The Week That Was – February 15 — February 21

Sunday, February 15 — In at 9:40 and encountered a C-130 idling on the ramp with a military bus. Parked ragged in a rush to get camera and took a bunch of pictures as soldiers with back packs boarded and it taxied out. It was less than 10 degrees out and I was in major pain when I finally came back to the office after re-parking my vehicle! Finally settled in. Worked on the pictures . . . Brought some model work from home and took them upstairs. I was on the precipice of sleep all day, and not up to engaging anything requiring close attention. I will catch up with the JTW book Monday morning before I lift a finger to do anything else. Worked upstairs on models while scanning pictures loaned from RFIII and transferred them to office computer before going home at 4:15. What I HOPE is that I don’t fall asleep in the recliner and go through this crazyness of being awake from 11 p to 4 a after napping from 8 to 11 p. I drag all day the next day and this impedes me a mite.
Monday, February 16 — In at 9:45 over maybe 3 inches of snow from last night. Roads were almost too risky (snow pack on more that 50% of the streets in the city but better out north to the airport. Had another rocky night — 3 in a row — but I was in bed by 2:50, an improvement. Gray and cold out and forecast of colder cold mid-week. I am so TIRED of the COLD, DAMMIT! Had a decent day at work, pasting scraps. Back to AKM where I worked on RFIII’s USN career pics he loaned me to scan. NICE FELLOW! Posted last week’s AKM log in the AKM blog. Gathered checks and cash to deposit into the AK account tomorrow. Departed for home at 8:25 after a productive day.

Tuesday, February 17 — In at 9:30 after depositing AKM checks ($30) and mailing some loaned av pics (which I scanned Sunday) back to supporter. Sunny cold and calm, lots of ice in the parking lot. I hate to be so damn careful when I walk! Piddled at email and posted a couple of pictures in an airliner Fb group. Had the employer all to myself, but I was tired. I really need a long sleep. Finished pasting France scraps and started the German scraps. It was colder than usual, and the next two days are going to be COLDER DAMMIT. Back to AKM depressed by the cold and departed for home, depressed by the cold, at 5:45.

Wednesday, February 18 — In at 8:50 in sunny but wildly blowing dusting of snow from last night. Visibility on the highway to the airport was marginal, snow blown over the roads, especially coming into the airport parking. The rumways and ramp must be marginal at best with this mess. The naps are becoming routine. I’m less anxious, but I’m also less productive: did no modeling last night; just spent a lot of time on Facebook and wished I could have an intelligent conversation with someone. Even Fb is becoming less aviation (Job Conger presence) and less arts (Conger Job presence) and more political/spiritual piety, stupid people doing dumb things and pets being funny or cuddlingly adorable. Slept okay but was up later than I’d wanted to be. Did next to nothing at AKM until leaving for work. I feel I’m dealing with a narrowing tunnel vision that keeps me from focusing on things that I would ENJOY doing but don’t because I don’t see the net PLUS from the work. Had a major argument with GJ at employer today, but made progress pasting scraps when he was gone. Still bothered after returning to AKM. I’ve been dining on nothing but soup some nights and chilli other nights. Will stop at grocer en route home and try to improve my outlook with a decent meal. Departed at 6:50.

Thursday, February 19 — Calm, sunny and below zero at 9:30 arrival after another nutty, COLD night where the only place I could be warm in the house with the thermostat set at 72 degrees was under a blanket in the living room recliner or bed. Feet were like ice working at the home office computer. Nice ramp on arrival a Citation VII and a Challenger 300. But FRIGID, HURTING COLD! Briefly phot’d the Challenger. Did nothing much here. Pasted scraps at work, another marginal day, the air is out of my sails. The outlook continued back at AKM and I departed for home about 6:10, mostly to eat dinner and read, cower under blankets. Who knows? I may turn on a space heater. It could happen. . .

Friday, February 20 — In at 8:40, overcast and threatening more snow. Two Air Tractors and a Premier on the ramp; unusual. Phot’d the ATs — lucky shots — and took some things upstairs. Work was okay: pasted a LOT of scraps. Back to AKM and processed a bunch of pictures from this morning. Because major snow is forecast, gathered some kits upstairs and went home at 7:30. I anticipate not returning this weekend if the snow is as bad as predicted.

Saturday, February 21 — Did not come to airport because of 10 inches of new snow overnight. Worked on several model kits I had taken home Friday, had a productive and enjoyable day at home. Resolved to take MANY of the models needing repair, completing and restoration home to work on there to resolve some clutter in the Process and Intake Rooms.

Thanks for reading this.





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I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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