The Weeks That Were – August 9 — August 22

Sun, Aug 9 — In at 7:30 threatening rain. Phot’d and toured the C-20, was photographedd in the seat occupied by the vice president when he travels aboard it, and spent all day processing the pictures. Went home at 8:00. TREMENDOUS DAY!

Mon, Aug 10 — In at 10 after hot sweaty morning rearranging my home office. While doing that I disconnected my internet service and could not get it back. So now I have no internet at home. NUTS. I had to delay purchasing my new AT&T phone because I could not find my paycheck from Friday. Took care of some correspondence at AKM office and went home at 12:30, fixed the problem with the internet (a plug I had unplugged) found the paycheck and picked up around the home office until bedtime.

Tue, Aug 11 — In at 9:10 after paying insurance bill. Cool and quiet out. Processed pictures, work was okay, met new Vine upstairs residents, gave them keys. Called it a day before dark. Slept okay.

Wed, Aug 12 — Up about 5:10 and worked on home computer until picking up new phone at AT&T and into AKM at 10:30. Phot’d Falcon 2000 and F-15. They let me know at “employer” that the future of the business is uncertain and that I should start shopping for a new employer! I’m not mad; I’ve seen it coming all summer. To AKM for model club meeting which went fine. Departed for home at 9:25.

Thu, Aug 13 — In at 7:20, 61 and clear out. Work Intake Room from 8:10 to 8:40, then took some pics of a Pilatus PC-12. Jack T. volunteer arrived, we met the pilot and he showed us the airplane. Rob B with Plane Sense (company). Jack & I sorted from 10:15 to noon. No breaks. Phot’d a short fuselage Mu-2 with new paint. Ate cookies from last night’s model club for lunch, no problem. Took new cell phone to store to mention problem I had last night. Back to AKM by 2:10. Processed many pictures until 7:15 and have many more to go, but I want to be home before dark and need to go to grocer first. Departed at 8:00.

Fri, Aug 14 — In at 6:45, overcast and the coolest it’s been this summer. A few minutes later the plane and dignitaries with the hockey trophy arrived. Three black vehicles met them, and they were gone by 7:15. Worked on AHEC newsletter for an hour, took pictures and processed them the rest of the day after spending about an hour working on a newsletter for a local aviation group. FINALLY departed for home at 9:00 pm.

Sat, Aug 15 — In at 8:30 after buying more file folders. Worked on AHEC newsletter. The meeting was a challenge: 2,436 words spoken for every word that meant something. Frustrating. Worked on the newsletter after the meeting and almost finished it. Worked on Lincoln Flyer newsletter and made decent progress. Photo’d the R44 taking off. Processed many pictures for the rest of the day, HOPING, ANTICIPATING I’d leave by 7:30 to savor a little daylight at home. Didn’t work upstairs at all — too hot. . . Posted some pics on Facebook. Am neglecting AKM Gallery of Flight blog and regular blogs. THAT MUST STOP TOO! . . . . . . . Left for home in the dark at 9:00.

Sun, Aug 16 — In at 7:25 and got ready for volunteer who’s coming in at 9:00 to sort upstairs. Jack T. arrived and sorted clippings for almost three hours. I kept going after he left. Also worked on LinFly maybe 30 minutes, but my mind was tired; body too from being on my feet 4 hours. Ate a donut, drank some coffee and worked on my feet upstairs until about 4. Tired and sweaty, but I made progress in the Research Room and Intake Room. Too hot to work on models upstairs. My lower back hurts. I need to be prone. Maybe a nap here will help. It did, in a recliner in the pilots’ lounge. Just what I needed returned upstairs about 6 and became obsessed with the need to take the US ac sorting to the next step starting with Z and working backwards. Also filed some things in the Research Room and got it better looking. Departed for late dinner and home at 9:30 at the end of another 14 hour day.

Mon, Aug 17 — In at 7:50, sunny, calm and tepid. Took pics of Intake room and a visiting Gulfstream V on ramp. Later discovered a US Army Lakota heli on ramp and took some marginal departing pics from way back on the ramp. Worked on LinFly 5. Very productive day. Went home at 5;45.

Tue, Aug 18 — Ragged start but arrived AK 8:20, only the R44 on the ramp, sunny and quiet. Worked on LinFly 5. Work was very uncomfortable and sad, but I focused on AKM work and was okay. Jim at Omaha Airplane Supply Company left a used keyboard at my door. NICE GUY. I phot’d a Phenom 100 and went home via grocer at 6:30.

Wed, Aug 19 — In at 7:15 after a rainy night. The sky cleared while I worked on sorting in Intake Room until leaving for TGG (employer) at 10:45. Saw an F-15 touch and go, but I didn’t get excited and go out with camera. I’ve learned my limits with the circumstances when he uses Runway 22. Strangely, he made only one touch & go. Work went well, reasonably cool and accomplished a lot of clip pasting for the Beech and Bell files. Did not return to AKM; went to poetry event.

Thu, Aug 20 — In at 6:50, cool clear calm out. Only the R44 Illinois State Fair ride bird on the ramp. Very quiet. Worked almost all day upstairs in Process, Intake and Research Rooms. Worked up a major sweat and was exhausted but did not nap. Packed some model kits in progress to take to home workshop. Worked a little on LincFly 5. Went home at 9:10 after phot’g two Gulfstreams and a Canada-registered Mooney.

Fri, Aug 21 — In at 8:00, phot’d the Gulfstreams and Mooney on the ramp. Worked on rewrite of AAHS article. Jack T arrived a little after 9 and we worked in Intake Room sorting straight through until he left at 11:45; accomplished a lot. Back to article rewrite. Talked to Springnet about disconnected wi-fi at home and went home to be there for repairman. Did not return to AKM.

Sat, Aug 22 — In at 8:30. Worked on the AAHS Journal article rewrite most of the day and was pretty mentally drained when I went home about 6. But I FINISHED  it! 🙂

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I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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