The Week That Was – February 1 — February 7

Sunday, February 1 — In at 8:30. Moderate snow was falling at 8 am, but much more was anticipated, and I had to get to the airport to get my prescription medicines. Also wanted to bring my model airbrush and some model kits back to the house because I thought I would be home bound until Tuesday with the forecast for up to 7 inches of snow for Springfield. It was warmer outside than I anticipated. Streets en route to the airport were slushy and dirty with the sand that had been applied by snow crews. On the way north the the tire paths were almost snow free past North Grand. Picked up materials inside and then noticed a Bombardier CRJ that had been towed a few hundred feet away from the terminal. Maintenance problems. The snow was falling hard. Heard a jetliner taking off but could not see it. Drive to home was slower but okay. For the rest of the solitary day, I worked on models, did laundry, picked up loose ends in office and living room, began to look at Conger family documents. A productive, but joyless day.

Monday , February 2 —   In at 8:40. Would have been here sooner, but my truck doors were frozen and I could not fix that. Tried again at 8:10. Bright sun, moderate wind and cold.(12 degrees) and no trouble on snowy streets cleared in driving lanes. Slow but safe arrival. Photog’d airliner from yesterday in bright sun. Work was a mixed bag, mostly work for the employer, and that’s okay. Back to AKM phot’d the airliner in the sunset and an AeroStar with winglets. Had significant Norton security problems I could not fix. Left for home at 8, a mite frustrated.

Tuesday, February 3 — In at 7:40. Clear, cold & calm. STILL could not get into the internet! Rob F fixed things. Called Donna A about my interest in finding a better website program than Dreamweaver after running into a brick wall when I tried to update it this morning. She will visit and show me how to save it all in one file on the computer so I don’t have to add and delete material on line. Took pictures in the Magazines Room for an article in the next issue of LF. Wrote most of page 1 of the Feb Lincoln Flyer; have a long way to go there, too.That will be a big help. Work was a drag. George was buzzing around like a dragonfly with attention deficit disorder. I could not begin something for AKM without getting two minutes into it and him interrupting me to ask me to do something on the computer. I damn near became a nervous wreck though I have his permission to work on AKM material. Very slow afternoon. I made some progress sorting foreign ac and miscellaneous scraps, but it was as quiet as a tomb all day. Driving back to airport at 5 with a badly smudged windshield I was damn near BLINDED by the setting sun. Thank GOD there was light traffic since I departed exactly at 5 and the rush hour traffic didn’t catch up with me that early. At AKM I cleaned my windshield. Then I discovered I could not get onto the INTERNET, DANG IT! A few minutes later I did get on, but I was soured on the day. Pretty shot down. Departed for home at 6:00 I will sleep all I can tonight, unless I get motivated at home.
Wednesday, February 4 —   In at 9:10. Overcast and cold. I am so hobbled by winter cold, I allow it to rule my outlook and that means I don’t get away from AKM to run errands for aviation projects. For example, I am way past due with the John Thornton Walker book, yet I’ve not visited Camp Lincoln’s historian or the local library because the airport is closer, and there is so much AKM work to be done here. Posted a check to renew my dues in the American Aviation Historical Society. I’ve been so distracted that what I normally send them before Christmas, I’m embarrassed to say, I didn’t send them before today. No aircraft on the ramp today except the broken CRJ. Nothing is pretty in shades of gray. Worked on money records and the February Lincoln Flyer. Departed at noon for lunch and to prepare for my cab ride to Dr. Yeh for a dilation procedure before we schedule the cataract treatment. Glad to see the IPA/SPI  meeting for tonight was cancelled. Bad weather is not our friend. Out the AKM door at 12:05.

Thursday, February 5 — It was waaay cold overnight and I was slow getting started. In at 9 , clear, calm, with lots of 2 inch snow everywhere, City roads marginal, north of North Grand okay. CRJ still on the ground near terminal. Caught up with loose ends re checks and deposits and logged several kits purchased from Edward G. Took them to totally disarrayed Process Room. When I’m working on the JTW book, the rest of the place gets neglected and I have to catch up. When I’m catching up with the rest of the place, the JTW book gets neglected and one of the family keeps closing with “God speed with the book.” CHEESES I feel HIS frustration BIGtime. I just wish he could understand mine. At employer I made an appointment for my pre-cataract left eye operation and talked with Jason a t the Eye Center who told me payment for everything, including the pre-operation doctor visit will be paid for. WOW HAPPY! Made some early progress sorting foreign ac scraps. No urgency there. Took some airplane postcards to a downtown gallery event where I’ll recite some of my poetry and try to sell some cards to legitimize me with the visual arts community. Worked on Feb Lincoln Flyer for 15 minutes before going downtown.

Friday, February 6 —   In at 9 and Brian C, who had agreed to meet with me today at 9:00 (I had forgotten) was waiting for me. He showed me more about my iPad which I’ve not come to use as anticipated when I bought it last spring. He WILL serve on the new board and try to do some fundraising for AKM. He left at 10 after a very good meeting.  Worked upstairs rearranging Kits Room to display several new additions. Employer was okay, sorted more foreign ac scraps.Back to AKM where I g egan rigging the two 1/48 Stearman PT–17s and repairing a partly completed 1/72 one. Also worked on CH-47 and a few Mirage F-1s. Took file on G3M for work on LS kit at home. Departed at 9 for grocer and home.

Saturday, February 7 —   In at 10. Could not leave home until the CVS pharmacy opened because I was out of prescription pills. Sunny, warming and calm, three birds on the ramp. Nice visit with Chuck M. Major work done on the February Lincoln Flyer. Phot’d a deluxe panel 172 and great visit with pilot and son. Processed pics and posted Fb AKM page. Went home at 5:55. GREAT DAY.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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