The Week That Was – February 22 to February 28

Sunday, February 22 — Another nap after dinner, awake for six hours being productive, then sleeping fairly late into the morning morning. The roads were clear as a bell and I was into office at 10:05. Worked on signs for newly displayed and replacements for signs lost somehow. From about noon to 5:10 worked upstairs in process room on models. Used the airbrush for the first time, this year.Fingers were cold but I was fine. Set aside to repair project and a magnifyer I bought a few weeks ago to bring home Made MAJOR progress with painting several models in process: Panavia Tornado, Carvair, Grumman Widgeon, Mirage F.1, Javelin, and some others. Back to office at 5:11 and worked awhile on JTW book large-size final draft. Departed at 6 after the most productive modeling day I’ve had in 8 months! 🙂
Monday, February 23 — Went to bed at 5 am last night and arrived here 9:40 today. Home kitchen sink won’t drain with this cold. Garbage disposal is jammed; won’t run dang it. Sunny, calm and cold. Brought some projects to assemble with superglue (Northrop XP-56 wing radiators) and airbrush (AC-47 interior) before assembly. Head’s a little groggy, but I expect it to clear up. I was fine all day and accomplished a lot of scrap pasting. Back to AKM where I wrote the March IPA newsletter and sent it to the president for proof reading. Departed for home via grocer at 7:30.

Tuesday, February 24 — In at 9:05 after voting. It was 9 degrees outside, and I was voter #8 for the 50th precinct. Calm and sunny but cold. Worked on JTW book. The last part of the book will be the two JTW log books transcriptions, and since I don’t have to go anywhere in cold weather to get them, I transcribed them from original to Word file months ago. Now I’m cutting and pasting to the BIG OOK – 8 X 10 issue. It takes time, proofreading against the original logs and ensuring continuity of abbreviations in two-column formatting instead of the original one column, but progress is good. Departed about 11:55 to go home for lunch and await a cab to take me to eye doctor. I’m having my eyes measured for corneal implants. I did take the entire day off from employer for the doctor visit, and I’m making the most of every minute. Came back after the eye doctor. Had to sign about 10 documents giving permissions for what’s going to happen with the cataract treatment and bags of eye treatments and instructions for before and after each eye operation! WOW! This is going to be much more than a walk in the park! Met some terrific people with a Lear 60 medical transport. They overnighted here due to bad weather and were about to leave to pick up a patient in Savannah, GA to deliver to Boston. Toured their airplane in and out and most of the crew visited AKM. GREAT BUNCH. Worked on the JTW log book transcriptions and made solid progress. Departed for home at 5:40.

Wednesday, February 25 — In at 8:05 , calm and sunny out. Nothing on the ramp. Processed pictures from yesterday and posted some on Fb. I REALLY need to do a blog about the Lear 60 with Jet I.C.U.. Also worked until employer time on the JTW Logs. This is taking more time than I anticipated. Work was okay. FINISHED pasting scraps from non-USA sorts. I still have many non-USA and USA scraps and articles to sort and a TON of material to file. That must wait for warmer weather. Got ready for the model club meeting. It was very quiet 90 percent of it. We all concentrated on our modeling. Not a cheerful gathering, but not a hostile place ether. I felt I was in a vacuum near the fringe of the universe, far removed from the others. But, CHEESES, that’s how I feel about most of my hours spent concious with company on this planet.  Words seemed to leave my mouth and lodge in the silence and not come back in form of DIalogue. That’s okay. I made some progress modeling, and that’s what counts. Left for home at 9:35.

Thursday, February 26 — In at 10 after late start following 3 inches of new snow that’s blowing around like crazy. Put away things from model club last night. Spent 10 minutes filing and sorting in the Research Room and maybe 5 minutes starting to sort in the Intake Room. Processed some pics from last night. Had no scraps to process at employer so I began to index some av mags recently donated. Slow going, I was tired and it was precise work. Back to airport early because there was light snowing and I was dismissed at 4:45. Phot’d an IAI Gulfstream G150 & processed, posted. I was worried the snow might get serious so I departed for home at 5:55. Worked on models there: XP-56, Firebrand, SB-17, V-173, made some progress but I was tired. To bed at 11:50.

Friday, February 27 — In at 9:30, sunny light wind and minus 4 degrees out after hitting mine 12 last night. Worked on JTW book in the BIG format which is how it will be printed at a local business. Posted some JTW pics to Fb site. Gathered an arm full of av mags to cull articles from and a few to index, took to employer. Culled all those mags and indexed none of the others. Owner won’t be open tomorrow and I’m not going in. Back to AKM but I’m tired. Processed model club meeting pictures and was visited by some terrific Civil Air Patrol officers from the McHenry, IL area. Had a great visit. Here for training at the ANG facility but promised to visit again if time permits. POSTED CIPM meeting pictures at Fb and departed for grocer/home at 6:35.
Saturday, February 28 –Ragged night last night, wasting four hours browsing internet. In at 9:05, 15 degrees and slight overcast. Worked on the JTW flight log most of the day; also photo’d a Gippsland GA-8 Airvan and nearly froze! Good PICTURES though! Very cold and tired. Departed for home as the snow began in earnest at 4:09.

Thanks for reading this post.

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I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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