend in Iraq a few years ago. Distributed logged kits in Kits Room. Spent 35 minutes arranging boxes and other materials in an unused abandoned project off upstairs hallway. Good progress. To terminal vending machines for lunch from candy vending machines. It was fine. Posted a progress report at AKM blog. Back upstairs to Process Room, put many small pieces into different places, made it a little neater, but didn’t touch a model to build or repair. and stopped at 6:30; went home tired, almost dizzy, faint.

Thanks for reading this post.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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