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March 30 – Gulfstream American G.II, Raytheon Hawker 800

Wednesday, March 30 — In at 6:55 with many shelf boards from the model work room at home and model kits in progress. No more modeling at home. Processed pictures from yesterday. A Gulfstream G.II with engine mods parked in … Continue reading

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March 29 – Air Tractors

Tuesday, March 29 — Gathered several partly completed model kits, paints, tools at home and brought them back to AKM, arrived 7:15, calm, cool, sunny. Unloaded and took right upstairs Applied new box file and  tray labels in Books & … Continue reading

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March 28

Monday, March 28 — In at 9:10 after buying a dozen donuts at Mel-O-Cream on Sixth St. for the Horizon team and lobby visitors. They share their donuts with me, and I like to reciprocate now and then. Beautiful sunshine … Continue reading

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March 27 – Cessna Cardinal II

Sunday, March 27 — In at 7:15, calm, overcast. Worked on pictures and checks until 10. Upstairs to work in Books Room. I’m still off my feed. Went up to the Process Rm and put another coat of glossy clear … Continue reading

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March 26

Saturday, March 26 –In at 7:15, overcast & calm,phot’d the Beech Baron & Hawker BeechJet on the ramp. Assembled a bunch of scraps & clips to take to employer. The day there was extremely depressing. We had no paying customers. … Continue reading

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March 25 — Airbus A-320, Piper Comanche 250

Friday, March 25 — After getting a long-overdue haircut and beard trim, in at 10, just in time to phot a visiting Piper Comanche, Lear 35 and departing Allegiant Air in perfect light. While processing the pictures was visited by … Continue reading

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March 24 – Cessna Citation V

Thursday, March 24 –In at 8:10, overcast, calm, nothing on the ramp. Processed pics taken of Russ H. and his donation yesterday. Organized and edited older pictures in the morning. Phot’d a Citation V whose pilot later visited Welcome Room. … Continue reading

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March 23 – 1941 Cessna employees yearbook

Wednesday, March 23 — In at 8:05, calm, overcast, local King Air on the ramp. Worked on arranging a bunch of mini CDs I had used with the terrific Sony Mavica camera and some other picture CDs in the Process … Continue reading

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March 22 -Nanchang CJ-6, Yakovlev Yak-52

Tuesday, March 22 — In at 6:50, clearing sky but very windy and chillier than it ought to be. Brought 1/48 Ju-87, 1/48 A-10 and 1/72 YF-12 models in progress to finish and display here and another desk lamp to … Continue reading

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March 21 – Robinson R44

Monday, March 21 — In at 9:05 Sunny, calm, phot’d a Piper Arrow T-tail and Air Tractor 602, serial number 602 on ramp. Worked on files in Research Room about two hours. A few cookies for lunch. Changed into junky … Continue reading

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