The Weeks That Were – June 14 — June 27, 2015

Sun, June 14 —  In at 10:50 after a slow start . . . had to wait until 10 when local pharmacy opens to ask a question  about baby aspirin. Worked on models for first time in three weeks: painted underside of 1/72 B-52. Everything worked great. First time I’ve used the airbrush since bringing it home more than a month ago. On last day available signed up for and sent a check for 50th year high school reunion. Worked on personal finances at home. Overcast and sultry out. Delivered check enveloped stamped to downtown post office. Bought two quarts of oil from Air Jiffy and will add it this afternoon.
Mon, June 15 — Into AKM at 8:50 and worked on the JTW book until going to work. Had a slow, hot, dreary day there and accomplished some sorting for AKM. Processed pictures from June 12 and FINISHED them before going home LATER than planned. At least I FINISHED something.

Tues, June 16 —  Oil change at Stoldt and in at 8:50. Threatening rain. Worked on JTW book and processed pictures. Work was HORRIBLE, depressing as hell. I was near catatonic when there were no visitors, depressed over employer’s “English as a second almost language” way with words and ALMOST telling me things in three efforts what I finally should have been told the first time. Back to AKM where I have to leave early to show a guy my vacated upstairs and hope he will want to repair it so I can RENT IT to someone. Package arrived from Edward G. That helped redeem the bleeping day for me. Logged in the kits and departed 6:25 to meet the duplex repair fellow. We had a great meeting and he promised to start Wednesday.

Wed, June 17 —  Had a very difficult night, sleep wise. Rearranged the model work room. MUCH better now. Worked on the YF-12 and P-63, back to sleep about 4:30 and slept until 7:40. Fast shower, forgot lunch and out to AKM at 8:50. Not a bird on the ramp. Worked on JTW book and put some things away upstairs.  Work was okay, Sorted AKM scraps & clips. Attended a poetry thing downtown and was home by 8:30.
Thu, June 18 — In at 8:05, sunny sky for the first time in about  a week and five planes on the ramp. Clouds came fast for a storm in late morning. Met crew of EAA Ford Tri-Motor and phot’d its arrival. Work was very good. Much AKM labor accomplished. Phot’d refuelling C-26 and processed pics until leaving for grocer and home at 8:20.
Fri, June 19 — In at  7:35, warm and very humid, overcast, nothing on the ramp. Am feeling terribly BEHIND with the JTW book though I’ve made  good progress over the last two weeks . . . The Trimotor people began arriving about 8 and I talked with them, showed them the original Monogram Trimotor kit and the rest of the Tri kits. Showed the pilot the kits room. He was impressed. Phot’d the taxying of the Tri to the crowd line and then the interior pretty close. HAD to go to workDAMMIT. Accomplished almost no AKM work there because of an employer-related task which I was semi-happy to engage. Back to AKM about 5:20. The Tri people had already departed. Posted about the Tri on Fb and departed for grocer at 6:20.
Sat, June 20 —  In at 6:05 — calm, overcast, threatening more rain — and had productive start, scanned another picture for JTW book. Put some things away. Worked on JTW book until things got busy with the Tri people. Had a terrific day talking to people about AeroKnow Museum, a nice ride in the Ford Tri-Motor and went home at 8.
Sun, June 21 —  In at 7:05 am. Had a busy day with the Tri-Motor and talking with good people about AKM. Met Lee H, son of Tuskegee Airman Lyman H, encountered Dale; at separate times showed both around AKM office. Took many more pictures. Things closed down about 3:45 after last flight. Had a fine visit with the Ford pilot. Processed pictures and went home at 8pm.

Mon, June 22 — In at 5:57 am, clear and sunny out for the first time in a long time. Tidied the WELCOME Room for an hour, taking things upstairs and rearranging slightly. When Tri-Motor pilot arrived, phot’d the plane in the hangar and out on the ramp with Rob F’s Indian motorcycle. Work was warm and GJ and I had another significant battle. Back at AKM processed pictures until 6, responded to a friend’s email. A friend of hers was visiting and she asked me to take a picture of his Bonanza. So I took six pictures, processed them and emailed them to her, she responded wtih a “thank you.” Worked on JTW book until 7:30 and went home. I was tired from a long day, but wanted to see if I could get in some papers organizing and catch up with recording checks. . . . I could NOT. It was stifling HOT at home and no air conditioner. Thank God for ceiling fans in living room and bedroom. Ate dinner and went to bed early. I’d rather sleep through this HEAT than work through it.

Tue, June 23 — In at 9:15 after ordering prescription eyeglasses at Prairie Eye Center. No time to visit CWLP so paid electric and water by conventional mail. Worked on JTW book. Work was fine. Photo’d a Dash 8 from the fence, but when I grabbed the Canon with long lens to phot his takeoff from inside the fence, discovered I had no memory card. Returned to place outside and discovered I had no battery! It was still on the charger and I could not find my second battery! By the time I returned, the Dash 8 was GONE and I was crazy disappointed! Disgusted with myself. Went home at 7:00.

Wed, June 24 —  In at 9:30 after trying to get a haircut and discovering they don’t open until 11:00!!! Work was okay. Model club was . . . okay. Went home at 9:40.

Thu, June 25 —  Had a pretty ragged day. Employer was a drag, hot and humid. Worked on JTW book and am up to the dedication of Walker Army Airstrip. Planned to leave at 7 but stayed with the book until leaving at 8.

Fri, June 26 — Didn’t come in until after employer. While waiting for the barber to open at 11 (!) picked up around the sweaty house, putting things away, improving the workshop layout. Got a nice haircut and beard trim, and work was okay. To AKM at 5:20 and didn’t stay long. For some nutty reason I want to go home and eat an early dinner and go to bed early to get an early start back with THE BOOK and then spend the day with the Air Explorers at the Frasca plant in Urbana and Chanute Air Museum in Rantoul. Departed at 6:00, pretty tired.  Napped in living room recliner after dinner. Worked in model workshop from 11 pm to 3:30 am; returned to bed

Sat, June 27 —  Up at 6:40, showered and into airport at 7:10. Cool, clear sunny skies. Rode with Gregg B and Jim B and Air Explorers to Frasca Air Museum to tour, took many pictures, had a terrific time. Processed pictures back at AKM until 9:05 and went home. TERRIFIC DAY!

Thanks for reading this post. Have a great day.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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