The Week That Was – November 16 — 22

Sunday, November 16 — Good night’s sleep for a change, a solid seven hours. Picked up trash upstairs. The renovator had not come by. I KNOW I’m going to have to re-key the place if he does nothing today, and it breaks my heart. He seemed like a decent fellow, but I’ d had nothing from him for the past two weeks but alibis and getting nothing done. He called about 12:50, said his employer has him working today; promised to try to finish some night this week. We shall see. Light snow last night, a frosting, roads fine. Into AKM at 9:55. Worked on SBJ story. Finished & sent it to SBJ about 3:30. Processed pictures the rest of the day. Departed for home at 4:45, getting pretty dark out there.

Monday, November 17 — Another good night’s sleep. Cold ride out to AKM and in at 5:45. Processed model club pictures for Plastic People blog. Worked on getting an e-mail list together for distribution of the new “Lincoln Flyer” e-newsletter for guestbook signers and supporters. Processed a bunch of August av pics. Worked on Cadet story, editing for RF. Received a note that Scott at SBJ had received my articles and pics for the December issue. clipped a bunch of newspaper clippings from pages set aside over the last several days. Back at AKM, sent material to RF. Departed fir grocer and home at 6:35.

Tuesday, November 18 — Rough night with little sleep after 3 a but stayed in bed to try to sleep. Took Anne to Stoldt Service for oil change, slightly past due. Got a ride to AKM. In the door at 9:20. Worked to get an email group mailing for the AKM e-newsletter the Lincoln Flyer. Sent an additional address check and “are you interested?” mass mailing to those on the list, and they started coming back as “undeliverable” very fast. Some shared delight in the good news. The bill for the truck repair totaled $323.79. YIKES! Worked from noon to 5, told George I will work longer hours anytime he wants me and will pay me on time, but if he can’t use me that’s okay too. Edited/rewrote RF’s e-memnoir most of the afternoon, but I was significantly (not horribly) depressed. Made it hard to concentrate. MUST SNAP OUT OF THIS! Back to AKM modified newsletter e list. Posted last week’s The Week That was – November 9 — 15. Worked on AeroKnow website. Departed for home at 7:30.

Wednesday, November 19 — No sleep until a few after 2a last night, but I slept straight through to about 7 which was a positive. The truck — Anne — had no heat blower after work yesterday, so I took it back to service people who worked on it yesterday. Cause: stupidity on my part. I hadn’t even noticed the blower control on the dashboard, and I had somehow, accidentally turned it off.. I know where it is NOW. Into AKM 8:30, relieved but running low on coffee and peanut butter. Brought both from home to work. I can live without coffee at home, but I can’t live without peanut butter at home. Worked on the JT Walker book. At TGG, worked on editing/rewrite of the RF Cadet book. Very chilly there, worst yet. I know it will get a lot WORSE, DAMMIT. I was very tired. Loaded and posted last week’s blog. Very tired. Departed for home at 6:00.
Thursday, November 20 — Watched 9/11 on YouTube until 2 after unintentionally napping almost 2 hours after dinner from 8:30 to 10:20 in Lazee-Boy then wandering into office to do nothing productive. Lay in bed from 7:30 until 8:20. Into AKM at 8:40, calm sunny day. Worked on JTW book. But less than two minutes after starting to arrange material Brian C. came in to set up the Square reader on the iPad. While he was talking me through that, Chuck M. came it to talk about his AC-47 model and while I was talking to Chuck, five visitors came in long enough to realize there wasn’t room for EIGHT PEOPLE talking in the same room, so they went away; not before I could give ONE of thema color brochure Brian worked on setup and Chick and I talked in the lounge. Then back to Brian and finished with the setup. HALLELUJAH! and I posted the news of Square at the AKM Fb page. Then Connie S e’d me and I responded fast to that. Then I had to go to WORK. TGG was peaceful and I worked on Robert F’s CADET story most of the day because I MUST put THAT behind me so I can concentrate on the Walker Hero book. Work was busier than I wanted and did not accomplish as much for CADET as hoped. Back to AKM and worked on Walker book from 7 to 8 pm hour adding info to text draft and making folders for clips and facts about hi life before leaving for grocer and home at 8:0530. I am doing NOTHING with the verbal arts until December at the earliest. MUST COMPLETE THE WALKER BOOK!

Friday, November 21 — In at 6:40. Decided to concentrate on John Thornton Walker book because his family is getting VERY CONCERNED over the time I’ve taken without producing a book. Have revised the approach. It will be full 8.5 x 11 format to show pictures and clippings at their best.I won’t have as much text as first thought anyway. AGAIN, I HATED to leave for WORK. Had a slight headache close to a left nostril sinus and major fatigue all damn day. Worked most of the afternoon on the RF CADET book rewrite. We didn’t have a single walk in customer, but three people called to complain and ask George to call them back. All I did useful for owner was take bathroom trash to dumpster. Was feeling REALLY ill with the sinus ache at 5, and the bright traffic lights scared me to death. Drove most of the way to the airport between 35 and 45 mph in a 55 zone. Even pulled into a convenience store parking lot for a few minutes to get OFF the road and let more rush hour traffic go by. It didn’t help. I should have waited until 5:30 to leave work but owner was there, and I didn’t want to be around him. The discomfort kept me from concentrating at AKM so I went home about 6:30 and had a hard time. Didn’t touch the wine. To bed about 10 and didn’t touch the wine. Had a hard time getting to sleep.

Saturday, November 22 — In at 7:05 after spending an hour and a half cleaning up the house. Overcast but warmer out. No sign of the sinus ache, but I’m still pretty shaky. No problem driving in daylight. Except for photoging (but not taking time to process) a King Air and departing Bell heli and 1/2 hour for one sandwich brought from home and a cup of coffee, I worked on JTW book from 9 to 4. Accomplished a lot, but my eyes are a problem, can’t read a lot of the copied text from other sources. I had to bring my modeling MAGNIFYING goggles down from upstairs to read the small text. I did not want to drive in the dark; hence the departure at 4:30, pretty satsfied with the day, but with a slight headache.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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