The Week That Was – November 23 — November 30, 2014

Sunday, November 23 — In at 9:10, sky threatening rain. Phot’d Hangar 3. They are doing great out there. Checked Fb and e and resumed work on JTW book. . Visited by the pilot and pasesenters of a King Air that had been on the ramp a few days: owner of several shrimp restaurants in Alabama who flew here to go deer hunting with a friend who owns a farm nearby. I really had a problem reading the JTW clippings, emails and copies, transcribing some, quoting facts from others all in chronological order. . . what a damn pain! What can I say? I’m going to be blind if I don’t get these cataracts fixed! Did okay but I was dang depressed most of the day with slight pain in my left sinus. No work upstairs at all. . . Went home by way of grocer at 4:20. Discovered my repair guy had NOT come by and worked upstairs. Nice e contact with a friend in Arizona, She fortified me, redeemed the day.

Monday, November 24 — Had upstairs duplex locks re-keyed, deposited pay check from Springfield Business Journal for two articles I wrote for the December issue. Into AKM at 9:55, cold, windy and rainy out. Worked on JTW book from 10:15 to 10:45. Work was chilly, and I’m catching a cold DAMMIT. Back to AKM because a friend said he’d try to visit. . He hadn’t come by 6:25 and I went home. Sapping the will to perservere: that’s what friends are for; right? I was feeling sugnificantly sub-prime.

Tuesday, November 25 — Winter is not my friend. Had to deposit pay fro Springfield Business Journal articles because I knew the account was running . . . down to $28 before the deposit as it turned out. To AKM at 8:40 and worked on IPA newseletter instead of JTW book because I was late, reminding the contributors and they were late responding. Worked on Foster book at work. Back to AKM, finished IPA newsletter draft and sent it in. Stopped at grocer for Thanksgiving feast — new jar of Hellman’s mayonnaise, swiss cheese, a can of candied yams and half a half gallon of Prairie Farms butter pecan ice cream to go with sliced deli turkey brought home the night before. Ramen noodles with a little sliced turkey and salad dressing for dinner. Very tired. Slept okay

Wednesday, November 26 — Met with friend about him finishing reparation of house fafter Shannon Smith damn near destroyed it. He will help Sunday. So will I. Was running late for work but I HAD TO FINISH the IPA/SPI newsletter after taking friend back. FINISHED THAT — I was eating myself up inside being later than planned for work. Work was very slow and cold and quiet, Did some CADET rewriting but not much; slight headache returned. SNOW began to fall and I left work at 4:10 to beat that. Tough drive to AKM where I stayed until going home. I couldn’t work on the JTW book as planned because I am so TRASHED by my un-rented duplex and unrepaired cataracts. Processed a few pictures and departed at 6:05, anxious to get home. The snow was coming down harder than I expected and it was a freaking challenge to drive in it!

Thursday, November 27 — The snow from last night still covered the ground — maybe an inch and a half — and the drive to the airport to get some modeling tools and a few kits about 11 a was trreacherous despite the daylight which was my savior, overcast and very cold though it was. Grabbed some thinner, brushes and a few kits and came home.after five minutes there. No cheer from a soul. Roads back were better than roads out. Had Thanksgiving feast solo: deli sliced turkey and Swiss cheese with Hellman’s mayo on Bunny whole wheat, a can of candied yams and Hawaiian salad from Shop N Save. And iced tea. Haven’t touched alcohol since I drank the last of the Carlo Rossi Monday night. Wine takes too much time from my life.. Continued cleaning up and arranging home office and bedroom. Good progress. Butter pecan ice cream while I watched VCR of The Longest Day. About midnight ate another turkey & Swiss with Hawaiian salad and iced tea, pretty content with the day.

Friday,November 28 — To Hobb-e-Mart about 9:30 over much better streets and bought Italeri F-5E of Swiss Patroulee, F-104 of Starfighters aerobat team and F4F-3 Tamiya 1/48. Saw Jim Wahl there & said hello. To AKM about 10:30. Worked on JTW book. Made decent progress, but the type was too small and I had to use a magnifying glass 90% of the time. Progress was SLOW. Went home pretty disappointed with the day at 4:30. Worked on model planes at HOME for the first time since relocating collection to SPI. Sub-par progress because my heart wasn’t in it.  Depressed. Slept okay though.

Saturday, November 29 — More picking up and arranging at home before coming into AKM office at at 9:03. Worked on JTW book straight through until 4:50, working and eating lunch — turkey sandwiches from home and a Coke from the pilots lounge vending machine — as I worked on the book. Had a visitor pilot Cessna 560 Excel and we talked less than five minutes. He signed the guestbook. No time for pictures. Grabbed some model things to take home and stopped at grocer, mostly to get some cash for KP Sunday afternoon. Departed AKM at 3:45.

Thank you for reading this post. Have a nice day.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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