The Weeks That Were – August 23 — September 5

Sun, Aug 23 — In at 6:54. Worked on article rewrite. Made good progress. Volunteer Jack arrived about 10 and we worked until 11:50. Solid but slow progress. Threw myself back into rewrite and decided I HAD to get a new ergonometric keyboard because I am used to that kind, and I was making too many typos with the donated one. Over to Staples, bought the kind I thought I wanted and some file storage boxes. Could not figure how to set up new keyboard and finished rewrite and photo cap corrections with the old one. THEN I successfully set up the new keyboard. HOORAY. Upstairs and worked until 7:30 and went home pretty tired.

Mon, Aug 24 — In at 9:40 after a visit to AT&T store re a small problem. All’s good. Changed ring tone.My poor hearing is becoming an issue. Worked in Intake Room with new file storage boxes. Time at employer was pretty ugly. Back to AKM and worked in Intake Room then began uncluttering models from the process Room slowly but surely. Left for home at 8: a pretty good day.

Tue, Aug 25 — In at 7:25, cool, clear, calm, many ac on the ramp. Put things away brought from home. Work was okay, pasted some Boeing clips until I ran out of glue. Was told I’m not needed until MONDAY at the earliest, DAMMIT. Phot’d Mike George’s F4U-5, processed pictures the rest of the evening and went home at 9:35.

Wed, Aug 26 — In at 7:50, cool, clear calm. Three UH-60s and a CAP 172 on the ramp. Beautiful morning. Processed F4U pics. Spent afternoon upstairs, sorting in Intake Rm and rearranging the Process Rm, made very good process despite growing fatigue. Model club welcomed new member Fred Belke, nice fellow, armor builder. The meeting went okay. Resolved that I MUST build, relatively soon, 1/48 of all the century series USAF fighters . . . . . . after I FINISH SOME MORE models. No refreshments for the first time in months, but I didn’t mention it. I’ll try to bring next Wed. Posted some model club pics at Fb club page. Departed hungry for home at 9:50, okay with the day.

Thu, Aug 27 — In at 9:50 and worked on pictures. Went upstairs and organized files, took a bunch of avmags from Intake Rm to Sale Rm. Very tired again. Something I could not fix happened with Corel photo  program.  Left for home at 6:30, frustrated with it all.

Fri, Aug 28 — In at 11:05 after a doctor’s appointment and waiting almost an hour at the barber for a haircut. Phot’d a Citation X on the ramp. Overcast, mild outside. Still no joy with Corel software; figured how to do everything I need to do but set resolution. Had great visit with CM, FINISHED the “MAY” Lincoln Flyer, and photo’d a visiting F/A-18E. Processed pics until 6:40, went home at 6:45.

Sat, Aug 29 — In at 7:55, overcast, calm, light rain. Waited for friend due in at 8:30. I’m going to ride with him to visit Chanute Museum today. Late start but a good visit with Doug W who drove. Processed pics and went home via grocer at 9:15.

Sun, Aug 30 — In at 6:50, no planes on the ramp. Busy day! Phot’d 10 OH-58Ds in two groups of five each en route to Davis Monthan for disposal, processed pictures, finished writing AHEC newsletter, scanned a book picture for DW, phot’d five T-45s, processed pics . . . . . . went home at 7:35.

Mon, Aug 31 — In at 7:35 sunny and calm but getting warm early. It’s going to be a warm week. Chuck Midyett’s birthday. YAY! 🙂 Sent out some e-LincFlys but want to revise the subscriber list. A friend promised to visit Tues and take a look at it. Processed pics all day. Sent completed AHEC newsletter to AHEC Sec to e-distribute. Proofread and commented on latest American Aviation Historical Society quarterly newsletter FlightLine. Processed pictures. Phot’d a visiting Hawker 700. Went home at 9:50.

Tue, Sep 1 — in at 7:05. Used pocket change from AKM to buy 2:31 cents of fuel for car to get out to the airport and then $5 in paper for more fuel today. No money in checking account until rent comes in or George pays me. He promised he would bring my pay check by (with the horribly reduced hours there, it will total less than $150) but he did not. Ramen noodles and two peanut butter sandwiches for dinner last night which I ate about 10:15 and went to bed at 11. Brian C visited, FIXED the problem I was having with my Corel photo software layout, uploaded the first cell phone picture to Facebook and helped with the LincFly email list. Great visit followed by four visitors, including two who had flown for American Eagle out of SPI. They gave a cell phone to Beth from the Horizon counter and had her take two pictures of the pilots and me standing like pals. Great visit. Reached GJ at TGG and he asked me to WORK today. Major surprise and disappointment, but I went to work. It was hot as the dickens and not a happy place. I call it “death by a thousand cuts,” and I believe it. The heat is horrible. Back to air conditioned AKM not a moment too soon.

Wed, Sep 2 — In at 8:05, phot’d a Citation I also phot’d last night, and a Malibu Meridian. Met an Irish limo driver was visiting in the office when I returned. We talked a LOT. On his recommendation I must find the book First To Fly about Lafayette Escadrille. Finally settled in about 8:50.

Thu, Sep 3 — In at 12: 05 on a hot day and I am very disappointed because money anticipated in my checking account was not there, so that set me back a day. Processed pictures all afternoon after a delicious sandwich from Subway. Went home at 3:30 (a first for me) to touch base with new resident.

Fri, Sep 4 — In at 7:00 and caught up with things. Warm and calm, another day in mid-90s predicted. Met the civil-contracted crew who fixes C-21s and they let me photog the bird inside and out. Worked almost three hours upstairs sorting Air Classics so I can inventory things Saturday. Doug W visited unexpectedly, and I showed him pictures from Chanute. Back to sorting Air Classic until 6:35. Processed C-21 pics and sent to one of the C-21 maintainers. Left for home via grocer at 8:00.

Sat, Sep 5 — In at 9:30 after working in the home model shop while doing laundry. HAPPY 68th BIRTHDAY TO ME. Green Piaggio Avanti and family getting ready to fly on the ramp. Sunny, warm and calm. Several birds on ramp including the C-21 that came three days ago. Worked sorting and inventorying Air Classics magazine for two hours. Photog’d a white Cirrus SR20 on ramp; no trim, solid white. To Falcon Hobbies to pay for Iwata air brush compressor and back to AKM to process pictures until 5:40. To Kentucky Fried Chicken for my annual birthday dinner and took it home for relaxing evening.

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I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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