The Week That Was – November 9 — 15

Sunday, November 9 — In at 8:50. Brought a large model Fokker Dr.I that a former USMC Guadalcanal Dauntless gunner made in 1981 — long story. Phot’d a Cherokee with large vortex curving wingtips. Very busy day proofing the next AAHS FlightLine and editing another friend’s e-book. Departed for home at 4:45.

Monday, November 10 — in at 8:10, sunny and calm. One bird on the ramp: a Cherokee in faux 1941 USAAC colors. Iinterviewed Mark Hanna for a Spring Bus Jour story. Phot’d into sun the “military Cherokee. Work was busy at first but settled down to a few hours of article culling for AKM. Back to AKM and to home at 6:45 to meet handyman.
Tuesday, November 11 — Very chilly, overcast, light rain, light wind. In at 8:35. Processed pictures from Monday and posted to Springfield Skyways and a link from Fb. Work was horribly gloomy. George was horribly foul in demeanor. I MUST hang on at The Granite Guy until my cataracts are eliminated. Cold and dark back to AKM and then to home to meet contractor. Andrew called at 6:30 for me to get over to Vine SOON, so I stopped editing the Cadet book and went home at 6:35.

Wednesday, November 12 — In at 8:05, 27 and overcast out. Rough night with lousy sleep. Edited friend’s Cadet novel. Work was okay, lots of time for culling articles. Interviewed RB at SAA for an article I’m writing. Processed pictures after work and had a loooooooooooong conversation with a fellow who knows me from open mics and IPA. No idea who he is; can’t place the name to a face. He’s coming to the AKM Thurs night. Processed many pictures and went home at 8:20.

Thursday, November 13 — Overcast in the 20s. The rewrite I had sent to RF yesterday was inadvertently not proof read before I sent it so I proofed and re-sent in the morning. Brian C came over to take some additional video for the YouTube he’s producing about AKM and was here 45 minutes. We also started my iPad charging so I can install the Square creditcard reader. It’s been dead since the fifth day Ia owned it. I looked into web tutorials to learn how to use it. Had to interview McClelland Aviation for SBJ story, visited & he was not there; must try about noon. To Springfield Business Journal office to pick up a back issue. To Senior Center to see about getting help with cataract surgery. I’m going to have to carry this ball myself. They were no near-term help and I did not like the odor of the place; pretty depressing. Back to McClelland and had a good interview. Back to AKM and departed at 1:40 for TGG. I might as well spend time there,even only three hours. Must return to AKM to meet a local visitor. I rather dread this. He seemed like an odd duck last night over the phone. TIME TO GO! :(. Work was okay but chilly. Culled a lot of articles. Stopped at Casey’s too buy something for dinner and the best I could do was a can of Campbell’s Sirloin Burger Chunky Soup for $3.23 — at Shop & Save it’s $2.18 — and a candy bar. Bill H. the visitor came at 6:45 and the aroma made me GAG. Worse than the Senior Center. I breathed through my mouth starting two minutes into the visits and he . . . . he si . . ].tates . . . . a lot and . . .. seems to take . . . forever . . . . to . . . .finish a . . . . point. I couldn’t believe it. He departed after a pretty thorough tour . . . . .. I departed at 7:50, eager to breathe fresh air.
Friday, November 14 — In at 7:05, clear, calm and 20s. I still feel crappy with these stories to write for SBJ, and I don’t know why. Normally I’d be pretty happy, writing again. Part of it has to do with the election results. I wrote in my status report on Facebook “Racism is the opiate of the damned” — Job Conger, November 11, 2014 — and one person has responded positively; no one negatively, but the negativity is out there. I can smell it, and it makes me sad.

Saturday, November 15 — I stayed in bed like a teenager hiding under covers then listening to the news from 6:30 until 9:15 when I arose. Looked at the upstairs and found the repair guy had not touched it all week. On the way out to the airport, noticed the fuel gauge seemed almost on empty so for the first time since I’ve owned the truck (a little more than a year, I drove straight to Air Jiffy and FILLED THE TANK for $47,90! Then to AKM and in at 10:05. Put away things from the model club meeting last night. To the coffee machine & found they had made no coffee and I have no instant here anymore because I took it to employer. So I’ll have to wait until the line crew makes coffee to have coffee or I’ll go buy vending machine coffee at the terminal across the parking lot! Worked on SBJ stories almost all day, took a few things upstairs, brought a space heater down. Departed for home to meet with renovators and wait for the promised snow at 4:55.

Thanks for reading this post. Have a great whatever you want to have.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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