The Week That Was – January 25 — January 31

Sunday, January 25 — In at 8:25, light rain, chilly. Brought the small TV with VCR that Warren S. gave me. Worked on the February Lincoln Flyer for an hour. Then worked on the February IPA/SPI newsletter. Phot’d a V-tail Bonanza from the fence. No time for lunch as such. Nibbled pineapple and and raisins periodically as I worked. Spent three hours cleaning up the Periodicals Room and put a dent in it but have a long way to go. I want to feature it in the February Lincoln Flyer. Worked on IPA/SPI newsletter from 3 to 4 and departed for grocer and home at 4:05.

Monday, January 26 — In at 6:50, calm, pavement clean. Finished IPA/SPI newsletter. Sent it to Brian. Spent half an hour in the Periodicals Room, organizing titles with four or fewer issues. Easy work, but it had to be 50 degrees up there. Distributed a lot of clips way from there and into rooms where they should be. Really cold outside, but had a productive day at employer who showed real interest in my aviation information processing. I impressed him, but I just felt a little closer to the stature of a hydra’s little brother in terms of where I AM (showroom manager for the money only) and where I need to BE! Left early for airport with owner’s permission. He was going to be there until 5 anyway. A NICE gesture that cost me $10 in lost pay before taxes. Worked some on JTW book, but I was homely sick and departed early– 6:20, anxious for a nap and a warm dinner.

Tuesday, January 27 — In at 9:10 after paying some bills. Corrected IPA newsletter and worked upstairs in Periodicals Room. Work went find; almost done with scraps pasting. Back to AKM and worked on lots of things to tidy the desk and office area. Left for home at 7:45, happy with the day.

Wednesday, January 28 — In at 6:50, skies clearing and temps warming a mite. THREE new AKM Facebook page LIKES, including the first in Cyrillic lettering from a gentleman in UKRAINE, I believe. We’re up to 188 now; want to be up to 200 by the end of January. Worked upstairs in Periodicals Room . There’s never enough time in the mornings unless I begin out here before 5:30 am. Work was fine. I’ve started to paste scraps from racers and foreign aircraft manufacturers. Scraps from miscellaneous subjects I’m not going to paste until I have some significant volunteer help here, and the way the volunteers are showing up, that is not likely to happen until some significant time after I’m dead. The model club meeting went okay though it was lightly attended (four) and I left for home at 9:50, pretty satisfied with the day.

Thursday, January 29 — In at 8:40, overcast, very chilly and windy and ugly. Not a bird on the ramp. Very productive day at AKM and work with the usual. Also walked over to terminal and photographed the Aviation History Educational Center display erected this week by Ace Sign Company. AKM per se is not connected to it, but I do support the organization as a board member, print chairman and official historian. Departed at 5:45 to go share poetry and music at Gallina’s Pizza. All aviation and no PLAY (as in geetar pickin’ & grinnin’) make me a duller boy than I have a mind to be . . . Turns out I was wrong about the date for the event: discovered when I arrived that it’s NEXT Thursday. Went home totally bummed, light dinner.

Friday, January 30 — In at 8:45 after another nutty night: napping after dinner from 7:30 to 12:15. Up until 3:30 doing nothing productive, just treading water, a tad sad but not terribly. To sleep close to 4 and out of bed at 8. Made lunch, gathered some avmags I had brought home to read and came to AKM. Sunny, cold, calm. Worked arranging magazines upstairs for about 45 minutes. It was cold up there, but I was focused, and I could hold a felt tip pin, so with a spirit of some kind guiding me to do that, I was glad to comply and accomplish something. Still have some finishing up to do up there tomorrow. The employer was a PAIN today, engaging me in a task that took all day, and that’s okay. I don’t earn a paycheck for AeroKnow Museum work. I earn a paycheck for doing what he tells me to do. This was the first time in almost two years (if I recall correctily) that I’ve done ZERO aviation history work there! So I was something of a disappointed old fart, but I complied to the letter. Felt deflated coming out to the airport and at AKM where I caught up with things. Departed at 6 — early for me — for the store and home.

Saturday, January 31 — In at 8:30, calm, overcast, chilly, anticipating the start of major snow today late and all day Sunday. Went right to work on the JTW book, making corrections, added a Family’s Forward that Richard S had written describing his visit to AKM in 2012. Phot’d a Phenom 100 that landed for fuel in late morn and a Piper Seminole that landed after encountering some ice at altitude. Finished about 2 and worked in Magazines Room until 3:30. Posted Seminole pics and scooted home at 4:45, later than expected but after a terrific day at AKM.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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