December 8 — Beech 1957 Bonanza and Air Combat Museum

Tuesday, December 8 — In about 9:30 after more dealing with the bank over checks, then having a very unhappy time with CWLP over the water usage at 428. Astronomically HIGH! Drat it! So tonight when I get home I will take extreme action to limit my water usage: turn off the water to the toilet and kitchen sink. Wash dishes at the bathroom sink where I know nothing is leaking. Things were okay at the airport. A nice couple — he a former F-100 pilot and Delta pilot for 30 years — who are flying out to Sacramento, Calif in their 1957 V Bonanza. They were very supportive of my efforts with AKM; truly inspirational with their expressed regard for what’s going on out here. Visited Mike George’s Air Combat Museum down the road and phot’d his newly arrived Stinson Junior (in last Friday) and Fairchild PT-19 (arrived this morning) which indicated the Fairchild civil model number M62A under the horizontal stab. There was no visible reference to “PT-19” but it might have been covered by the canvas cockpit cover. They had the Shrike Commander aircraft moved out of the hanger; a friend told me “it is being utilized and doesn’t occupy the big hangar now). Mike and crew were anticipating a visit from a large group of students. Took some pictures and back to AKM before the group arrived. Also had a nice visit there with Marty Townsley and his wife Tina. I knew them years ago; nice to get reconnected. Bought lunch at the Terminal Subway because I needed something to comfort me a mite. Processed pics from Mike’s place, began to cull the LAST of the avmags waiting for my “treatment” when another visitor came in: a former F-14 pilot, a terrific fellow flying an F33 Bonanza. I have been MOVED TO ACTION in the course of meeting these gentlemen and am vowing to return to MAJOR focus on completing models with construction NOW underway and FINISH them. THEN start building models of airplanes that are LIKELY TO MATTER to visitors. No one likely to visit here KNOWS about a Czechoslovakian Aero 145, though I display a built kit of one here. I want to replace that with a well-finished Cessna Citation from Hasegawa. And the models of purely fictional stealth fighter kitted by Monogram and Testors . . . . who cares about them? The models are interesting, but potential supporters would be more impressed by a BUILT 1/48 F-105D or 1/48 F-14, or 1/48 CH-47. I returned to the article culling from the magazines and FINISHED about 6:30. Processed pictures from the visiting 1957 Bonanza and intrepid aeronauts until heading home at 8:07. I wish I could encounter that kind of inspiration and affirmation four times a week! Someday, perhaps, I will. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Day rating overall, C+. I can live with that.

Pictures are of the couple en route to Sacramento and their fine B-bird.

Here’s a few from Air Combat Museum

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