The Week That Was — May 3 to May 9

Sun, May 3 — In at 7:40, sunny, calm. Took some things upstairs and worked five minutes in the Intake Room which I am significantly rearranging for sorting and data processing with less space for open, uncompleted models which are going into storage boxes.

Mon, May 4 — Didn’t come in in the morning. Stayed home and straightened up. To eye doctor who told me my vision in my GOOD left eye is not as good as BEFORE THE SURGERY so he’s taking away the eyedrops and I’m seeing a new doctor May 14! YIKES! Picked up my sensor-cleaned camera at Creve Coeur Camera, looked at some tripod options for the 500 mm lens, and arrived at work at noon. No dollars for a $200 tripod; must wait until real estate taxes are paid. Had an okay day sorting clippings and articles. To AKM and worked an hour and a half on JTW book after hitting a MAJOR delay moving a picture. Finally figured it out. I have $27.50 in my personal checking account, a can of soup four packages of Ramen noodles, no iced tea and less than an 8th of a jar of peanut butter. Ate ONE PACKAGE of Ramen noodles a glass of water and half the remaining peanut butter on a knife for dinner. WASTED THREE HOURS on the internet. What a DAY!

Tue, May 5 — In at 10:30 after an HOUR at local AT&T store setting up the new cell phone. Posted AKM blog update by accident at personal blog site; will change when I have time. Work was very depressing; almost walked out. I will walk out only one time because I know I will never come back. Back at AKM had a great visit with a Hawker 800 pilot and toured AKM. Proccessed pictures after working more than an HOUR on JTW book. Progress is steady but slow when interrupted. Went home via HiVee grocer at 9: 50, charged but tired.

Wed, May 6 — In at 9:15 after buying a money order for a model kit for $17. Sunny, calm and warm for early May. Posted money order off to Steve H. Cleaned up around office. Vowed to take more time at home which is going to hell in a hand basket. Work was warm and finished initial sort of recently culled articles. Dragged back to the airport very tired. Worked half an hour on JTW book and made slow progress. Departed for home and early to bed at 6:15.

Thu, May 7 — In at 9:30 after depositing pay check at bank . Phot’d a transient Cessna 182 on the ramp. Moved AKM blog posted accidentally at H&Q blog to AKM. Set up an old card table I will use for modeling in my WELCOME Room (WelcRm) since it’s so warm upstairs. Work was a DRAG. I was tired, depressed and too warm. Culled some articles and did almost nothing else. HAD to go to an arts event where I was promising to play guitar and sell AKM postcards. IT was a drag, but I had a nice Italian dinner. Home by 9:00 and bed by 10. Slept okay.

Fri, May 8 — I no longer have Internet at home because the number has been transferred (ported) to my new AT&T cell phone. Cut my lower lip when I started to shave and despite a Band-Aid when I visited to pay car and house insurance and paying utility bill downtown and arriving AKM at 9:00, it is still bleeding! No airplanes on ramp. It’s WARM, especially at employer. Made a few copies so I could staple some culled articles together. Rainy all day. Humid. Back to AKM for model club. It was an excellent gathering: Brian, Jim, Alex, Chuck B and we didn’t adjourn until 9:45, just time enough to get all my things back to WelcRm and leave at 9:55.

Sat, May 9 –In at 8:55 and began taking things from last night upstairs and straighteninng up WelcRm. Worked briefly on B-36 upstairs. Will return to it later . . . and the B-52 and some others. Lots of noise from the line crew in the lobby — adults being 10 years old. Closed the door; better. Spent HOURS straightening up the disarray mostly in Process Room. Head was not inclined to work on the JTW book because I was too wrapped up in my bitterness. Moved things around: plastic bags to Viewing/Reading Room which is still a major mess, and it’s too warm to work on it. Went home at 6:15. Peanut butter on a knife and iced tea for dinner, napped from 8 to 11, up and into office. Worked on personal finance on computer a little and spent until 3:00 am working on models. Made good progress.

Thanks for reading this post.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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