The Weeks That Were – July 26 — August 8, 2015

Sun, July 26 — In at 7:05 calm and light rain, phot’d a Challenger, Long-Eze and Cessna 172 & 182 of CAP on wet, reflecting ramp. Upstairs to work on Intake Room and made good progress until I came down to office to await volunteer Jack T’s promised arrival about 9. Tremendous day. Jack T and I worked sorting in the Intake Room from 9:15 to 12:15 took a break to watch a Challenger take off. Resumed about 12:40 and finished about 1:05. I worked on things in the office, welcomed two CAP advisers and four cadets for a whole tour and caught up with neatening up the place. Put all JTW material not in the display case into special area out of the way. Went home at 8:30.

Mon, July 27 — In at 11:05 warm and sunny after doctor visit showed heart and BP good but a need to arrange an angiogram (brain scan) in about a month and another visit to doctor in a month. DAMMIT. Also much less in checking account than I thought and it’s two weeks before I see my next Social Security payment. Took Walker book blueline by Capitol Blueprint to get a quote for 200 copies. They will e me. Paid off the Lowe’s charge card after writing a check to handyman who has repaired upstairs duplex. Still owe him a lot but he’s in no rush. Am HUNGRY — almost FAMISHED at 11 am; I don’t know why. Processed pictures most of the day, bought an excellent sub sandwich from terminal’s SUBWAY. Talked to AT&T over phone about my unhappiness with the cell phone I have now. Processed more pictures, saw and phot’d a visiting Pilatus U-28 but was told by crew there is a security issue, and it would be terrific if I didn’t post anything to the internet. I promised him I wouldn’t, and I will not. I’ve been told by those “in the know” that I’m a sucker by not posting the pictures, that IF the crew had  been serious they would have parked way down on the ramp, away from where the public (who are known to carry cameras) could SEE it. That’s true, but I don’t mind being a sucker for the crew of that  U-28. Had a few visitors over the day. Processed pictures until leaving at 8:00 for home. A GOOD DAY!

Tue, July 28 — Happy birthday, Dad, born this day 1911. In at 9:30 after another hot hot night. Before leaving home I found, but did not install the small air conditioner I purchased 14 years ago. CHEESES where did those years go? Processed pics of Rob’s Indian motorcycle with the Tri-Motor that visited earlier this summer. Processed pictures all day, lots of Ford Tri-Motor pics from June and several sessions with visiting airplanes. Had a great visit with CAP cadets and went home at 7:30. TERRIFIC DAY!

Wed, July 29 — In at 8:30 after paying utility bill. Calm, overcast and WARM. Used air conditioner for first time in five years last night and slept well for the first time in weeks. Processed pictures and started the “May” Lincoln Flyer before going to employer and had a reasonably productive AKM day sans owner, HUZZAH HUZZAH. Back at AKM photo’d a C-21 and had a great conversation with two CAP cadets. Processed and posted today’s pic at AKM Fb site and went home at 9:50.

Thu, July 30 — Another excellent night’s sleep and up about 6. Rearranged the home model workshop for the FINAL time. Even spent about five minutes preparing the B-52 for aluminum first coat. Visited Capitol Blue Print to pick up the estimate for printing 200 copies of the John Thornton Walker book: $579.40. In at AKM at 9:20, sunny, reasonably cool out, light wind. Worked on “May” Lincoln Flyer. Work was okay. Proof-read and made notes for corrections for the WALKER BOOK. Back at AKM, processed pictures, worked on “May” LincFly and welcomed Abe Lincoln’s Air Force member Pat Clifton aboard. Went home at 9:00 very happy to have met Pat Clifton! 🙂   🙂

Fri, July 31 — In at 9:10, sunny and mild. Saw Mike George’s F4U-5 in ramp in front of Air Combat Museum hangar, walked over and took a bunch of pics of the Corsair and around the hangar. The maintenance team was working to start the engine for the first time in a long time. No success and no obvious indication of success soon, so I returned to the AKM office about 10:10 and processed pics. Work was okay. Processed pics back at AKM, completed two pages of the May Lincoln Flyer and left for home at 9:50.

Sat, Aug 1 — In at 6:50 beautifully quiet and cool out. Sunny. Worked upstairs. Volunteer Jack T helped 9 to 1 in the Intake Room. Made good progress sorting US aircraft articles. Phot’d 1953 Bonanza. Spent most of afternoon processing pictures. Took an hour nap in pilot lounge. It is COLD in the office, but I kept with the processing and will work on LincFly. Closed things upstairs and went to grocer and home at 7:30.

Sun, Aug 2 — In at 7:30, clear and cool. Worked upstairs. Made good progress in the cool Intake Room. Jack T. arrived as promised and we sorted about an hour and a half before taking a break for coffee and conversation outside. Back upstairs it was uncomfortably warm, and he departed. I worked a while longer. Made good progress whipping those files into better-organized shape. Processed pictures in afternoon. Phot’d returning C-130s with troops and processed pics. Napped in pilot lounge about an hour which I NEEDED. Continued processing pics until 9:15 when I went home on a HOT NIGHT! A good day overall! 🙂

Mon, Aug 3 — In at 7:15, cool and clear, only a red Cessna Cardinal on the ramp. Straightened office. Worked in Intake Room. Savored half a the second half of a foot-long sandwich from Subway. Returned to work upstairs and came down in a hurry when a V-22 arrived. Took a BUNCH of pics, and he departed on Runway 31. HOORAY! Great crew too. Processed pictures until going home at 9:15. A FULL, VERY GOOD DAY!

Tue, Aug 4 – In at 10:30 after talking to plumber and visiting phone store to see about a new cell phone. Work was a total drag. Back to AKM processed pictures I had taken of upstairs duplex and added pictures on Fb. Went home at 8:55.

Wed, Aug 5 – In at 10:05 after plumber visited re new kitchen faucet and long term look at drain issues then to AT&T where I THOUGHT I was going to buy a smart phone but could not. STILL NO PAY FROM EMPLOYER and no check from Soc Sec. Printed FIVE lease applications. Work was a challenge but I did some AKM sorting. Processed pics at AKM and went home via grocer at 7:45.

Thu, Aug 6 — In at 7:55, clear, calm and cool. Just a Cirrus on the ramp. Processed pictures most of the morning. Worked in Intake room half hour; great progress, hated to leave for employer. The day there was okay. Back to AKM for an hour before going to poetry/art event downtown that was totally stinko. I am DONE “Amanda’s”venue for performing. What a bleepity bleep, she is!  I”m going to TRY TO LOG COUNTS OF VISITORS WHO COME INTO THE AKM WELCOME ROOM WHEN I’M HERE. Today – 6: passengers on a King Air after consulting at IL Capitol re finances, returning to Michigan

Fri, Aug 7 — In at 9:39. Processed pics and set up visit with couple interested in upstairs duplex. Work was a day of despair. My hours are being cut 3/5s next week so I MUST make the most of time for AKM. CS sent check for $100 to help w JTW book. HURRAH. Couple visited at 5:30 and signed lease, made a deposit. DOUBLE, TRIPLE HURRAH. Lay down early and could not sleep. Pretty much awake and thinking until after 3:10, radio off and on, wine gone.

Sat, Aug 8 — in at 8:15 and photog’d planes on ramp from fence: Phenom 300, Grand Commander, Cozy. Calm and overcast. Had a relatively productive day. Phot’d visiting C-20 Gulfstream III that brought a National Guard general to town. Met the pilot who toured here and invited me to tour the airplane tomorrow. Wow. Went home at 8:30 after processing pictures all evening.

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I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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