The Week That Was – January 4 — January 10

Sunday, January 4 — Up at 3a and worked on music, poetry and modeling. Into AKM at 8:50, cold, windy and light snow out. A productive day processing pictures in office. Was determined to catch up with modeling upstairs. NO LUCK. Too cold in Process Room to use airbrush dangit. Cold froze my determination to PRODUCE the rest of the day, so I went home at 3:30. Modeled about half an hour in the home office where I’ve brought a few kits, but it was cold there too.
Monday, January 5 — Bad weather forecast of significant snow and very cold — below zero — tomorrow means I may stay home Tues & Wed. Who knows about Thurs?  I have promised to play/sing at a gallery event Thrurs nignt. Into AKM at 9:05 after getting prescriptions refilled for $170 for a month’s worth. Gene B and Chuck M visited — GB about AHEC and CM to talk to Rob F about maintenance on his Comanche 160, and we had a nice chat on his way out.. I didn’t get much done. Began moving models around to make a better place for Chuck’s AC-47 and had to go to work. It began snowing and I left about 1:30 to beat the snow accumulation. Stopped at grocer and was home by 3:15. Was drained from the drive which wasn’t bad, but the blowing snow really bothered me! Ate and slept mostly the rest of the day. Very sad over the snow and how things are going.
Tuesday, January 6 — In at 8:20 over moderately snow-covered streets, reasonably clear in the driving lanes, but the rush hour traffic was okay. Took some models upstairs, tidied up some in the office. Called GJ who said I could have the day off since he was going to be around TGG all day. He called me later and asked me to come in at 1:00. Glad to do so because I accomplished a lot of scrap pasting for AKM at my employer. Before clocking in there. stopped at Hobb-e-Mart for some slow-cure superglue. Departed for AKM at 4. Nice conversation with Kevin S who donated a lapel pin from Aero Services days and we had an interesting conversation about the buildings on the airport. When I can, I intend to write a history of the buildings on this airport. Processed V-22 pictures until 7:15 and went home to practice guitar for Thursday night at Gallina’s. A very productive day.

Wednesday, January 7 — Slept most of the time at home after work yesterday. The thermostat was set at 72, but it was chilly inside. No guitar or recital practice. Awakend about 7 a on Wednesday. Up slowly, 3 degrees out and predicting minus 7 tonight, DAMMIT. Into AKM at 9:45, sunny and calm. Worked on pictures all morning. Added “Words Works” page to Fb aviation presence to promote my writing. Left for home at 7:00.


Thursday, January 8 — In at 8:30 very cold and windy. Phot’d a Tecna P2008, talked with the pilot briefly. Processed pictures. Released from TGG at 3:00 and returned to AKM, where Ron and Rusty gave me a hooded pullover Horizon orange windbreaker. I will probably wear it all the time here; the Standard Aero with the zipper front for when I leave the airport. Departed for the gallery with my guitar about 5:30

Friday, January 9 — In at 8:30 SUNNY, as cold as yesterday, less windy. Worked on pictures. This post is less than it should be. I have waning interest in blabbing my  incapacities to the world, but even though there are few comments at the BLOG site — — friends and strangers on Facebook seem to like it, so I will continue for them.
. . . . .Model club meet was GREAT. Went home at 9:45.

Saturday, January 10 — Got a haircut and beard trim. Picked up printer ink and Windex at Staples. Arrived AKM at 11:45. Put things away. Emailed many Lincoln Flyers out. Went home via grocer at 7:10, at the end of a productive day.


About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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