The Weeks That Were – March 15 — 21 and March 22 — 28

Sunday, March 15 — In at 8:30, sunny, cool and calm; no planes on the ramp. Processed more pictures from yesterday; still a ways to go. Began better arranging Process Room so I can concentrate on COMPLETING a few projects at a time. Met a fellow from Iraq flying a Lancair Columbia with his Labra-doodle dog and he visited AKM. Great fellow. Continued upstairs. Worked on the March Lincoln Flyer and made good progress. Photographed the interior of Mike George’s Diamond DA-42 for LincFly. Back upstairs about 5 and and left about 7.

Monday, March 16 — In from eye doctor about 9:45. Worked on Lincoln Flyer. Phot’d a factory fresh Baron flown by demo pilot and another Baron that taxied in and parked beside it. Beautiful sunny day, great people. HATED to leave for “employer” where the day was a MAJOR TRIAL on many levels. Sorted a bunch of culled materials and began date/sourcing material I will cut up for scraps to paste. Back at AKM worked on Lincoln flyer and posted two weeks’ blogs. Departed for home at 8:10.

Tuesday, March 17 — In at 9:50 after a haircut . Phot’d two departing UH-60s; later a Falcon 2000. Processed those pics ant posted a few on FB; chatted with flight crew of the 2000; great gents. I was rushing like crazy at AKM with phone calls re Business Journal assignments. Things didn’t improve at work. DEPRESSING AS HELL. Back to AKM still depressed. WHY BOTHER with doing things right when folks are as contented sharing my agonies as ecstasies; probably more so since they are assured from my agonies that they’re better off than little ol’ me. As I wrote this, was visited by a Citation XL pilot from Norway, living stateside now, and we toured upstairs as well as the office for about 30 minutes. . . before the visitor, I was two minutes from leaving at 6. Now I’ll stay until 6:30 or 7. The visit was great, but my energy is drained like an April maple.

Wednesday, March 18 — a HELLISH day Was up early for the plumber’s 8 am arrival to fix a leak on my backyard outdoor water spigot. They did. I expected them to take less than an hour. They didn’t. It took so long I ALMOST had to cancel an interview connected to a story I’m writing for Springfield Business Journal. They finished and I made it to the interview BARELY in time for a very rushed interview . . . but it went okay. FAST to AKM to check mail and complain to the State Journal Register that I am STILL not receiving the newspaper at my AKM office! DANGIT! Then to work and more agony with my employer. Over a month and no paycheck. It took me most of the day to settle down. I was LIVID with the WORLD. Departed work, almost delirious to be getting the HAIL away from there and arrived relatively calm and cozy in my AKM office. Closed the door and focused on writing the SBJ story, which came together smooth as silk. Sent it to editor by 7:40. and after checking other email, went home at 8:00 very satisfied with the outcome of this loooooooooooooooooong day! đŸ™‚
Thursday, March 19 — In at 8:55, overcast, promising rain. Not feeling rushed for the first time this week. The March Lincoln Flyer will just have to wait. Photo’d a C-26 loading some USAF people. No time to process them. Visitor with Citation III. No time to photog, but a fine conversation. Work was okay. HATED to RUSH OFF TO EMPLOYER. The day was okay, culled clippings and sorted into misc, homebuilt, mass-built, and pages to cut up to clips and scraps. I was pretty tired so after returning to airport, I departed for home at 6:45 after working a little on the March Lincoln Flyer. For the 6th night in a row, even though there were models in the building room I’m enjoying working on, I didn’t work on them. Napped after a salad dinner and for the first time in WEEKS I finished the day without eating ANY peanut butter. I think it is putting weight on me, and I’m too old to be pregnant. Slept fine.

Friday, March 20 — To Dr. Wu at the charity clinic for a physical before next Tuesday’s surgery on my right eye — the LASER treatment — and was very impressed with her thoroughness with questions. Blood pressure and heart and pulse are fine. We scheduled a colonoscopy for April. THIS is mature PROGRESS. Direct to work; no time for the airport. Work was fine. Back to AKM to find the newspapers here and kits I purchased from a friend out east. Processed pictures and logged in kits. went home at 7:00.

Saturday, March 21 — In at 9:20. Sunny, nice outside. Attended AHEC meeting 10:30 to noon (another jabber-rama over an issue we resolved a year ago that is now NEW BUSINESS because a member has mis-guided expectations and is proving to be a major pain. . . . and for once, that member is not ME! After the meeting,  had a very productive day. Took a bunch of pictures of model kits room. Worked on Lincoln Flyer for a few hours, worked in Process Room a few hours. Departed for home at 7:25.

Sunday, March 22 — In at 9:05, sunny and calm. No birds on the ramp. Worked on Lincoln Flyer. Worked all day on IPA and Lincoln Flyer publications. Had some visitors returning to east coast in a very sharp Hawker BeechJet 400 from skiing in Colorado and a nice fellow who delivered his 300 hp Beech Bonanza V35B for its annual. No time for anything upstairs but I’m hungry and anxious to get home after trip to grocer. Departed at 7 pm, very happy with the day.

Monday, March 23 — In at 8:30 and e-mailed the March LincFly to guestbookers and supporters. Also to John S who promised to print hard copies. Work was fine, slogging through issues of Private Pilot and Plane and Pilot culling articles. Made good progress. It’s one of just a few things I can do at employer that help AKM. Back at airport, sent out more LincFlys. Had a nice visitor from Flight Safety and a King Air, in a hurry to get to hotel. Nice fellow. Departed for home and Tuesday’s cataract surgery at 7:15 after a very good day.

Tuesday, March 24 — Had Laser cataract removal surgery on my right eye and did not come to airport or employer. The surgery went very well.
Wednesday, March 25 — Visited Dr. Yeh for checkup day after surgery and it all looked good: a little swelling of the right eye but that was expected. Was depressed at employer and culled articles from Plane & Pilot and Private Pilot av mags. Visited nearby hobby shop & bought some paints for models. To AKM after employer and worked on IPA newsletter until the model club meeting began. it went okay.

Thursday, March 26 — In at 9:25 after later start than hoped and paying a bill downtown. Beech Duke with turboprops on the ramp! Perfectly parked for pictures. Phot’d it. Put model club things upstairs. Processed pictures. FINISHED culling PPs and P&Ps at employer. HURRAH! Sent a loooon email to Pres of AHEC . . . Want to get home, but there’s a Cheyenne 2 on the tarmac and I want to photog it. Put things away in office. Finally phot’d the Chey II and a Citation X. Great light. Posted a few Fb pics and departed for grocer and home at 8:05.
Friday, March 27 — What a DAY! Worked on models at home in the morning because I had a meeting with a local publication editor at 10:30. Straight to employer and my early pleasant outlook turned dark with first contact with George. After that I wanted to find a deep lake and jump into it. Could not pull myself out of that blue funk the rest of the day. Nice sunny day out, a little chilly but nice-chilly. To the airport, not intending to stay very long. Processed the pictures taken yesterday and departed for home at 7:00. I am meeting with Donna A. Sat morn and intend to be here pretty early.

Saturday, March 28 — In at 8:15, sunny & calm out. Worked upstairs in the morning and made good progress. Took no pictures of anything, but I did process several. Was determined to do some modeling upstairs but discovered I’m out of thinner. Gene B visited, uninvited — I told him I could meet with him Sunday, but he came anyway. We had a fair discussion. Went to hobby store & bought paint and a brush and returned to airport. Donna A visited to show me how to simplify the AKM website. Very productive meeting. Bless her. Upstairs and modeled awhile. Good progress with RAF Chinook model. Decided to attend a guitar concert, just to prove to the WORLD I AM a SOCIAL PERSON and departed AKM at 6:35.

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I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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