The Week That Was – December 14 — 20

Sunday, December 14 — In at 8:45 and began writing my story for Business Journal. Paused half an hour to photograph Hangar 3 on a dreary, slightly foggy day. A visitor came in and when I returned to the article, I found my Olympus digital recorder would NOT play the interview! Tried several times to fix it; no luck! Took it when I delivered some model kits a friend had donated to another friend at noon. And HE BROUGHT IT BACK TO LIFE. After returning to AKM, I began to write the article, and the recorder refused — AGAIN! — to work!!! A visitor to AKM, ex-Ohioan, now living in Anchorage, Alaska, came in and toured the entire AKM for about 40 minutes. When I returned to the broken recorder IT WORKED! I am convinced that good people generate good karma in my life. When I have no good people around me, I cannot create good karma ENOUGH on my own to make life pleasant for me. That’s just how it is, DANG it! I returned to the story, Wrote a very rough draft of it which I will complete EARLY Monday at my airport office before I leave for another article interview. Departed for grocer and home at 6:25.

Monday, December 15 — In at 5:20 to work on SBJ stories. Did nothing with aviation all day. Worked on Springfield Business Journal articles. When they ask me to write and take pictures for MONEY, I’m just a goy who can’t say mazeltoff” Returned to AKM 45 minutes late to avoid the rush hour traffic. Tomorrow I’ll probably return 60 minutes late. I’m working on an aviation memoir by a former naval cadet at my employer every chance I get and a book about a Springfield Illinois US Army L-5 pilot. I’m doing almost nothing with the museum. Getting the SBJ articles delivered was a big load off my shoulders. Departed for HOME via the grocer at 6:50. WHEW! WHAT a frikkin’ DAY!

Tuesday, December 16 — In at 5:10, cool and light rain. Did some catching up, putting things away. Talked with some Army NG C-12 crew who had visited before. Proofread FOUR articles slated for thee AAHS Processed many pictures, did a LITTLE BIT of catching up (of the tons of things I need to work on) and to work where I rewrote more than 15 pages of the CADET book. Almost no business and more craziness from the owner. I MUST GET AWAY FROM HIM BEFORE I GO INSANE! THERE MUST BE A SOLUTION! Back at AK, proofread my rewrites. Sent several pages to Cadet guy. Processed pics from last week’s model club meeting. Departed for dinner and home at 8:45.

Wednesday, December 17 — In at 8:20. Over to terminal to get food in my stomach before taking my children’s aspirin for blood thinning. Not an airplane to be seen. Proofread several pages of Cadet and sent them to RF. Worked on pictures. Work was very good. Tweaked a record 12 pages of Cadet copy for RF. Sent it to myself so I could proofread my rewrites and send them to the gent. Went home at 8:25.

Thursday, December 18 — In at 5:30, calm and chilly. Nothing on the ramp. Proofread blue lines for the next AAHS Journal. Worked on pictures and discovered on Facebook that it was snowing in Springfield. Went out and phot’d a Citation V in the snow and posted it. Worked at employer most of the day on Cadet rewrite and back at AKM, proofread it all and sent that to RF. Departed, tired at 8:00.

Friday, December 19 — In at 7:25, calm, clearing skies. Processed pictures all morning and made good progress. I want to get them organized better and then taken off the hard drive onto CDs by type (f-15m Cessna Citation X, T-45). Worked like a man possessed on Cadet at work and finished all but 10 final pages. Brought the work back to AKM and stayed with it until I HAD to leave about 9:50 so the crew could close the FBO at 10. I will finish Sat morn. Rusty replaced three dead florescent light bulbs in my office with new ones, and the improvement was incredible. Practiced guitar for the first time since my stroke. No problems. A PRODUCTIVE DAY! đŸ™‚

Saturday, December 20 — In at 8:50. Finished the Cadet writing and proofing and sent it to RF. Phot’d a US ARMY Citation Encore refueling, processed a bunch of pictures. Printed many pages of the rewrite. Mr. Kerasotes visited, former DHC Chipmunk owner. Had a good chat. Chuck Buescher came over and picked up the airline kits Mark had left for him. Deleted a lot of accumulated emails. Toured a Cessna Citation Encore flown by USAmy refueling and bound for Colorado Springs. Departed at 7:55 for grocer and home.


About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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