The Week That Was – January 11 — 17

Sunday, January 11 — It was a rocky night after nap after dinner, awakening about midnight and remaining awake until almost 4:30 when I finally got back to sleep after wandering aviation and Fb sites and recording a musical video status report. Into AKM at 10:05 DETERMINED TO OPTIMIZE THIS OFFICE TO MAKE IT LESS CLUTTERED. Took some things upstairs . Made a little more room in the Process Room. Must concentrate on no more than 10 model finishing projects at a time. Got lost in the day, but I returned home late but before dark.
Monday, January 12 — Another ragged night. I HATE napping after dinner and then being up from midinght to 3 or 4. It snowed last night and I called work that   I could not come in, not even to the airport. Then I saw clear skies and sunshine and changed my mind. Streets in the city were marginal but north of North Grand, J David Jones Pkwy was wet but safe; still stayed at about 40 mph en route. Windy blowing snow at the airport. Pretty cold too.. Many visitors after work here. All pilots of bizjets, including two with an Archer Daniels Midland Falcon 2000 from Decatur, Illinois. No nap after dinner, but that’s because I didn’t leave for home until 9:55. Had light dinner on arriving and after checking email and Fbook, went straight to bed. Easy to sleep.

Tuesday, January 13 — In at 7:50 , cold (7 degrees) and sunny, one airplane, a Citation Excel, on the snowy ramp. A very good day. Interview with SPI boss for an article I’m writing, phot’d a Partenavia P 68 and after work an Eclipse 500. Great visits with some pilots. Processed a bunch of pictures. Went home a 9:55.

Wednesday, January 14 — In at 9:25 after paying insurance and depositing a paycheck. Overcast and calm, cold, less than 10 outside. Looks like they’re doing some work on the Citation Excel on the ramp; only bird here. They de-iced it and I took several pictures processed them and pics from last Friday’s model club meeting. Work was fine. Back to AKM, worked on pictures, also article interview for SBJ and for the first time in weeks, worked on a few models upstairs, not as much progress as I’d like because it’s too cold in the room to use my airbrush. Back to office at 9:15 and went home at 9:50.

Thursday, January 15 — Visited bank to print bank statements and into AKM office at 9:30, calm, sunny and tolerably warmer. Worked on SBJ article. Work was fine, After work I was very tired, napped on my AKM head on desk and went home at 6:45.

Friday, January 16 — In at 7:30, clear, calm, nothing on the ramp. Had a conference in town with some folks helping me with my cataract treatment. No time for much after that. Work was fine but I’m becoming WAY out of sorts and have delayed WRITING THE PROMISED ARTICLE FOR SBJ until the last possible time . . . and the same day I have to attend an AHEC board meeting which will be a special challenge. Very sad. Updated my AKM blog posts. Gregg B visted and we stalked about AHEC member cards to each other for almost 20 minutes — and for what? The polite chatbber decided nothing, and my hope for tomorrow’s meeting is that it won’t take another half an hour to make a five-minute decision. To grocer and home at 7:55. Maybe after a decent dinner and rest I’ll be more inclined to LIFE.
Saturday, January 17 — In at 7:30 clear, windy and light cold. Put away things. FINALLY went to work o the SBJ article and ENJOYED the work! Much easier than I thought; FUN. Finished first draft in time to be there at start of AHEC meet down the hall. It went okay. Back to office at noon and finished the article; sent it in and after sent some snowy airport snow plow action pics. Posted a new AKM blog Dec 7 — 14. Worked to fit another shelf to office cabinet. Tired so I went home at 4:15, satisfied with the good day.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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