The Weeks That Were – May 31 — June 13, 2015

Sunday, May 31 —  In at 7:03 overcast, threatening rain. Very quiet ramp. Flew with Spooky AC-47, Chuck M, Joe S and Brent F to American Flight Museum at Topeka Regional Airport (formerly Forbes Field), Kansas. It was smooth, mostly over an overcast below, but a privilege to be in the airplane for the two hour flight. Also visited the Combat Air Museum — two big hangars full of airplanes and a nice gift shop.  Ro de home with Joe and Brent. Chuck stayed to check out a new AC-47 pilot. Very nice six-hour drive back. Made it to airport 5 MINUTES before Horizon closed. We were lucky. Went home and ate pizza Kevin S. had given me Saturday. To bed by 11.

Mon June 1 — Paid property tax installment and into AKM at 9:10. Overcast, calm, cool, dreary. Worked on JTW book after processing a FEW AC-47 trip pictures. Work was sad but okay. Culled articles from magazines purchased at American Flight Museum and discovered they all had pictures and pages cut out (a few in every magazine) and when that happened, I realized they were almost USELESS.  I kept the robbed articles culled but marked them “INCOMPLETE” and when people ask why, I will tell them why. To Hobb-e-Mart after work to buy some Tamiya White Filler putty and they were OUT. Looked at some of their newly arrived plastic models. Much better selection but I bought nothing. They will call me when the filler comes in. Back to AKM and processed pics; worked on the JTW book and hour and ten. Went home at 9:50.

Tue, June 2 — In at 10, sunny and calm after visiting AT&T store and learning more about my cell phone. Photog’d a Bellanca Scout amphibian on the ramp, BEAUTIFUL! Processed pics. Work was okay, copied av mag pages, put many articles together. A good day there for a change. Back to AKM and processed pictures. I will catch up with JTW book early WEDNESDAY morn. Tired now, going home at 8:00.

Wed , June 3 —  In at 6:15 to work on JTW book. Calm, cool and clear out; not a bird on the tarmac. Worked on JTW book all morning and didn’t mind going to work after that four hour workout. Sorted a small box of unsorted culled materials. Then dated and trimmed a small pile of pages. Discovered picture files relabeled and some Chinese writing on my hard drive, DAMN! Attended IPA/SPI meeting and resigned as chapter newsletter editor. Since the museum started, it has not been a good relationship. Home, sad, to bed at 9:15 pm.

Thu, June 4 — Out of bed at 3:50, did two loads of laundry and set out to dry in bedroom, bathroom and living room since I don’t have a working dryer. Wore wet shirt and pants to airport; no major discomfort; they will dry on me. Phot’d FAA King Air with SLR. Work was okay. Finished sorting clips I had brought and started dating and  clipping scraps and clips. Had a poetry event at Gallina’s Pizza downtown so I didn’t return to airport. Met some terrific people and had a fine time. Home by 9:30.

Fri, June 5 —  In at airport at 8:30, sunny & calm, not a bird on the ramp.  Worked on upstairs an hour, then on JTW book an hour.  Sent many questions to Connie S for answers I will add to the JTW book. Work was the hottest yet this year. LOTS of scrap dating and article sorting at employer. No air conditioning in the showroom where I work. Processed more Topeka trip pictures until leaving at 9:00 pm. A productive day.
Sat, June 6 —  In at 8:05 and worked on JTW book an hour , then upstairs to work in Intake Room until 10:10. I’m eliminating the clutter of most of the models by putting them into former sink boxes from work and able to accommodate a lot. Am also organizing post-first-sort articles, clips and scraps and better arranging the room. Tedious but absolutely necessary. Had planned to mow my WAAAY overgrown lawn  after spending a few hours at the AHEC Board meet and the rest of the day on the JTW book. FINISHED the final cover inside and out and sent to Connie with request to forward it to Bill. LOTS of speed bumps along the way. Returned to Intake Room at 6:45 to work another hour before going to grocer for first food purchase in more than a week I will mow the lawns Sunday morning or Sunday night for sure.
Sun, June 7 — In at 9:10 and worked on JTW book  until noon. FINALIZED the cover with color on inside front and back. Worked upstairs in Intake and Process Rooms. Took a few pictures; nothing special. Met a member of the Timm (Timm Collegiate, N2T-1) family. Processed more pics from Topeka trip and welcomed some visitors. Departed for home at 8:00 a progress-blessed day. 🙂

Mon, June 8–  In at 8:55, cloudy, threatening rain, tired from not enough sleep last night after wasting — throwing away — too many hours browsing the Internet for no GOOD reason. Visitors expected but now not likely with this rainy weather. We’ll see. Dave T called and said the weather was bad between Indy and SPI so he and his son would have to fly over another time. Photo’d a Super Tucano locally owned.  So I went to work on time. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Didn’t touch a bit of my AKM projects I had brought; too busy with other activity. Pretty busy day; not bad. Processed pics of Tucano until 9:00 and went home pretty TIRED.

Tue, June 9 — In at 6:50, sunny, calm cool. Phot’d an F-15 in touch & goes. Processed some of the pics. Worked Intake Room 15 minutes, made progress. To work. Proofread & commented on the  AAHS FlightLine pre-press. Initial-sorted and wrapped a bunch of article clips.  Check off to E.G. for model kits. Back to AKM and worked on JTW book.

Wed, June 10  —  Had to wait until 8 a to go pay insurance and electric bills; into AKM at 8:50 and phot’d closeup a new Falcon 2000 from behind the fence. PERFECT light. Sunny, clear and a mite warm. Began scanning the last of the pictures and documents until 10:35.  Worked went okay: separated scraps, sorted articles all day. Back to AKM and worked on JTW book until 8:30. Want to get an early start out here Thursday morning.
Thu, June 11 — In at 5:50, calm and clear and cool. Phot’d a Challenger close to Hori. Worked on book. Posted a few pics of the Chal. Work was pretty warm, but I got by. Scanned the last of the pics I intend to use in the JTW book  and had a nice visit with Trevor and Gillian Marshall from England. Went home at 8:15 happy with the day.
Fri, June 12 — My employer told me earlier this week he would visit me at home 8:00 a Friday to look at my upstairs to better understand what needs to be repaired so I can rent it out again. Its not been occupied since last OCTOBER, and that means I’ve done WIITHOUT $5,200 so far  since Shannon Smith  TRASHED the place and broke her  lease. Of course “employer” didn’t visit as promised. I waited, as I told him I would, from 8:00 to 8:30 and then drove out to the airport to work on AKM and the JTW book. Arrived at 8:50, sky threatening rain but dry so far.
Sat, June 13 —  In at 6:35, bright, cool and calm, not a bird on the ramp. Very quiet. Processed pictures until leaving to meet Trevor & Gillian at McClelland Aviation and flight to EAA fly-in, Jacksonville. Had a great trip there and back, but the heat got to me. I napped in the pilots’ lounge about 2 hours. Resumed processing pictures until 8:15 and stopped. Posted some on Facebook. Looked at some donated kits from visitor Matt about 8:45. Back to office and processed a few more pics from today. Departed for grocer and home at 9:50.

Thanks for reading this post. Have a great day!

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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