The Week That Was – January 18 — 24

Rraders, now that I’m caught up, I will try to post updates from the week past on following Sundays. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, January 18 — In at 8:55, calm and sunny, no coat today for the first time. Nothing on the ramp. Had a productive, positive day processing pictures, making a new membership card addition for AHEC. Phot’d a 2013 Cessna 206 and departing Arch EC-130. Used 12 — 24 wide angle lens for first time; forgot it isn’t auto focus, results were “el stinko” but that’s okay. I didn’t realize what I had. Will do better next time. Worked HOURS on John T. Walker book pages proofed by his family. Took things upstairs. No lunch. Went home at 4:50. Worked on models of G3M and Ju-87 at home.


Monday, January 19 — In at 7:55, cool, sunny, calm. nothing on the ramp. Watched the video tour of AKM Brian C. had produced and like d it a lot. Posted it on Fb. Very good reaction from those who saw it. Slogged through photo processing from November. Also emailed several more Lincoln Flyers to visitors who had signed the guestbook. Less spent on AKM scrap pasting than usual at employer because of customers, and that’s okay; customers are my ticket to regular paychecks. Encountered Mike G. going into Horizon and gave him a copy of LF. Had a visitor attending the Flying 20 club meeting, but he was lukewarm; didn’t even read my color brochure. Despite the video uplifting, I was tired so I went home at 8.


Tuesday, January 20 — In at 9:25 after buying packaging tape and depositing a paycheck. Photog’d a 2002 Avanti (1st generation) in and out. Nice crew. Got a book and a kit ready to ship. Work was okay; accomplished a lot of scrap pasting. Probably have less than a week to go until I’m done with that. Because of no help YET, I’m going to simply separate homebuilt and foreign-built aircraft and miscellaneous subjects and concentrate on US-manufactured and one-off ac. The rest will be stored in appropriately labeled boxes. Felt a mite tired so went home at 7:10.

Wednesday, January 21 — In at 9 after mailing some things at the downtown post office. Chilly and calm, overcast, nothing on the ramp. Worked a little on several brief tasks, work was okay, the model club was okay though I did little BUILDING; just separating part in kits and listening to the others discuss. I learn more by not talking, but sometimes I don’t engage because I have no interest in what’s being discussed. I was tired when I left for home at 9:17.


Thursday, January 22 — In at 8:55 and put away things from model club last night. Calm, overcast and chilly but not bad. Worked upstairs significantly. Put TV stand into Viewing & Reading Room. Moved many kits from Process Room to Chronology Room (and the new Revell and Monogram Kits Room. HATED to leave for employer. Work was fine. Accomplished a lot of scrap pasting but since George wants me in the showroom until 5 pm, I MUST stay there off the clock but working on AKM things, until 6 when the rush hour has peaked. Tonight there was a lot of oncoming traffic headed east on Vet’s Parkway and they were a PROBLEM. May stay at TGG until 6:30 Fri to see if that makes a difference. It’s nice to have uninterrupted time for AKM work, regardless. At AKM, processed more pictures from November. A right seater in a Phenom 300 visited and walked me out to the airplane. Took some pics with the recently donated wide angle lens but they were VERY BAD. I can’t focus the pics. Maybe it will be better in daylight. Went back and took some with the Sony. Much better but the floodlights are a little extreme for the best lighting. Posted a few at AKM Fb page and went home at 9:00, okay with the day.
Friday, January 23 — In at 5:30 and worked on pictures. Had to leave to visit agency that may help with cataract fixing funding and got out so late I had to drive straight to work where I had a pretty good day with scrap pasting. For the first time this year, I left at 5 because it was light enough I didn’t have to worry about oncoming headlights that almost blind me if I look at them. Chuck B left me a nice used monitor & keyboard and mouse. No time to install. Will for sure Saturday. Was visited by pilot and CFA from Indiana State University in Terre Haute who took time to tour the whole show. Phot’d their Diamond DA-40 before they departed for home. Nice fellows. Their flight school uniform includes very high shine black shoes from the same manufacturer that makes them for the US Marines. I left for home at 9:10. Very tired after an almost 16 hour work day!
Saturday, January 24 — In at 9:50, late for a Sat morn. Sunny and nice. MAJOR progress today, working mostly upstairs after replacing the ultra-bulky tube monitor with a widescreen flat monitor donated by a supporter and friend who flies for a major airline. Took the rest of the Revell kits to a new room dedicated to Revell and Monogram kits. Rearranged MANY kits in the Kits Room to better display them. Rearranged kits and work area in the Process Room and spent a few hours working on models. Major priorities are to finish the CH-47 in RAF Falklands War colors and repair the carrier transport for the Aurora. Worked on many other projects to speed things along. Worked 10 a to 8 p upstairs exclusively. Am very happy with the progress and wish I could do as much up there tomorrow. Can’t; must work on writing And I will. Departed for home and a late dinner at 9:25, very happy with the day.

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I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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