The Week That Was – March 29 — April 4

Sunday, March 29 — In at 9:15 cold, windy and dark rain-soon sky to the northwest. Put away some things. I am so far behind with photos I am TEMPTED to take all modeling activity, including the airbrush, back to the house and do it there until I get some help around here. I am feeling a mite bitter today. Worked on processing pictures. Phot’d a visiting Piper Meridian whose family wandered into Welcome Room. They overnighted because they were heading into 105 mph headwinds last night and wanted to fly in better wind in the morning. Nice family.  John S. brought over the 100 copies of the March Lincoln Flyer newsleter he printed beautifully for NO CHARGE. It looks GREAT! He made my month! 🙂  Spent 2 to 6 upstairs sorting clips. Tedious as hell but it must be done. From 6 to 7 processed more pictures and went home at 7, satisfied with the day.
Monday, March 30 — After another shaggy night, in later (9:10) to AKM than I wanted to be. So much to do with house, the eyes, the finances and the museum! Processed pictures until 10 and worked in the Intake Room until 10:45. Came down just in time to photog a Gulfstream 2 that’s doing classified things for the USAF. Took some nice pics of that. Work was fine: cutting out scraps and made many copies next door. Back at AKM heard an F-15 and took two pics plus some of a departing Robinson R44. Processed pictures until 9:05 when I went to model room and worked on the AC-47 and a Grumman Gosling. Out of here bound for home at 9:50. GOOD DAY! 🙂

Tuesday, March 31 — In at 8:40, sunny & calm. Took March Lincoln Flyers to Springfield Airport Authority offices and left 10. Phot’d a Citation X and SIU Av School 172. Work was fine, but I have a bad cold and I was not feeling prime time Copied a lot of pages from articles. Back to AKM dragging, but made myself process a bunch of pics and posted R44 pics on Fb before leaving for home at 7:05.
Wed, April 1 — In at 8:10. All day yesterday, I had sniffles and sneezing that was worse when I got home. Took Tylenol and it didn’t help. I was fine sleeping, but it started again as soon as I sat up in bed. Took me almost 15 minutes to deal with my changed eye drops routine that started today. Major sinus pressure and runny nose like crazy. Thought the airport gift shop would have some small packets of Dristan for sale but they didn’t. Still, I enjoyed walking over and back from AKM office. Nobody had a thing at Horizon either. I’m NOT blowing my nose because nostrils are sore already; just letting it all drip into a tissue on my lap. I feel crappy! To employer at 9 and made copies a LOT of the time; actually perspired, got too warm in the focused frenzy of it all. To post surgery check up with Dr. Montgomery, a new fellow for me, not a surgeon but fully qualified for the exam, nice fellow. To Camera store on far south west side to have EOS 20D and long lens cleaned. Look at a low end Canon DSLR for DSLR backup; will probably buy in a month or so. Home in late aftenoon traffic which I’ve not driven in for at least a year. A challenge. Lots of frustration with divers asleep at the wheel when the lights turn green from red. Much anger. HAD to attend a pilots club meeting: total drag all the energy of a snail race at Churhill Downs.   The food was equally disappointing. Worst filet I ever tried to eat. (Took it home, warmed it up Friday later and tried to eat it again. Couldn’t do it. Thew it away.) Home by 8:30 and the long night began. 😦
Thu, April 2 — In at 8, scattered rain but calm. Had a ROTTEN night, less than 5 hours’ sleep and the head cold is driving me nuts, even lying down in bed. Processed pictures until going to employer at 8:50 and had a rocky day with the cold. Really dragged. Almost didn’t go with guitar to an artist gallery reception at Gallina Pizza downtown. Went directly to the arts  event from employer. I had promised to play guitar, sing my songs and recite Vachel Lindsay’s great poetry. Everyone, including me, had a wonderful time

Fri, April 3 — Slow start after a very good night’s sleep. Didn’t go to AKM; went directly to work and had a HELLISH DAY DAMMIT! Cold rain and customers who wandered around forever like milkweed seeds in light wind drove me nuts, but I was nice to them as I kept calm. George drove me nuts. I thought I was getting off early  at 3 p for Good Friday, but I had customers at 2:55 and THEY wandered around like milkweed TOO. CHEESES! Then George called at 3:25 and said I could work until 5 if I wanted. HELL YES I wanted. CRIPES I could use the additional $20 in gross PAY if he ever pays me. Sometimes I wait a month or more. Besides, I thought I could use most of the remaining 1:35 to continue copying pages from culled articles for AKM. I left the showroom door open after taking down the “closing at 3 today” sign and a couple George promised to meet here arrived 10 minutes later, wondering where George was. I called him EIGHT TIMES in quick succession before he called me back. He had forgotten all about his promise to meet them. He arrived 20 minutes later, but I had to be close to the couple, as we were waiting for him,  to occasionally engage them in light patter. No time to use the copy machine. FINALL G arrived and made nice for 15 minutes and left at 4:40. I returned to the copier and made copies until 4:55 and stopped to turn everything off, lock everything up and close. FINALLY to AKM and started to process more pictures when visitors came in and chatted for 20 minutes. Nice people: woman, grown daughter and two boys in teens who got bored fast and returned to the lounge while we chatted. I really felt like I was selling “gold mines in Argentina” to the women, they were so far remov ed from aviation. They were all just waiting for a friend to arrive on a chartered JET. CHEESES! . . . . . . . . . . . . . Back to processing photos . . . . and did that until 7:45. Checked e & Fb and departed for grocer and home.

Sat, April 4 — Stayed home all day and straightened up the house, rearranged some rooms, did a lot of cleaning and from email could tell I missed a visitor. DARN! 😦
Thanks for reading this post.

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I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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