The Weeks That Were – June 28 — July 11

Sun, June 28 — in at 7:10, another cool, sunny & beautiful day. This will be JTW concentration day… It was friends who were going to fly over to see AKM ran into unexpected rain and returned to Indianapolis. Except for logging kits purchased Saturday at Chanute, my entire day was spent with JTW book and made excellent progress: finished up to the  appendix and notes About 6:30 noted arrival of a Bombardier Global 5000 and phot’d it in driving rain. Got very drenched and chilled. Departed at 7. Had another fast dinner, napped 8:30 to 11 and had a RAGGED night!

Mon, June 29 — In at 9:30 after  depositing paycheck and visiting AT&T store. Learned I’m paying for TWO phone numbers since April. MUST contact them! Feeling slightly on edge but okay. Check email and back to JTW book. . . . Didn’t; visited crew of Delta Airlines Charter Citation XL. Went home at 7:10 because I was concerned about my car. Started and ran fine.
Tue, June 30 —  Another ragged night after napping after dinner, awakening about  1:15 and working until about 4 in the workshop. In at 8:45 after visiting Stoldt Service center about truck. Will return there Thursday at 8:00. Decided to include a table of contents and began tweaking the layout of the book to accommodate. Worked on July Vachel Lindsay poetry presentation at work and back to JTW book after work. Stayed with the BOOK until 8;00 left for grocer and home.
Wed, July 1 — In at 8:40, overcast, expecting a call from computer expert who is going to talk me through fixing the computer conflict I’m having due to interference from China. The call did not come. Had a LOUSY day at employer and didn’t spend a minute with AKM or poetry DAMMIT. Departed very agitated, but quiet; not hostile or angry toward “da bose” but arrived anxious at AKM. Phot’d an IAI G.150 in unusual colors on the ramp. Before 6:00 an  employee at the building housing AKM,  who often sits behind the FBO counter and randomly SCREAM/SQUEALS VERY LOUDLY and surprises/scares me as much as “da BOSE” at employer, let out a BIG SCREAM that startled me like crazy. Even when I close my office door her SCREAMS BOTHER  ME  TERRIBLY.  I was in no mood for more of that FREAKING IDIOCY, so rather than work and wait for the next. . . . . SCREAMSQUEAL assault, I went home earlier than planned at told her “YOU WIN!!” as I left. What a piece of work. Sans screaming, she’s fine. With screams, she’s beyond my capacity to endure.
Thu, July 2 — In at 8 :30 after visiting Stoldt Service to say the voltage problem has fixed itself. Set up a separate, consistent layout document for penultimate draft of Walker book. Phot’d a  visiting C-21 and shooting touch & goes, a C-40. Work was okay but the poetry at Gallina’s was a major poop. Pretty much crippled me from the time I went to bed at 7:30 until I returned to activity at 5 am Friday. Did nothing but nap and feel horrible prone for NINE EFFING HOURS!
Fri, July 3 — In at 6:30 rarin’ to  go. Processed pictures, worked on BOOK until about 11:15 and upstairs in Intake Room until 11:45. Off to work and a “sucktacular” day; dressed for customers and he  told me “ya gonna mop the showroom,” and I did for two black hours. Monday I go to work in jeans and an old sports shirt, dammit. He won’t care, the customers who think he’s a minor deity won’t care, but I expect to be effing miserable from 11 to 5. I will don those clothes immediately prior to leaving the airport. Back at AKM and relief but lingering depression from Thursday night’s poetry SNAFU.  I’m done with poetry until the Walker book is PUBLISHED. . . Worked on THE BOOK until 7:30 and went home, tired, but happy to have spent time with my friend Walker. 🙂
Sat, July 4  —  In at 7:20, calm and cool for July. Worked on BOOK. Welcomed a new volunteer — Jack T. — and chatted/toured 3 hours. Worked on book, napped an hour in the pilots’ lounge and back to the book until 8– first 26 pages completed — and went home at 8:25.
Sun, July 5 — In at 8 sharp, cool clear and sunny out. Worked on Walker . . .Brief visit with a USN T-6 instructor and wasted time in hazy air, forgetting memory card taking two T-6 departures from ramp. Back to book for rest of the day. Slightly altered arrangement and wrote more copy. AC-47 arrived late, showed WELCOME room to Chuck M’s daughter Lisa and grand daughter Abby and their husb/father. Fine people every one. Back to WALKER and departed for home at 9:50 after almost 14 hours here.

Tue, July 7 —  In at 7:50 and had more troubles with the AKM computer and just a little time with WALKER. Worked on AAHS Journal proofreading at employer where it was cooler than yesterday. Still, I was tired and stayed at AKM only until 5:55. Hungry and have laundry to do. Will resume here Wednesday at 7am.

Wed, July 8 —  In about 7:20 in light cool rain. Scanned pilot logs and pilot cards for BOOK. Met with Brian C who tried to determine why I could not work with a major pic folder on Fb. Also set up small TV with CD player. Work was okay for most of it. Didn’t accomplish much for AKM. Depressed the hell out of me! Back to AKM, worked on WALKER  but couldn’t concentrate. Went home at 7 depressed.
Thu, July 9 —  Paid insurance, to eyeglass place which told me the glasses would be ready in a week and was told they had not arrived yet! DAMN. Into AKM at 9:20, burned for the day unless I can shake this off. Worked on the Walker book 9:30 to  10:30. Must ask employer for two days off in the next month adjacent to Saturday or Sunday so I can catch UP with things here and at home. Proofread some AAHS Journal articles at employer. It was a relatively despair-free day. Back to AKM and worked on WALKER until 8:15 and went home after having a hard time transcribing T’s logs. Will start fresh Fri morn.
Fri , July 10 —  In at 8:40, clearing and calm after rainy night, cool but predicting 88 Sat & Sun. YECCH! Moved some things around office and upstairs to organize volunteer tasking for new volunteer. Posted a few weeks of AKM blog transcripts at Fb. Employer was okay. Proofread some more AAHS Journal articles and sent in corrections. The model club meeting was focused and went okay. Made some progress with the B-45. Departed for home at 9:45.
Sat, July 11 —  In at 8:30 in moderate rain and cool. Put away things from model club meet and worked on WALKER. The AHEC meeting was depressing. We posed for a board pic. I need to produce a newsletter for them, and meet with Gene B Monday at 9 a. Worked on Walker a afternoon until 7:20 when I left for grocer and home. Worked on models for first time in weeks. Early painting on prototype YF-12 and  light work on French P-63.

Thanks for reading this post. Have a fine day.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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