The Week That Was – October 12 — 18

Sunday, October 12 — In at 8:50 after a really rough night. Awoke at 1:15, tried to busy myself on the computer to generate some fatigue but it didn’t work. Depressed and achy all over went back to bed to just lie there and sleep occasionally, an hour, 30 minutes at a time until arising at 8:00 Brought a make up stool from vacated upstairs duplex for Research Room. Still achy and depressed here. Foggy and raining all day. Photo’d an XO Jets Citation 10 from the ramp and chatted with the pilot; nothing major. Cleared a lot of clutter from my office desk Worked upstairs in Processing Room and Intake Room. Departed for home at 6:30.
Monday, October 13 — Later than planned arrival at 7:55, foggy & calm. Still depressed over vacancy with no chance of filling it or repairing it until SPRING. Worked upstairs in Research Room.Work was busy with customers nearly all day and tense with George over STILL NO PAY. Worked less than an hour on AKM — a record low time in the last several months. Phot’d departing EC130 and sunset. Went home at 6:25.

Tuesday, October 14 — In at 9: 10 after a decent straight-throu gh 7 hours rest. Brought some more of Shannon’s trash to discard at TGG. Departed post office and WalMart to buy a bell for the door at 10:15. Work was busy again. Began pasting scraps to paper, NECESSARY AKM work. Accomplished not much because of phone calls and customers. Still depressed by the empty upstairs and seeming to accomplish nothing upstairs. Posted The Week that Was – September 21 — 27 at AK blog and shared at AKM Fb page. Departed drained at 7:00 for home. Must start early Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 15 — In at 6:05 slight breeze, just after light rain stopped. Worked upstairs most of the morning and made good progress putting things where they belong. Spent a long time looking for clippings about Congressman Peter F. Mack and also found some articles by and about Corwin, “Corky” Meyer. Found a BUNCH of SLIDES from 30 years ago I MUST SCAN and SHARE. Work was fine, Pasted a lot of scraps. Back to AKM planning to leave at 6, but decided to break my silence on Fb and resume the Evening Point of Pride. Glad I did. Went home at 7, okay with the day.

Thursday, October 16 — In about 8:05 after working on upstairs duplex 45 minutes and making decent progress there. Felt worthy to ENJOY the rest of the day Had FIVE visitors, all terrific pilots and great conversation. Began MAXIMIZING space in WELCOME Room by moving all the AAHS Journals to book case and floor near north office wall. Work was okay, good progress pasting scraps. Boring but I can DO it there. I could not rationalize doing it at AKM because there is so much more IMPORTANT work to do. After work to Hobb-e-Mart to check in and purchased ONE kit for a price I could not refuse. To Menards and bought a hand truck (ABOUT TIME, DANG IT!) then fuel. While bringing things into WELCOME Room I broke the donation jar. DANG IT. Departed for grocer and home at 7:40.

Friday, October 17 — In at 6:50, dark but starting to brighten out. HEAVY traffic outgoing and major heavy with very bright headlights in my eyes incoming all the way to the airport. If I don’t leave the house by 5 am, I dare not leave before 7. The lights, especially the oncoming, really bothered me. Put AAHS Journals into their new shelves in the office and carried loads upstairs. Drenched in perspiration by 7:15 when THAT was finished. Work was okay but horribly boring. Pasted scraps 98% of the time from 11 to 5, but that was productive. Back to AKM phot’d a Phenom and processed pictures until leaving for home at 6:00.

Saturday, October 18 — In at 9:05, sunny and calm, with two partially -built models (B-24, B-29) to display somewhere. Am continuing the move of everything aviation-related to AKM, including some old LIFE and National Geographic magazines. Worked upstairs after processing pics from yesterday and moving a few late June photo runs to the next stage in the process. Stopped to attend the AHEC meeting and had a reasonable time. Afterwards, was visited by the crew of a C-12 and was given the tour of the interior as well. Great fellows. Worked in Research and Processing Rooms from about 1 to 5 and made REAL progress with photo organizing and sorting surplus model airplane parts, time very well spent. Back to office at 5 and browsed Fb and departed for home at 6. GLAD for the time here today!

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About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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